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The Romantic Office Saga: Part Two

After we finished bathing we headed straight to the bedroom. I swept Sally off her feet and carried her like few feet before laying her on the bed and rolling with her as we chuckled like little babies. We kissed hungrily as if we had really waited for this moment; deep quick French kisses as we caressed each other.
Her boobs were getting harder and harder every time I touched them. Her nipples were so erect like they can pierce someone. My johnnie was rock hard pointing forward. She caressed my abdomen all the way until she touched my hard johnnie and gasped as if surprised.

I pushed myself on top of her as she took my johnnie and placed it in her now wet soft petals of her love den. She took hold of it and began drawing zigzags on herself each time moaning silently, eyes half shut, gyrating her hips gently as if in rhythm to the patterns she was drawing on herself. This felt so nice I wished it would last forever. As she was doing that, I bent forward and began sucking her boobs in turn, taking time to draw patterns on her nipples. I would nibble her nipples and she would shudder all over her body as if someone has electrocuted her.

I then began licking her body slowly, gently with the tip of my tongue as if she was a one giant ice cream. Slowly I made my downward until I was hovering on top of her love garden. I took turns kissing her inner thighs, sending spasms of pleasure all over her in response to my kisses. I gave her mount a kiss and she let out a loud moaning, held my head and began pulling me towards her chest. I rose gently all the way until my johnnie connected to her honey pot. She took hold of it, directed it to the now hot wet honey pot before rising her hips suddenly sending it sliding swiftly inside her. At that instant, she pulled my bums to aid me to go deeper and deeper, each time she rose and dipped gently to allow me to penetrate into her eager honey pot, this went on and on until I reached the deepest point of her womanhood then she encircled me with her legs and hands, as if we were some sort of a wiring completing some circuit via our kisses, tight embrace and genitals.
The pleasure was so intense we just found ourselves getting so animated until the only noise in the room was our moans, groans and our pelvic bones slapping each other as we both rose and fell to the rhythm of making wild passionate love. We would alternate between me being on top and her being on top riding me like a cow boy who has suddenly known how to ride a horse.
I don’t remember how long it took, since all there was, was rolling on waves of pleasure and passion, rising and falling like a speed boat in the deep ocean of love being rocked up and down by waves and currents until it came to a point she let out a one prolonged piercing scream which also startled her until she reached for the pillow and buried her head inside it to continue giving out muffled screams; simultaneously letting out a powerful jet of gushing hot fluids from her honey pot that splashed my bedsheets as if someone was practicing sprinkling irrigation on my bed but one thing was for sure, her honey pot gave my johnnie continuous milking until I exploded inside her like a rocket making my entire body shudder as some leaves in a thunderstorm until some tear drops fell from my eyes due to feeling some pleasure I have never felt since I was born and became a man!
We collapsed onto each other, me on top but Sally seemed like she did not care about my weight anymore; she was now crying silently avoiding my eye contact all along. But from the side, I could see she was smiling like a 3-month-old baby who had just been ticked by her mum.
The aura of peace, contentment, gratification and serenity rested upon us as if we owned the universe.
“Sally, Sally….” I tried calling her but she did not respond.
I rolled over to her side and looked into her eyes, they were wide open as if staring at me, I tried to motion her but she did not respond. “Sally, respond stop joking”, I said jerking her but she did not respond at all. She remained motionless. I panicked. I took hold of her hand and lifted it up in the air, I let it go and it fell like a tree without control. “Sally!!”, I shouted but still no response. I went to the kitchen and fetched some ice-cold water, came back and poured on her forehead but still got no response at all. “What the hell is this now?!” I found myself talking to myself.
I slapped her so hard but still she did not respond. “I must be dreaming!” I talked to myself. What next? Is this girl dying on my bed or what? What do I do? I tried all first aid skills that I could remember but none worked.
I realized something could be terribly wrong. I reached my phone and tried to call my friend, but the phone remained unanswered. I called two other people, I called 999 and still got no response. Do I knock on my neighbor? What do I tell my neighbor?
