Sunday, 1 January 2017

20 Signs he is using you and will dump you later

Ladies, if you are in a relationship with a man who exhibits more than 10 of these points, then just realize the man only wants you for sex and nothing else!

Monday, 5 December 2016

10 reasons why you should belong to a dedicated internet forum

The internet and world wide web is full of “free” information. Whenever you want to know about something, just going to Google search, typing some terms and that instant Google gives you over 1,000 answers or topics. But with all that information overload, how easy is it to get the relevant information? How accurate is the information? Who is there to check for accuracy and relevance of the information? In short, Google assumes a lot. It is like someone trying to teach you how to swim, and instead of taking you through step by step, instead he throws you right in the midst of an ocean expecting you to figure out how to swim, you might learn, or drown.
This is where internet forums come in. What is a forum? an Internet discussion group for participants with common interests. Most consumer based websites are now founding their own forums to serve their clients better, to target more clients and to educate their clients on their products and services. They are not taking chances with the recent information overload all over the internet.
So why should you belong to an internet forum?

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

5 REASONS Why I rarely buy in supermarkets, shopping malls and city stalls.

I still remember this very well; I was still a bachelor and I had gotten a low paying job immediately after completing college. During this particular time my salary was miserably late and I was staring at starvation with wide eyes. There was only Kshs 200 between me and poverty. Worse where I used to work I had to commute daily and pay Kshs 30 or 50 to work, same on my way home in the evening. With Kshs 200, it surely meant I could not survive the harsh life of urban area for more than a day.
In my neighborhood there was a shop owned by a Meru guy, we used to call him “murume”. So in the evening of my last Kshs 200 I approached Murume. After explaining to him my predicament he sorted me with 4 KG unga wa mahindi, some cooking oil, and some other food stuffs and gave me Kshs 1,000. Since we had established a good relationship with Murume, he knew I cannot miss to pay him when I finally get paid. With that, I was sorted out for another week or 2.
Come to think of it, even if am a loyal customer of Nakumatt, can I just walk in, pick good on their shelves with credit and walk out? Not at all! Even if I am to have a credit card, can you have that credit or debit card without the initial deposit? huh!
And there goes my reasons why I rarely buy in supermarkets, shopping malls and city stalls, but I choose to often buy from the little kiosks and vibanda’s in my neighborhood.

Friday, 14 October 2016

15 Dangers of being an extremely beautiful lady

The lie that everyone is beautiful, is just a myth. It is made worse by the lie that beauty is in the eye of beholder.
The world has beautiful women. Too beautiful to be comfortable. Ladies with great complexion, great shape, great butt, great boobs and everything about them is extremely admirable. Some are even gifted with great brains as a real social booster!
The type of ladies who even fellow women admire, and men salivate for. Even the most faithful men in their marriages would risk being given a divorce by their loving wife just to have a 15 minutes passionate body combat with these ladies.
We have ladies who as a matter of fact never get married reason being they are too beautiful to be married!
But what are the dangers of being extremely beautiful?

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

10 REASONS Why “Bitchy” Drama Queens aka bad girls get the best men

You have been brought up as a humble, nice, mild, quiet, well mannered, good Christian girl. Everything about your life is just focused on making others happy and putting the best interest of others forward. You still remember the pastor told you that pre-marital sex is a sin against the most high’s temple, which is your body and thus you are likely a virgin at 30. You have said no to virtually all men who wanted you as a lover reason being they attempted to kiss you, or wanted some passionate moment with you. The morals ingrained in you dictates that no sex till marriage, and somehow your ideal man should be a born again Christian man who the Lord reveals to you in a dream.
But as time passes by and years roll down, all the girls your holy mum told you are destined to hell are all married, settled in not so perfect marriage but at least have a family to brag of. Some are single mothers but hey! They are at least proud to be called mummy by those innocent small voices. But how comes you are still stuck, “waiting for God’s time?” The reasons might be because this world is such an arena where the strong carry the day, and Bitchy drama queens (Bad girls too) dominate the dating scenes all the way to heaven for the following reasons among others: -