Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sadducees and Pharisees of the modern Society

Jacob was the new employee in the block fresh from college who had just graduated with a Degree in Tele-Communication electronics. He had an amazing talent in the Information and Communication Technology and was much willing to share the knowledge in his new work place. The company intercom had not been upgraded to be at par with the modern systems and Jacob being an expert in Electronics proposed an upgrade for the whole system and to have it managed centrally via software installed in a computer where you can be able to monitor the signals and overlook if everything is running smoothly. With that knowledge he went with his proposal to the company’s IT manager. But the IT manager turned down the proposal citing that the system has been running smoothly all along and does not see the need for the upgrade. But the truth was the IT Manager did not want the young man to outshine him after being in the company for more than 10 years. He went ahead and threatened the young man that should he hear him proposing anything else for the IT Dept, he will make sure that he gets fired since he did not want any proposal that if implemented would “damage” the entire organizations image. Moreover, he told Jacob that managing the IT dept is not a bed of roses and so he should stop thinking in that direction and only concentrate with his work as per the company policies. Why am I giving the imaginary scenario above? Read on….

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Living in Harmony

There are people who in this world do not believe in living in harmony. This is due to many differences that includes tribal, cultural, financial and much more. The story that is told in the poem below is to serve to teach us how to live in harmony with those who we believe are different from us and thus unworthy to live with us. It is very important to learn to live in harmony with everyone in the society.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

BRAGGING, BRAGGING, AND BRAGGING! Is it a normal behavior or a disorder plaguing the modern society?

It is on a typical Friday evening. Karis and Joel are on their favorite nyama choma joint in a group of friends and they all are sipping their favorite beer brand. “Hey, didn’t I tell you the other day that I will soon buy a Panasonic Video Camera before Christmas which I will use to shoot my sister’s wedding video who lives in United States of America? Guess What, I bought it yesterday at a cost of Kshs 260,000. I was thinking it may cost more but was surprised to find that it was so cheap.” Joel ostentatiously said. “My sister will be coming aboard the new Virgin Atlantic Boeing 767 which is set to be making its maiden journey to Africa this week. Karis, will you join me to go and meet my sister?” To the surprise of everyone in the restaurant who was eaves-dropping the heated one sided conversation, Karis turned down the offer. You have nearly guessed what type of scenario I am talking about. Why did I give the above scenario? Read on and know.

Friday, 14 December 2012


“An unstable society is like a land mine that is waiting for someone to step on it to explode”.
Anthony Kiarie.
Our modern society is plagued by so many social issues that have a far reaching effect upon the people.  I call it an unstable society. The fact that many people in our society constitute young, energetic and unemployed youths makes things worse. Some are unemployed due to fate and ill luck, while others are just lazy. But all have one thing in common, they want to survive and to survive they have to.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

OFFICE POLITICS, Be smart and Informed

Consider this scenario from a modern work place in our day to day career life.
*Names are fiction.
It is 10:36 AM. A group of workers are chatting during a tea break. “As from tomorrow the director said that all the submissions from the field work entries on sales shall be submitted before noon and failure to do so will be met by a disciplinary action, which might mean getting fired.” , said Husna who every one dreads due to her usual cutting remarks and ‘close connections’ with the company director. And she continues, “On top of that, all entries must be typed and printed and must be on a paper which has the company’s letter head”. 
From the following day, almost everyone complied with the ‘new rules of operations’ from the director. What they did not know is that the director said none of the ‘new rules’. Husna just came up with the rules and knowing that the director is a harsh no-nonsense man, took advantage of it to holistically lie to everyone to her advantage. Initially it was her work to receive the entries as written by field officers on their data collection sheets, type them and have them with a company letter head, file them in accordance to departments and dates of submission and present the whole work to the director at the end of the month. Why am I giving this imaginary scenario that replays itself so often in our work places? Read on….

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Important People to Know and be in-touch in our WORK PLACES

Important People to Know and be in-touch in our WORK PLACES
Andrew’s phone rings on Monday morning and he reaches for it. At the other end is Jacqueline, a Company’s secretary who works at one of the regional centers of the company. “How do I switch on this new Epson Scanner and how is it operated? I have tried everything in the manual but do not seem to get things right.” Andrew being the company’s Information Technology Help Desk Personnel, this is an easy task for him.  “Make sure all the power cords are properly fixed, switch it on using the red button which is beneath the sticker marked EPSON INC, then……”. And we can be sure Andrew solved the secretary’s problem. Why am I giving you this scenario that is repeated almost every day in many work places in our society and in our careers? If you wish to know, then read on.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Tips to Increasing your Computer Speed


In the society we live in, Information Technology world is not complete without an effective Computer commonly called Personal Computer (PC). The key to maintain your computer at top speed and performance rely mostly on your knowledge of how the computer works and various ways to keep it working that way. Speed is paramount in any computer be it for personal use or in the modern work place where you are the driver of your career. So how can you improve your computer speed? Read on to know how.
Below tips are recommended for any system. It doesn’t matter if you have 256MB RAM or 2 GB RAM. Read on....

Tuesday, 4 December 2012



The December holidays are here with us again and everyone in the society knows what that means. Whenever December arrives, there is much anticipation on my part about everything ranging from the best of moments to the worst. So many things happen, some with everlasting wonderful effect upon our lives while others with perpetual devastating effect. I do love as well as hate December holidays with passion. Why? I can hear you asking. Then read on.