My neighbor was a middle-aged man, around 45 and quite reserved. I knew he had a car as I reasoned we needed to take Sally to hospital as fast as possible. This was turning into a night mare. I gathered all the courage and went to knock to his door. After what seemed like forever, he came and opened the door.
“What is it Tony at this late night, have thugs attacked you?” Sam asked looking straight into my eyes. “No, I have an emergency, I have someone I need to take to hospital urgently and I have no one else to look on to except you, please help me”. Ok. Give me a minute to dress up. He said disappearing into the darkness. I heard him call, “Darling, there is a young man who has someone in need of help”, a familiar voice answered, “Ok dear, am coming”. Said a familiar voice. I tried to remember where I heard that voice but my mind was so hazy I could not recall.
Two people emerged from the house, coming to help me take Sally to hospital. We rushed towards my house and Sam who was stronger offered to assist me pick Sally to his waiting car. She was still unconscious for who knew what. We bundled her into the car and I returned to quickly lock the door. Upon turning back, what I saw nearly made me faint.
I stood there face to face with my female boss. She was the woman that was in Sam’s house. She seemed surprised too. “Oh, my goodness, you again, what have you done to Sally?” She asked. Sam stood there looking at us like we were aliens. “Do you two know each other?”  Sam asked. I shifted my eyes to look at Sally silently sleeping at the back chair of Sam’s car. “Can we first take this young lady to hospital, you two can later tell me what is all this about”.
We arrived at the health center a little past midnight and Sally was picked by some nurses and wheeled through the emergency door. No one else was allowed past the emergency door.
We sat there silently staring at nothing in particular. I kept wondering, was my boss Sam’s girlfriend, mistress or what? Since all I knew Sam was married and my boss was not his wife. I could not dare look into their direction. The silence was deafening. I could tell all of us had so many questions that remained unanswered. The air was so tense. The only sound was some crickets outside and some other nocturnal creatures that I did not know.
After what seemed like forever, a nurse emerged and asked, “Whose patient is she? Please follow me” the nurse said without waiting for an answer. I followed her like how a young boy would follow his mother after doing some mischief.
“Your girl is fine”, she said to my utter relief. “She just suffered from vasovagal response attack. This occurs when vagus nerve is overstimulated by either physical or emotional stimuli. When this happens the blood vessels can dilate thus slowing the heart. This is what caused her to faint. What were you doing when she fainted?” Asked the nurse. “I answered shyly, “We were making love”. The nurse smiled at me sheepishly then answered me, “Ok, she will be fine, in fact you should have just let her rest, she would have woken up on her own”. “So, what do I do now?”, I asked the nurse to which she replied, “I just gave her in injection, she will wake up and you will go back home”.
I turned back and to my horror, my boss stood there at the door listening to our entire conversation with the nurse. I excused myself and turned to walk outside. “Remember you two still have a case with me in my office”. I nearly told her to go to hell. Sally has already taken me through all this and all she was thinking was her damn job while am in crisis.
Sam took us back home with his car and Sally simply walked back to my house and slept like a baby without uttering a word to me.
Come Monday morning. We did not go straight to the boss’ office. I waited for her to call us but she did not, at least during the day.
Sally our tea girl continued serving us tea as if nothing happened, but each time she passed by me she would give me that sheepish smile, at one time I felt like kissing her as she passed by me. That day, she passed by my office more time than usual.
In the evening, almost time to leave boss sent an email telling me to see her at exactly 5 pm.
When I got there, I found Sally at the door, as if she too was told to come. “Come in both of you”, boss said and we got in, got seated on the office coach facing her. She stopped what she was doing and faced us.
“I want to tell both of you that what you did was very wrong, and if you both read the company policies, you are all liable for dismissal.”, she said nodding suggestively at us. We remained silent waiting for her judgement. “However, I will deal with both of you individually according to your individual ranks in the company, so, Sally, go home I will see you later”, boss said with finality of a judge. She stood up silently and left saying, “thank you madam”.
I was left there alone, with my boss. She turned to me as if she was going to dismiss me right there and then. I wondered what she is about to say since she took off her glasses and looked at me long enough to make me feel so uneasy, as if sizing me. I began sweating. I could not afford to be dismissed at this time since times were harsh.
