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With an upsurge of online writers for stories all over internet, it has come with several challenges among the readers and the major challenge is, “Which story should I read and which story is not worth reading?” Granted, every writer has the freedom to write whatever they wish to write, and you cannot stop or control that. However, readers must note that all writers have specific genres or a niche upon which they anchor their works of fiction e.g. sex, crime, thriller, social life, love, real life experiences, fantasy, religion, humanism, etc. A writer can even choose to mix a few of these niches in order to deliver the story perfectly. It is left upon the writers from there to pick what they love reading and ignore what they do not like reading as no writer can satisfy the needs of everyone in this world.
However, below is a list with points to consider when choosing which story to read to save a reader from an obvious confusion arising from seeing numerous writers online. As a reader, ask yourself the following questions…

This I know is a harsh question, but very important. The value you are seeking to add to your personal life is entirely personal and I cannot even guess what it is. Maybe you want to learn more about sex, may be you want to learn more about money, may be you want to learn more about crime, how they are committed and ways to avoid them, may be you want to learn more about how to handle your spouse, may be you want to learn more about secrets women use to cheat on their husbands or the opposite, etc. it is left upon you to pick a story you are so sure you will get that from the story. Personally, I cannot even exhaust the value that reading various works of fiction have been added to my personal life from romance, technology, intelligence etc.

This too is highly personal on what you consider as entertaining to you. Some people are entertained by crime, others by sex (reason why some people watch porn; and again, it is personal to them don’t judge them), other people are entertained by gossips (a reason why gossip groups on Facebook have among the highest number of followers), others politics, others combat games etc. So, pick a story which will entertain you such that when you are reading it, you will arrive to your destination without even knowing.
Hey, I once forgot myself reading a juicy story online until I overpassed my destination by almost 2km! and I had no money left with me and I had to walk back home.

Maybe you want to learn how to spice your marriage sexually, maybe you want to learn how to handle a difficult house help, maybe you want to learn how to commit the perfect crime or escape a crime, or you want to learn new tricks about general life, etc. There are numerous things to learn in this world. Just pick a story with what you wish to learn. Apart from the stories being fictions, some have very vital lessons that you can apply in real life.
(Personally, I learned from a story called “THE VET” that if I want to catch a dangerous bull, I must trick it into eating something which is inside a deep bucket, once its head is buried inside there, it cannot see you and so I rush, hook its legs to a rope and tie it, once its front leg is under your control, trust me, you can handle that bull better, unlike trying to catch its legs when it can see you, it will most likely hit you with its fury and it can be deadly!)
Plus, numerous things I learn daily from reading.

Some stories will be along the line showing that neglecting your spouse might lead to marital problems, or stopping to pick a complete stranger abandoned in an unfamiliar spot on the road at night could be a trap laid by gangsters, or leaving your drink unattended in a club could make you get drugged, or hypnotizing someone during a steamy sex session can make that person so vulnerable as to talk whatever you wish him/her to say (Some of the damning secrets ever revealed by people were revealed during a steamy sex)…
How to survive campus life, how to handle office romance and office politics etc.
 lessons are many.
If a story has some practical life lesson in it, it is worth reading.

A story that leaves you wanting to know more about what happened, and that is unpredictable can be a nice story that stimulates your imagination. Such stories make you build your analytical skills in life and the ability to predict the future depending on the current situation. Some stories too are like virtual travelling experience, literally. I have read stories that took me all the way to Moscow, to Andes mountains in South America, to China, to Australia etc.

All summed up, every reader has a reason as to why they read the stories they read. Some read because they love the writer (Like I have read all Sidney Sheldon Novels and John Kiriamiti’s story books), some read a story because it is motivating them in some way, etc.
As a reader, you need to realize the writers are committed to deliver the best to you in their own fashion. From the various writers, you have the freedom to choose who to follow and who not to for various reasons. If a writer’s genre is not your favorite, you have the freedom not to read his works.
I know this does not exhaust all reasons why you should read a certain story or certain stories, but the best for you as a reader is to identify which stories are worth reading and follow them. More so, if the story is costing you some little money, consider all above factors and much more from your personal perspective. A fantastic story is worth every penny, but a mediocre story is not worth even your time (harsh but true!)
Beyond that, you can consider any personal relationship you have with the writer e.g. does the writer offer any products and/or services beyond charging for reading her/his story? Does the writer have any other value he/she adds to the society apart from giving us stories to read? Is the writer someone approachable?  Some writers are motivational speakers, doctors, sexologists, counsellors, entrepreneurs, technologists, etc. and will gladly offer extra services along their line of specialty depending on agreed terms and conditions.
The key point is adding value to your personal life as a reader.
What more factors do you consider when choosing what to read and from which writer?
Nice reading.

~Article by Anthony Kerry, Saga man.
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