Tuesday, 23 April 2013

FIND OUT Why many Ladies will remain SINGLE for a long time if not for eternity!

Truth be told, many ladies will remain single for a long time if not for the rest of their lives due to their lack of knowledge and skills necessary to sustain a relationship leave alone to get into any relationship. Many factors are contributing to this type of misery and it is not a wonder we have many girls out there saying, “Many men are no longer marriage materials/relationship materials”, yet they are their own enemies.
The factors may vary according to particular girls but they all boil down to making that girl remain single. Find out if you have such traits as a lady.

Monday, 22 April 2013


 Elections are now over and the political dust is settling down very fast. The country is now in the mood of working together and many people have come to the terms of the outcome of the elections and have already moved on with their normal lives. Many who think that the voting style was based mostly on ethnic blocs have also accepted the fate just as you cannot determine the direction of the wind that is blowing over the land.
With all the voices in our nation there seems to be a voice that is shouting above all the rest, that of National Cohesion.  Achieving a national cohesion is simply a theoretical move is we are not going to sow the seed of togetherness in our hearts and wait to yield the fruits of it thereafter. Ethnicity, tribalism whenever it is mentioned it sends some emotive feelings flying in our hearts and how we handle the feeling is what determines if we really are tribal or not.