“Rrrriiiiiiiing rrriiiiiing” her cell phone rang, she just pushed a button sending it to silence mode.
“Tony, I know you as a very hard working young man it is unfortunate you got yourself into this, however, I forgive you on one condition which you must agree or get dismissed”. I gladly asked her, “What condition, Madam?” I asked, not wanting to look at her.
She stood up and to my surprise, she came and sat on the same coach with me, it was a 3 seater but it felt so small for me despite being at one end and her the other. She wore a tight mini skirt with a slit half way her chocolate thighs, but I tried so hard not to ogle at her. She smiled, for once as if trying to put me at ease but I was so tensed I wished this was a dream.
She just sat there, staring at me with some prolonged hard look as if waiting for some signal, or reading my body language.
“Do you live where I saw you on Friday, that is are you Sam’s neighbor?”, She asked. “Yes, Sam is my neighbor.”
“For how long have you been neighbors?” She asked again. “For close to 3 years”, could be more but I was too tensed to even remember.
“Are you two close, as in friends or just neighbors?” She asked. At this point, I decided to lie and watch her reaction. “Yes, we are good friends and neighbors too. Sam is a good man”. After saying he is a good man, she brightened, breathed out with a heavy sigh of relief.
“Now I want to give you an assignment which you must do for me. It is about Sam.” At that instant, I looked at her straight in the face, puzzled at her request. I could tell she was so serious about it. Whatever she wanted me to do, seemed like a matter of life and death, or just too damn serious. Her statement was a mixture of begging and commanding.
“But before I proceed to tell you what I want you to do, promise it will be a secret between me and you.” At this point, I could even promise her heaven so long as I retain my job. “I promise”. She replied, “Good, I can count on you. Your case is dismissed. Just make sure never to do that again in the office or any other work premises. Now, go, I will tell you tomorrow what I want you to do”. She said, standing up and returning to her usual office chair. I just stood up, said an honest, “thank you madam”, without looking at her and disappeared into the darkness.
It was already late evening, around 8 pm. I headed straight to the gate and bid gate man good bye.
As I began walking, something, or someone hit me with some pebbles. On turning back, I could see no one except the watchman seated at the gate. I dismissed it and began walking only to be hit by now a larger object, not sure what but enough to make me feel some pain in the back. At that instance, I turned around furiously ready to confront whoever or whatever was playing games with me in this darkness only to come face to face with Sally smiling at me holding a dry stick with her left hand and her handbag with her right hand.
“What do you want to do, hit me?” Sally asked smiling and even before I answered she grabbed my hand and we began walking.
Along the way, she asked me what principle had told me but I did not go into the details. But that did not really seem like anything to concern her.
I joked with Sally, “let us go home to my place.” She did not say no, but she told me we first go to her place and fetch some clothes for her to wear the following day. This reminded me of how I hear women get married slowly by slowly, taking an item after another to a man’s place in a bid to mark territory and take over, and before the man gets to know, he is married. But who cared? Sally was so loving and irresistible!
When we arrived at our place, we cooked together and went to shower together. I made sure to wash Sally taking time to splash her with water on her boobs, her bums, her abdomen etc. as she jokingly applied soap all over my body smiling as if she is washing a big baby.
After rinsing each other, we walked naked to bed. While there I told Sally to lie flat facing up on my bed, stark naked and to make sure she could not see me, I blind folded her. Then I took some coconut oil and began dropping some drops on her naked body, aiming at her nipples at times, all the way to her vulvas.
She would keep asking, “Oh! Dear, what do you want to do, what are you doing” and each time a drop hit her nipples she would let out an “aaah” before asking what I wanted to do.
After spreading oil drops all over her, I began caressing and massaging her slowly, beginning from her neck, aided by the smoothness of the oil, I massaged her boobs until I could feel them getting harder and her nipples getting more erect. I smeared the oil all over her abdomen, kept caressing her under the oil until it was all spread out. I then reached on her pubic area and took time spreading her dark-haired outline before taking time to make curling and circling motions on her pubic area, on her vulvas.
