Thursday, 11 October 2012

Blogging, How and Why? Get to know.

Blogs have become a very popular and free way of publishing content online. Below is a summary of a research I conducted on why blogging is not only nice but beneficial to everyone who wants a digital and social edge in the modern world. Get a blog and you will have the best online marketing tool you can ever have.

Why Start a Blog…..
1) Blogging is really easy
Yes. For the most part, starting a blog is extremely easy. I always say, "If you can write an email, you can maintain a blog.". It's really that easy. The blogging software takes care of all of the scary stuff, like writing HTML and publishing your pages to the web. All you need to do is type your content.
2) Blogs Can be set Up Quickly
You can literally have a blog from one of the many free blogging services up and running in about 10 minutes. If you want to host your own blog, it takes a little longer, but most of that time is spent waiting for domain names to be ready.
3) Blogs are Search Engine Friendly
For the most part, blogs are pretty search engine friendly. What this means is that you won't have to spend a lot of time worrying about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because most blog software takes care of SEO basics for you.
Blogs automatically link all of your posts and pages together, which helps search engine spiders to find, crawl, and index your whole site. Blogs also use your relevant keywords in the Titles, Meta Tags, and URLs of every page, which also helps pages to rank higher in the search engines.
4) Blogs are extremely organized
One of the toughest things about maintaining a traditional website is keeping pages organized. Blogs automatically organize your content by date, category, tags, and even include a built in search. This makes it much easier for people (and spiders) to navigate your blog and find what they are looking for.
5) A Blog is a Magnet for Readers
If you're writing about something you are passionate about, there are bound to be others who are also passionate about that topic too. Hopefully, your blog will attract those readers / visitors, and if you write regularly, those readers will keep coming back for more.
6) A Blog is an Instant Online Community
Blogs have built in commenting systems, which allow your readers to comment and have discussions about various topics.
This promotes readership, and also generates unique relevant content.
7) Built in RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
RSS or Really Simple Syndication, basically syndicates your most recent content, and distributes it to several blog search engines. Your readers can also "Subscribe" to your "RSS Feed", had have your latest content automatically delivered to their inbox.

Following are more of the advantages or importance of blogging:
Increases Knowledge
Blogs are a great source of knowledge. Today, so many blogs are available on the internet and you can find any information related to any topic within few minutes. There are many blogs which provide all the updated information at one place; like some technical blogs which provide all the latest technological information or all latest gadgets available in the market.
Improves Writing Skills
Writing for blogs on regular basis improves the writing skills, which is 100% true. As there is a saying that “Practice makes the man perfect” so continuously writing for blogs will improve your writing skills and also knowledge.
Every internet users know that blogs are a real source of money. Today many people earn a huge amount of money through their blogs, that is, by writing articles, by promoting or selling products or ads or by offering their services. Moreover, there are so many other ways by using which one can make money through blogs.
Social Media
Blogs are the best place to communicate with different people about different topics. Every online user can connect with even unknown other person through blogs by sharing knowledge, providing new and updated information, discussing on the common topics etc. In brief, today blogs play an important place where different people from different places are able to interact with each other on daily basis.
Solution Provider
Bloggers used to help each other to provide required information. They also provide solutions to people who have some queries and need suggestions.
Getting Popularity
Nowadays, blogs are the best way of increasing popularity on the web and promoting yourself. If you have a blog then initially do work hard on it and make it of high level then as people will start to know you, you will be popular among bloggers. It will give you a great sense of achievement.
Some people start blogging as their hobby because they don’t have anything to do. They create their personal blogs and start sharing their feelings, views and knowledge in them. In this way, they keep themselves engaged in doing something creative instead of getting bored.

Blogging also encourage people to do more research on their field of specialization so that they can always deliver rich content to their audience. I suggest all professionals start a blog as a marketing tool for their knowledge and skills.
Start a blog today for your own good.

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