Tuesday, 3 April 2018


“What was the deal all about?” I asked my husband once the visitors had left. Alicia had also left with the sacks that came with them, they all got loaded in her car.
“I was actually given those sacks in Nigeria. They were sealed with instruction not to open. So, I also don’t know what is in them but they keep telling me we can do business with them.” My husband told me.
“Aren’t you afraid they might be fishy deals? Be careful.” I told my husband.
“Ah, provided there is money, who cares.” He told me.


Suddenly, my phone buzzed with a text; it was from my neighbor.
“Ken, we have to go home right away.” I told Ken who seemed surprised. But he did not question anything. I had told Mercy I would not be home up to around 9 pm.
We drove fast until we got close to my compound.
“Ken, I am packing my car a distance from home then I will tell you what to do.” I told Ken.
“Why not pack it at Karumaindo Garage? It is safer there.” Ken suggested. I heeded his suggestion.


“I never used to think a time shall come when I shall admire a man younger than me.” I told Celestine.
“Then you have to accept it now.” Celestine told me.
Time passed, days passed and weeks passed.

I continued to train Ken towards being a more presentable man at least to my peers. I even bought him 4 nice Italian suits to be wearing. Even though my husband never agreed to increase his salary, I opted to be paying him mid-month with my own money.


I could see some ladies giggling there. Almost immediately, one of the restaurant patrons came and picked the pieces.
I could feel Ken was uncomfortable being there so I suggested we go to our room. We got inside and locked ourselves while Ken went and sat on the big king-sized bed.
“Is this where we shall be meeting?” Ken asked.
“Yes.” I told him.
There was a big flat screen TV which I switched on and flipped the channels until I got a channel with some music. There was also a large bathroom with transparent door.
“Ken, I want us to bathe together.” I suggested to him. He smiled and looked at me. I went to where he sat and slowly led him to stand up as I began to undress him. He followed my lead and we got undressed until we were both naked. His penis was still flaccid when we walked to the bathroom and began showering together.


I did not want to over imagine as I walked slowly towards table room but Ken remained in the bedroom. The door was still locked. I switched on the lights, there was no sign of anyone in the house, which really puzzled me.
I looked at all door and they were still locked. I went to my bedroom door and motioned Ken to come out. He was already fully dressed. He tiptoed slowly and walked out as I locked the door behind him and went to sleep having made sure that every door was locked.


Beholding his erection made me feel sudden wave of desire sweep across my body but knowing the risk involved in trying anything at the moment, I knew I had to resist my urges.
“Ken, have a good day, will see you later.” I told him and turned to leave.
“I nearly got caught by my son!” I told Celestine once we settled for our usual chit chats.

“Children are very observant you have to be careful. In fact, I would advise you not to try anything when the children are around.” Celestine told me.


I nearly chocked with food while holding m breath. I felt suddenly hot and I knew this has to be a bad dream.
“Let me tell you in your ears.” The little boy said and crossed to where their father was seated. He went to his daddy’s ears and whispered something. Immediately he did so, my husband looked straight into my eyes and I knew I was finished. But he did not say anything but told the boy, “All right, go and sit down.”
Ken hurriedly ate his food and left. I also pretended to help the house girl with her work of cleaning up when suddenly my husband told me to follow him to bedroom saying he had a word with me. I was tempted not to follow him.
I followed him silently.


“That was so stupid of you!” My husband told the little boy.
The following morning we woke up and planned to go to work and return a bit early to relax together as my husband wanted us to discuss some business proposal he had gotten.

But at around 5 pm, my husband called.
“Oh! Dear, I will be home late. I have got caught up in some meeting and might not make it on time.” He told me. I headed straight home where I met Mercy preparing some supper. I offered to assist her but she told me she wanted to make it and I could gauge if she had made the supper to our taste. So instead I went to check on what Ken was doing. I found him feeding some calves but noticed his hand had some Elastoplast.
“What happened to you?” I asked pointing at his left hand.


But Ken completely refused to be convinced until I had to go back. When I got to my bedroom my husband was still snoring. But it suddenly dawned on me what I was about to do and the rinks involved and it really made me so afraid I did not get to sleep immediately.
Sure enough, I risked being caught. I may have thought my husband was asleep, but what if he suddenly woke up?
“You have to hire a permanent maid unlike Nekesa who only comes during day time.” My husband told me immediately I woke up.


I did not know what to tell him or whether to feel offended.
“All right, not a must.” I told him and he breathed a sigh of relief. I however suddenly lost interest in sex but just lay there on the coach while we watched a movie together talking about various issues.
At almost midnight, Ken excused himself to go to sleep and since I was also feeling sleepy, I also immediately went to bed as soon as he left.


We continued discussing men in general while doing our various works in our personal laptops. Suddenly, something came into my mind.
“Celestine, have you ever been caught perhaps? By your husband…” I asked her.
She looked at me for a while.
“You won’t believe me. I have never been caught. You have to be smart.” She told me.
“So, how often did you use to…you know….” I asked not sure the words to use.
“Oh! I still do it. He even at times comes to visit when my husband is not around, we do it and he goes. Or I do visit him when his wife is not around and we do it and go. It is not a big deal. Sometimes I lie to my husband that I have gone to the market only to go at his place, get some and go home.” Celestine revealed to me, much to my surprise.


Ken had the biggest penis I have ever seen in a man, he wanted to hide it but as soon as he realized how shocked I was to see his penis, he just let it point forward towards me while very much erect. It was so straight and had big veins.
I slowly crossed the short distance that separated me and Ken as we both got fully naked. I could see him naked since the security lights outside were bright enough to illuminate inside the house. He had such a fantastic body with hard muscles. I held him close to my body and he was hot too probably due to raw desire. I slowly took my hand and wrapped his penis and lo! It had the thickness of a big Buganda banana and it was so hard. I began to caress it as Ken continued to caress my breasts. He at least knew how to caress the breasts in as much as he was not a fan of kissing.


It did not take long to prepare my husband to leave as he was to leave very early to avoid being caught up in the traffic jam in the morning rush hour.
“Kiss me good bye.” I told my husband on his way out.
“Oh! I am in a hurry.” My husband told me as he stood on the door on his way out.
“All right, go well.” I told him.
He got outside, got into his car and rolled on his way towards the gate. Ken opened the gate for him and closed behind him.