Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Ken had the biggest penis I have ever seen in a man, he wanted to hide it but as soon as he realized how shocked I was to see his penis, he just let it point forward towards me while very much erect. It was so straight and had big veins.
I slowly crossed the short distance that separated me and Ken as we both got fully naked. I could see him naked since the security lights outside were bright enough to illuminate inside the house. He had such a fantastic body with hard muscles. I held him close to my body and he was hot too probably due to raw desire. I slowly took my hand and wrapped his penis and lo! It had the thickness of a big Buganda banana and it was so hard. I began to caress it as Ken continued to caress my breasts. He at least knew how to caress the breasts in as much as he was not a fan of kissing.

We slowly lowered ourselves on our sofa seat the longest coach in the living room that had enough space for both of us as Ken positioned himself to come on top of me. My body was already shivering when I lay with my thighs apart not knowing whether it was desire or fear or both.

I was already wet and my vagina was throbbing with desire when Ken placed his massive penis on my labia ready to penetrate. Some sense of fear suddenly engulfed me and my muscles tensed such that I found myself holding his waist so as he would not come into me with much vigor. He held his penis with his hand and placed it in my vaginal orifice. Suddenly, he pushed it into my wet honey pot and some sharp pain pierced me to the chore of my womanhood. It suddenly felt like someone had taken my virginity or torn my hymen once more. I figured out I had not anticipated how it would feel to have him penetrate me and he pet pushing himself inside me until I began to back off a little not sure if I really wanted him to penetrate fully. My vagina felt so full, so stretched such that I was gasping for breath as I felt his penis reach so deep into me such that it felt a little uncomfortable making me produce an “ouch!” sound while moaning. I held him by his waist to try to control his depth but he pushed again once more with so much force until I could not take it anymore and I found myself telling him, “Ken, you are hurting me, back off a little!”
He looked into my eyes and I could see animalistic raw desire. He just held himself inside me as I lay with my thighs so parted so wide, holding the fabric of the coach trying to arch my back to be comfortable with my head thrown backwards. There was a mixture of pain and pleasure, something I could not remember feeling in a long time making me remember the first few times I had sex with a man after losing my virginity.

I could not move myself under him. He then rose upwards suddenly and began to grind my pussy with so much force until I nearly screamed. I held my breath, dug my fingers at his muscular back while my muscles remained tensed as he grinded my pussy with his big hard penis that kept coming in and out of me with so much force I felt like my abdomen was being ripped apart. As my vaginal lubrication flowed, I began to get a little comfortable and began to enjoy such that I raised my legs and my hips such that our pelvic bones would meet properly.
Just as I was beginning to enjoy, he began to tremble on top of me and fucked me with so much force such that waves of ecstasy swept all over my body so suddenly and I thought I was about to reach an orgasm. Just as the orgasmic wave began to overwhelm me, Ken groaned so loud and I knew he had ejaculated inside of me. He immediately withdrew sending his semen spilling all the way to my asshole as he lay besides me. It was so sudden and so fast!
I tried to feel my labias and they felt sore and as if they were swollen from Ken’s intense and short hard fuck. But my body was burning with raw desire since I had not gotten an orgasm and so I began to play with his flaccid penis until it got erect once more.
He mounted me again and got into my honey pot with so much enthusiasm I nearly told him to go slow. I could fill his massive penis filling me up so much like about to tear my pussy apart. Each time he would push it in, I would hold my breath and as he pulled out I would moan uncontrollably until after sometime I lost my control and began to have muscular spasms all over my body and tears began to flow from my eyes until I rolled my head to face left so as Ken would not see me crying. I could not really tell why I was crying but my pussy felt on fire as it suddenly clenched his penis so hard making me feel like there were fireworks inside me.
Suddenly, orgasmic waves began to sweep across my body and I arched my back, held Ken so tight with my hands and legs and suddenly exploded so hard such that I momentarily saw stars and heard tingling inside my head as if there were bells ringing deep inside my brains. I moaned softly for a prolonged moment and lay motionless as Ken finished second round on top of me and rolled over my side.
We lay there motionless and I began to feel like sleeping.
“Ken, I want to go to sleep.” I suddenly told Ken.
“All right.” He just answered and did not indicate whether he wanted to go or not.
“You may go to sleep, Ken.” I told him.
He stood up slowly and dressed up. I looked at his penis and was surprised to see it so shrunken and wondered how such a small penis could have grown into a huge dick when erect.
As Ken was leaving, he looked at me and asked me, “Grace, are you ok?” This was the first time he was calling me by my name.
“Yes, I am ok. Just return the door I will come and lock it.” I told Ken.
He patted my hand on his way out as if to tell me good bye or good night and went outside.
I lay there for a while and then stood up, went to the kitchen and took a glass of water. I then headed for the bathroom and as I was bathing, every time I touched my labias they felt like there were on fire, if not a little swollen. Ken had vigorously fucked me and he was rough, as if he was fucking a woman for the first time in a long time. Or perhaps it was due to his big penis. I even washed myself down there with some warm water. As I bathed, I kept wondering whether if my husband fucked me the following time he will find that my pussy had expanded and thought perhaps Ken had made my vaginal muscles a little loose. I could insert my 3 fingers freely unlike before and I felt so sore at the entrance of my pussy. But somehow, my whole body felt so relaxed such that it did not take much time to fall asleep as soon as I got on my bed.
I must have slept so heavily such that I did not even hear my alarm in the morning and was woken up by sunshine illuminating right on my face through my curtain. I pulled myself out of bed and hurriedly prepared breakfast, got myself ready and left for work. As I was leaving, I noticed Ken had gone to fetch some hay and was not around as the wheelbarrow trail indicated he had left. But I was already feeling like meeting him in the evening once more for some more fuck.

