Thursday, 31 December 2015

6 Terrible ways men are using social media to steal from women in the name of love

Ladies beware…
There is a very organized syndicate of criminals stealing from well of ladies in the name of love.
There is a rising trend amongst some cunning men who are seriously conning women in the name of love. They normally target desperate ladies, who are independent, earning and are willing to love. They are social predators so lethal such that once they are done with you; you are left miserable, bitter, depressed and even suicidal.
These men are exploiting the woman’s feelings. He will come into your life with all sweet words, promises of lots of romance, he will even take you to outings at his expense, some are even driving cars….hired or their own no one knows…but woe unto you, he is a snake waiting the right moment to strike.
Once you trust him so much, the following scenarios will ensue:-

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

21 Reasons you should stay away from the so called independent ladies

The traits below are for the toxic women in the society hiding under the banner of “independent woman” but in reality they are worse than parasites, toxic than poison and extremely lethal to the marriage institution.
If you are a single man searching for a wife and the lady you are dating has any of the below traits, dump her before it is too late.
If you are a lady who intends to once get married and you have a lady friend with any of the below traits, stay away from her before she poisons your mind.
If you are a married lady and one of your friends exhibit such traits, stay away from her before she poisons your marriage.

Note: My post is directed to those who misuse the term “independent woman”.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Saturday, 5 December 2015

40 Facebook Comments that speaks volumes on how Frustrated Kenyans are with KPLC

Today I decided to go through Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited’s Facebook page and to say the least I am shocked by what I see.
The Facebook page is full of concerns from KPLC customers which remains totally unanswered. There are complains all over, some bordering on utter frustration caused by KPLC poor services to the area.
As a part of my curiosity I decided to copy the comments from frustrated Kenyans as found in KPLC’s Facebook page as they are and posted them in my blog for all to see. I only copied a few of them, but there are numerous!

Read them and think, is KPLC serving Kenyans or just enriching itself at the expense of helpless Kenyans?