Tuesday, 5 February 2013

11 FOOD TYPES to enhance your SEX LIFE!

I trust and believe that sex is the strongest pillar of the society since time immemorial. Without sex, the society would become extinct within the next 100 or so years. When sex is used within the right context, not only does this pleasurable activity enable the society to continue existing, but can enhance human inter-relationships, strengthen the marriage institution, render people happy and productive in the modern world and oh! Save many people from doom and destruction.
I have a lot of respect for sex and I believe that sex is sacred and should be an activity that is reserved for two people who are in love within a properly established social bond. Below are some foods which have been scientifically proven to enhance sexual health, and above all are locally available. I will not explore the scientific details about them though.


This fruit is rich in Vitamin B6, which helps produce serotonin, a hormone that induces a good feeling in someone. Avocados are also loaded with vitamin E, which enhances circulation and potassium (which helps regulate a woman's thyroid gland), two elements that help increase libido in both men and women. Avocados also contain high levels of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins, thus giving you more energy.

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Banana is a fruit that contains the bromelain enzyme that increases libido and reverse impotence in men. (Now you know why Buganda men are so respected by their women!) Also, they are good sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body's overall energy levels.

Eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5. These help balance hormone levels and fight stress, two things that are crucial for a healthy libido. Eating raw chicken eggs just prior to sex is said to heighten libido and maximize energy levels. But all bird and fish eggs contain vitamin B6 and B5.
To some ancient cultures, Eggs are also a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Water melon, according to research carried in Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A&M University, has a Viagra-like effect upon the blood system. This cool refreshing fruit contains citrulline amino acid. Citruline is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels and that may also increase sex drive.


Cocoa has more antioxidants than green tea or red wine. It also contains a stimulating chemical known as phenylethlamine, a chemical with an amphetamine-like affect that temporarily mimics feelings of falling in love and the sense of excitement and well being. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that found, women who enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day had a more active and exciting sex life than those who didn't. After all, romantic women love chocolate, don’t they?

Fish is among the foods that contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are the building blocks of sex hormones in men and women and help fight the buildup of plaque in the arteries, thereby improving circulation and increasing sensation. Omega-3 fatty acids help with sexual response, by helping to raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal.
Some other Omega-3 fatty acid rich food are mackerel, wild salmon, halibut, and sardines as well as flaxseed, nuts (ground nuts, cashew nuts) and oils (olive, soybean).


Warning! Don’t chew garlic minutes before a kissing session, you will ruin everything. But garlic contains allicin, which is thought to increase blood flow to sexual organs. You will need to chew garlic regularly to achieve the desired results. Garlic also increases nitric oxide production, which is a chemical in the body responsible for healthy erections.

They contain s high concentration of Vitamin A, which stimulates the epithelial tissue throughout the body, and this means also sexual organs.


Nuts e.g. pine nuts, ground nuts, cashew nuts are rich in zinc which stimulate the production of testosterone, and enhance sperm production in men. Nuts are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent plaque accumulation in the arteries and improve blood flow throughout the body (including to the genitals).

Oysters are rich in zinc and help increase healthy sperm and testosterone production. Oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone that helps to build up libido in both men and women.


They contain androsterone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration and is a real turn on for women. This in return stimulates sex drive.

Many other types of food that enhance general health and thus sexual health do exist. If you really care about your sexual health, you will take your time to get to know what works best for you in terms of health.

I wish you a healthy day ahead.

Anthony Kiarie works as a Data Manager for the Mombasa Community Based Home Care.


  1. My wife is not that much interested in sex, i hope these fruits will help me to get her on the track.

    1. Welcome brother. Those fruits will help to bring her back to track. Try having Cayenne pepper and garlic in all food that the two of you eat and you will be surprised. They work instantly by encouraging more blood flow in the capillaries and this includes the sexual organs and that is going to change the mood of everything instantly.
      Good luck.

  2. Lean meat contains proteins that increase dopamine production, which in turn increases sexual satisfaction levels. Eating oats for breakfast can balance out both estrogen and testosterone levels.
    You can also consume natural aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and gingko. These aphrodisiacs act as vasodilators and, over a period of time, end up enhancing sexual desire.

    1. I have been wondering where on earth can I get this ginseng and gingko?

  3. Aside from finding the best foods, it is necessary to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle for enhanced sexual life.

  4. Thanks for sending awareness to your readers, glad to be able to stumble upon your website, Healthy diet and lifestyle is a must for enhanced sexual life.


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