About Kiasman World

Kiasman world: This is a blog about my view of this world and also an avenue for sharing my knowledge about various topics as may be influenced by:-
  1. Personal Experiences from life. This life is like a movie track or a novel which can either be so interesting or boring.
  2. Keen and close observation of what is happening in the surrounding world. Those people who are very observant are mostly very wise and highly intelligent, they get to know many things.
  3. Religions that surrounds us and that includes Christianity, Islam and Hindu. No one can claim that they have no influence of whatever religion in their life, including atheists.
  4. Observations from work places. Work places being the place where we spend most of our lives, there are so many things we can learn from interacting with our colleagues and bosses.
  5. Social life through interacting with friends, enemies and strangers as well. Everyone you have ever met in this life left some trace of Him/Her in you that you either know or you don't know.
  6. Education and knowledge gained in the school of life and from academic knowledge gained from learning institutions. The things we gained from school and general life experience shapes our thoughts and actions a lot.
  7. Current affairs and things that are happening in the current modern world. This information may be obtained from various sources including but not limited to:-
    • News Papers and Articles
    • News Bulletins
    • Confirmed Heresy
    • Web etc
The content may sound biased depending on what I know but I stand to be corrected via a comment on the document posted. I also do my best not to be biased on any topic since I believe that everyone in the society is entitled to what He/ She knows and there is freedom of thought. Some information in this blog may be obtained from different sources but all sourced information will always be linked to the source for further reading, and if its a hard copy, I will mention the source and where it can easily be obtained. This is to make it easy for those who would like to read further on the same.

This blog is linked to two child blogs namely:

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