Friday, 13 September 2013

SEVEN indicators she is not a WIFE MATERIAL

 The rate at which marriages are breaking up is worrying and it is an indicator that something went unchecked during courtship. It is not surprising to have two young people getting caught in the heat of initial infatuation as to completely ignore the warning signs that whoever you are dating is not a wife material not only to you but to anyone.
Many are a times when men ignore some indications that the girl you are dating is not worthy being a future wife. Marriage is about spending the rest of your lives together and if the girl/lady you are in love currently has the indicated characteristics in her personality, then I assure you that she is not worthy being your wife. Read on…

Thursday, 12 September 2013

PROSPERITY and Evil People: What you need to know

 Nothing in the entire universe baffles humanity like how do dishonest, bad, evil people prosper and make it in life to live like the kings of the earth while the righteous people live like slaves, social rejects and doomed people. This however does not mean that all good people are not prosperous but there is a trend in the society that defines prosperity in those who use dishonest and outright evil schemes to make it in life. 

Money is often associated with prosperity.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Find out why EXPLOITATION will not end soon

What is to exploit?
This is to take advantage of somebody: to take selfish or unfair advantage of a person or situation, usually for personal gain.
In our modern society there is little hope of exploitation ending soon and am going to try and explain why it won’t end soon. Consider this scenario, *Andrew has a Diploma in Information Technology and can do a wide range of works as per His profession. But due to economic stress, few and highly competitive job openings available; He has not been able to secure a job.
After two years of job-hunting, he finally lands a job in a privately owned company. Due to desperation of having had no specific source of income he readily accepted the offer of Kshs 10,000 per month salary job. He was among the few employees in the company earning the same amount. Since the job was located in urban area, he rented a house of Kshs 3,000. The rest of the money was used for other of his budget allocations.