Thursday, 29 August 2013

6 KEY ELEMENTS you can ignore in your potential mate at your own peril

Rachel got married to Dominic, her sweetheart of a short time and they began living together. Their marriage is just in its infancy and based on the amount of daily arguments, fights etc they obviously are headed for the rocky seas of marriage which may either strengthen or wreck their marriage.
One day, Rachel decides to call a local radio station seeking advices on what to do. Here is a summary of her story: “My husband of 4 years has really changed, he no longer touches me passionately like he used to. Our sex life is dead; it is like I am living with my brother. I also don’t feel him anymore.” She continued, “I have recently met a man whom I believe is my soul mate, he is caring, loving, appreciative, romantic and the most handsome man I ever met….” Such stories have become common in our local radio station and one wonders, what is going on? How can you claim you are no longer in love with someone who you could have killed for just a few years ago?

Monday, 26 August 2013


The modern society is recently facing a lot of security challenges arising from situations you could in some way consider as arising from hatred that cannot be accounted for. It is true that the society cannot do without this but you can reduce its proximity to you by fighting it as an individual. At the end, individual efforts put together may change a lot of things in the area of individual and national security. Your must know that you should beware of friends that you are not sure are friends. There is this saying that, “if there is anything that you must fear most, that thing is man.”

Thursday, 22 August 2013

SIX major and readily available herbs that promote men's Libido

An article that was published sometimes back about sex enhancement drugs becoming more popular than pain killers e.g. Hedex, more so being readily available over the counter just got into my attention as to asking, what can we as men do to enhance our sexuality as to cope with the ever increasing demand from our female counterparts without having to rely on drugs? I am against the usage of drugs to enhance any aspect of our lives and would rather go the natural way, no matter how long is the way.
The article was published in Standard Newspaper Friday, July 12 2013, (Click this link to read the article)
Changes in lifestyle has led to a dramatic decrement of libido amongst men, while some are not avoidable e.g. modern life demands, others are manageable e.g. eating habits. Most of these sex enhancement drugs are made of chemical components that are readily available in naturally occurring herbs that we may have been ignoring but after reading this article, as man, consider including them in your daily diet.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Modern Women, What more can we expect?

With the modern society and the much that it demands, I can make a clear conclusion that  women are becoming more and more competitive in the society than men as many women are getting bolder, smarter, stronger, more intelligent, more empowered many men are getting left out. Women in our society has somewhat became like soldiers in a battlefront fighting for supremacy and dominance and that is enough to throw the many men in our society off balance. Just the other day while commuting to my work place, I just took the time to note that most personal cars I met along the way had female drivers who seemed too composed and focused, confident behind the wheel. Indeed women are driving the society top speed and very soon, the dominant gene may be our female counterparts.