Saturday, 5 October 2013

Moringa Oleifera: 10 Ways This SUPER Food Supplement Benefits You

It seems there is a new health supplement released on the market almost daily, each making its claims of amazing health and weight loss benefits. Sadly, a majority of these products fail to live up to their promises, leaving you both broke and disappointed. Here is the good news, however. Moringa oleifera is on the scene, and its claims appear to be spot on.  

Are you suffering from lack of energy, low libido and partial or total erectile dysfunction, lack of mental clarity, wish to lose excess weight,  or simply vitamins deficiency? Then in Moringa your solution may be found. I believe the backbone of a productive society is healthy people and thus if you wish to be super healthy by benefiting from this wonderful super nutritional supplement, read on…

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My LAST thought on WESTGATE MALL terrorist attack!

The article was basically questioning the manner in which the operation that was supposed to recover cattle from rustlers and bandits was carried out as to turn so tragic as to end up slaughtering more than 40 security officers in Suguta Valley. The other sad part was the manner of reporting that was being done concerning the operation and it was clear too that the whole operation was full of mysteries and cover ups. This questions even our journalism and its lack of consistency in reporting, just writing stories that are half-baked.

It is like Kenya never learns from the past mistakes and with the westgate mall attack, the same mistakes got not only repeated but magnified. Poor coordination of the police and KDF and other rescuers e.g. red-cross,  inconsistent reports from Internal Security Minister Ole Lenku, reports on the missing people, the exact time the mall was retaken from the terrorists and the fate of the last moment hostages, were there any captured/killed terrorists and any evidence to back the allegation as to dispel our doubts, etc
A billow of smoke rises from Westgate mall.