Friday, 19 February 2016


The other day I was watching this Tanzanian Movie where a girl meets a nice man who is wealthy and very generous to her. The man’s dressing code is nice suits, he drives big cars, and he by all means a good man. The man offers to even pay her college fees; he also relocates her poor mother from the low class shanties in the ghettos to a bungalow in a gated neighborhood. The man continues to provide for her and her family for a long time. When this man tries to make some sexual advances towards this lady, the lady acts “holy” and tells him, “Why can’t we chill till we get married?” and the dude does not insist.
Then while in campus the lady meets this man who also is in campus, whose attire is casual jeans, has an earring, has dreadlocks on his head, he rides a mountain bike on his way to college and lives in some ghetto like house with pictures of reggae musicians decorating the walls. Besides, he also happens to be a player double-dealing several women at once! Surprisingly, the girl falls head over heels in love with him and even gives in to his sexual demands almost instantly!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Entrepreneurs from hell: Get informed

Revamp Construction Company Limited* or RC2 is an upcoming construction company owned by a young promising Architecture graduate with a passion for designing high end residential properties. After securing a middle size office in Nairobi Central Business District he now settles to make the office functional and thus the company.  One thing the company needs is a functioning ICT department since the owner of RC2 Knows too well that in the modern world, without ICT solutions your work is bound to fail. So Samson, the owner of the company, needs a business support system tailored to his needs and thus he engages the services of Company ABC an ICT solutions provider.
Christopher who is the owner of the ABC Company does the quotation after the deal is sealed and a down payment of Kshs 200,000 is done. When Christopher went to seal the deal, he was driving a sleek grey Nissan Noah; he was also smartly dressed in black expensive business suit and shiny pair of shoes. He also had a very nice briefcase and a big brand new laptop; a clear sign that he is very serious with his business.
After the initial payment is done, Chris suddenly gets busy and unavailable. Samson tries to contact Chris but most of his calls go unanswered and so are his emails. Unknown to Sam, he has just fallen a victim of one of the entrepreneurs from hell, who we are going to read about next.