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PROSPERITY and Evil People: What you need to know

 Nothing in the entire universe baffles humanity like how do dishonest, bad, evil people prosper and make it in life to live like the kings of the earth while the righteous people live like slaves, social rejects and doomed people. This however does not mean that all good people are not prosperous but there is a trend in the society that defines prosperity in those who use dishonest and outright evil schemes to make it in life. 

Money is often associated with prosperity.

But from a Christian standpoint, it is easier to explain this trend that defies logic in the normal worldly life. It is also worthy noting that people labeled as  ‘bad’  seem to think that they are always right by their actions and are the ones who gets easily irritated when someone does something unfair to them but they never seem to realize that whatever they do to people is not only irritating but outright evil. Some in fact know very well that they are dishonest but have perfected the art of pretense and hypocrisy such that it is virtually impossible to pin anything bad upon them. They even shine in the society. Some people look upon them as role models and they are in fact admired by many. Only God knows our hearts. 

Evil people and the society
No one is supposed to be called evil, but the term is used all the same. This is because what is good to you may be very evil to someone else depending on someone’s social-religious beliefs and culture. There seems to be a tendency to love bad people. For example, the label ‘bad boy’ is used to refer to a man who will hook up with a lady and break her heart as if nothing happened. Yet, many ladies still fall for such despite all early indicators that the relationship is going no where. Eventually, the ladies turn to the ‘good boys’ once they are already used and dumped.
In work places, we have employees who have mastered the art of pretending to be the most hardworking, resourceful workers who the employers can turn to anytime. They have mastered the art of pretending to be ever busy, they know how to please their bosses by sweet talks of companies’ works, wearing smartly, being virtual reporters in their line of duty which often clears their name sake while victimizing their colleagues but in reality they hide under the credit of other employees who does the whole tasks. Is it any wonder entire nations never prosper since the actual workers never get credit as the pretenders occupy the biggest offices in the land doing nothing but pretending to be serving the society?

Evil people and religion
The religion ranks are also not left out. Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus time would be better than some of the modern religious people. Modern Christianity has been reduced into a shell religion that is merely a show of holiness while the substance of the heart is wanting. The churches are at the frontline condemning the world but a closer look will tell you that the so called Christians are worse than heathens. Clergy people using the church to enrich themselves, sexual deviants using churches as hunting grounds due to gullibility of followers and many evils is just a tip of the iceberg on the rottenness that is in the church.

What Does God say about Evil people?
Prophet Jeremiah once asked, “Lord, when I bring my case to you, you are always right. But I want to ask you about the justice you give. Why are evil people successful? Why do dishonest people have such easy lives? You have put the evil people here like plants with strong roots. They grow and produce fruit. With their mouths they speak well of you, but their hearts are really far away from you.” (Jeremiah 12:1, 2 NCV)
Many other people in the Bible asked similar question that we also ask, why do evil people prosper? What lesson do we learn from their evil deeds? Is it for our own good as Christians? God answered Jeremiah this way, “If you get tired while racing against people, how can you race against horses? If you stumble in a country that is safe, what will you do in the thick thornbushes along the Jordan River? Even your own brothers and members of your own family are making plans against you. They are crying out against you. Don’t trust them, even when they say nice things to you! “(Jeremiah 12:5, 6 NCV)

In other words,  God says, "pull up your boot straps, it's going to get worse and this test will make you strong."
Evil people are here to stay and God presents that the experiences we get from such is for our own good in our salvation. Take for example; the purity of Gold is tested through fire. The fire burns out the impurities and the remnant is just pure gold. The same way, when misfortunes brought forth to us by the evil, let it be a way to make us strong to endure even more. Eventually, God says, “But if a nation will not listen to my message, I will pull it up completely and destroy it,” says the Lord." (Jeremiah 12:7, 14-17 NCV)
God promises to end evil, to uproot all evil from the society. We are not supposed to groan and moan from the prosperity of the evil, as long as God is giving us our daily needs, we do not need to own the entire world in order to be happy. Happiness is the substance of what is within our hearts, not the material gains from this world. Taking a closer look at the people who we think are so prosperous due to some dishonest gains, you will discover that they have numerous problems that no amount of money can ever solve.
Be happy with who you are and what you have. Work hard to earn your life. Good day.

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