“Look at you! Why are you smiling?”

Celestine asked me noting that I was seeming jovial that morning.
“Follow me to my office, I will give you a story.” I told Celestine who followed me laughing softly.
“Tell you what? I got my boy last night and oh! Girl! The boy has a huge gun below his belt, he drove me nuts I nearly lost myself!” I told Celestine.
“Come on! Don’t make me wish to sample it too!” Celestine said jokingly.
“Oh! The boy is mine…” I told Celestine as if sounding protective.
She laughed.
“Your boy is in Mombasa, remember.” Celestine told me jokingly.
“No, Ken is my boy, the other one is my man.” I told Celestine who laughed at the statement.
“Ehe, tell me more…” Celestine urged me but as I was about to talk, our secretary knocked at the door.
“Come in, Annie.” Annie was her name. She was a soft spoken, short light skinned girl and a little petite and always had a soft smile on her face.
“Madam, there is someone who wish to see you.” Annie told me. I got curious to know who wanted to see me. I however went to our premises front office and behold Ken stood there waiting for me.
“Sorry, Madam. I tried to call and you were not picking so I came. I needed some money to buy some more cattle feed.” He told me. It was when I suddenly remembered I did not carry my phone. I had completely forgotten it. It made me ask myself was Ken confusing me now or what?
“Oh! I forgot my phone. Please fetch it for me. I will give you the keys. It is in our bedroom at the left drawer of our bed. Please go and bring it for me.” I told Ken.
“All right.” He said as soon as I gave him the money and the keys.
“Can’t imagine I forgot my phone.” I told Celestine as soon as Ken left.
“The boy is getting into you. He has gotten more handsome, you know…” Celestine told me with a wink. She sounded like she also secretly admired Ken. I did not know why but my feeling was beginning to get protective towards Ken and I could not want him to have another woman, at least a woman I know.
Within no time Ken had gotten back and given me my phone. He used our farm bicycle so it was easy for him to go fast, and the bicycle used to help him to commute different places.
“By the way, Grace, do you know that most of these lowly men are not ugly? They are just broke but if they got enough money, they would all suddenly seem handsome. They would dress nicely, get nice haircut, apply some lotions and have smooth skin etc. and be handsome. Besides due to their hard labor most are naturally chiseled unlike our husbands who have bodies which seem like old women’s bodies due to lack of exercises.” Celestine told me.
“Hmm, I will experiment with Ken. I will start urging him to wear nicely and to take care of himself to see how much good he can look and feel.” I told Grace.
“Try and you will see much difference. Remember, don’t end up falling in love with him you will really complicate things.” Celestine told me. The statement touched my heart. I knew I would afford to fool around with Ken but not to allow myself get carried away by the state of affairs. I had heard many women say there are no men who really confuses women more than broke men who are great in bed. Probably that was true owing to the fact that most broke men also happen to be stallions in bed. The nature of their jobs just makes them strong and which woman would not wish to be held by a strong man, to be hugged by a man with a chiseled chest, with nice biceps you can caress, with a nice masculine body that would make you feel like a young girl once more?
Celestine added, “We women are pretenders. We pretend that what matters in a man is money, but trust me, for a woman who already has her own money, money does not matter, but having a man who looks like a man really matters. I hate it when we undress and I see my man having love handles like a woman, having a pot belly like a pregnant woman, having round soft thighs like a woman, having a flabby chest like woman whose boobs are sagging due to old age, having folds all over the skin due to being fat. Yak! I hate fat men and nowadays fat men are all over. You go with a man, and when caressing him in bed you feel like you have a fellow woman in bed. This is why we sometimes go for young athletic men who will make us feel like women once more.”
“Damn! Celestine!!” I found myself exclaiming out!
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry
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