Monday, 9 December 2019

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON –: CHP 9 – Time moving fast!

“The only thing that would make me hate you is lying to me.” I told Linnet. I had been lied to by Christine several times and I knew how painful it is to be hurt by someone you love.
Linnet gave me a tight hug and told me, “I will never hurt you.”
Our relationship seemed to move on fast. USB did not seem to know what was going on and so did not bother with us as I had expected.

I went ahead and introduced Linnet to some of my relatives who were living in Nyeri town but we still had a day to visit our parents. We visited my parents first. Linnet was a sociable woman and she blended perfectly with my people.

Saturday, 1 September 2018


In as much as Facebook is not a dating site, numerous people still manage to get a date on Facebook and go on to form a long-lasting relationship. Facebook is a huge social site with all manners of people and it is easy to get a great person to date from the website. Granted, people join Facebook for their own reasons which are varied, but if you joined Facebook willing to get a date, here are some few guidelines to ensure you get a date from someone on Facebook.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

7 ways to make your story interesting.

Most people are getting into writing, not knowing that writing is an art that needs special skills just like any other art out there. Everybody can write, but not everybody can write a story worth reading.
So, how do you make a story worth reading?
Below is a list of things to consider if you wish your story to be read a very enjoyable story for people to read.

Saturday, 14 July 2018


With an upsurge of online writers for stories all over internet, it has come with several challenges among the readers and the major challenge is, “Which story should I read and which story is not worth reading?” Granted, every writer has the freedom to write whatever they wish to write, and you cannot stop or control that. However, readers must note that all writers have specific genres or a niche upon which they anchor their works of fiction e.g. sex, crime, thriller, social life, love, real life experiences, fantasy, religion, humanism, etc. A writer can even choose to mix a few of these niches in order to deliver the story perfectly. It is left upon the writers from there to pick what they love reading and ignore what they do not like reading as no writer can satisfy the needs of everyone in this world.
However, below is a list with points to consider when choosing which story to read to save a reader from an obvious confusion arising from seeing numerous writers online. As a reader, ask yourself the following questions…

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


“What was the deal all about?” I asked my husband once the visitors had left. Alicia had also left with the sacks that came with them, they all got loaded in her car.
“I was actually given those sacks in Nigeria. They were sealed with instruction not to open. So, I also don’t know what is in them but they keep telling me we can do business with them.” My husband told me.
“Aren’t you afraid they might be fishy deals? Be careful.” I told my husband.
“Ah, provided there is money, who cares.” He told me.