After sometime she was breathing heavily clearly enjoying the whole ordeal. I would make 3 clock wise motions, 3 anti-clock wise motions before moving up and down her entire slit with my fingers. Her clit got so erect it literally was protruding upwards, I reached for it with a finger smoothened by the oil and made two gentle tapping motions on its tip before slowly caressing it, Sally could no longer hold it and she made a jerking motion and jumped on me, as if she could see me blind folded. She held my hands and I could feel she was trembling. She then began caressing my hands. At this point, I reached the blind fold and removed it from her. Upon opening her eyes, she looked straight into my eyes and I could see her eyes were misty and red.
We rolled into each other and began kissing, as our hands caressed each part of our bodies that we could reach out to. Our bodies were hot and despite the cold evening we just could not feel it. Sally reached for my now hard johnnie and began caressing it; she was so nice at it I kept feeling like am about to explode but somehow did not.
I reached for her now wet garden of love and placed my fingers there; she was so soft and very warm. Just as I began caressing her vulvas again, she reached for my hand and pushed it away. I could not understand why.
Sally rolled, took her leso, wrapped herself and headed for the bathroom. I thought she had gone to pee or something. She then emerged from the bathroom, tip toed to my bedroom and just stood there looking at me.
“What is it, anything wrong?” I asked. Sally answered feebly, “Yes, my period has started, am sorry I did not expect it, it was supposed to come after 2 days”. With that instant, I knew our passion night has ended.
Sally reached for her handbag and took out some sanitary pads. “I always go prepared just in case when it is nearing.” She said without looking at me. I did not look at her either as she put on her pads and put on her night dress.
She came back to bed and upon jumping on bed she reached for me and began kissing me. I was wondering, what else does she want, isn’t periods supposed to mean we cannot engage in any sexual activity?
I was wrong. Sally reached for my johnnie, began stroking it until it was hard once more. She held at it and began making circling motions up and down. Then she began kissing me from my chest, she sucked my tiny nipples for some time and it felt so pleasurable, she kissed me downwards until she reached for my pubic area. She looked at me once more as if seeking permission silently to go on; in my minds, I just wished her to go on since I was enjoying this. She was now crouching like a tiger about to strike, her bums raised in the air, her head lowered resting on my balls, then she began licking the underside of my johnnie. She kept going upwards until her tongue rested on my glans before she encircled my entire glans with her lips, Damn! Never felt this sweet in a long time.
She began making humming sounds like a colony of bees as she rocked her lips back and forth, rolling her tongue at the same time on my hard johnnie, at the same time also caressing my johnnie with considerable vigor. She then stroked my balls so gently as if not to hurt them, at the same time sucking me like a lollypop.
She would alternate between simply sucking me like a lollypop and deep throating me. She kept doing this until I could not hold anymore. I began making rapid jerking motions with my pelvis and Sally sensed I am about to explode. She backed away right on time as a jet of my ejaculate escaped from deep inside me like some volcano that had a narrow outlet. I could feel waves of pleasure engulfing me all over my body with each time some spurt of semen kept spewing all over; Sally reached for me and gave me a deep kiss for some time, the she laughed.

I could not understand why she laughed but she just said, “Gosh! You have woken up the neighbors!” at that instant, I remembered Sam was my neighbor, the man who my boss had an assignment for me.
The following day we woke up and Sally suggested I first go then she will come later, she did not want people to see us entering our workplace gate together. I just did that, left her with the keys to lock the door and come to work. After all being the System’s administrator, I had to arrive earlier than most workers to ensure that the systems are in place.
True to her word, Sally came later to work and went on as if we are just colleagues, but each time she would pass by me she would smile.
Come tea time, I heard a soft knock at the door and guess who came into my office, Sally. She was carrying a thermos and something in a dish. She placed them on my table and unwrapped the dish. That instant, the room was filled with some sweet-smelling aroma of something baked. Sally had prepared for me some queen cakes, and in the thermos instead of our usual tea from our work place was drinking chocolate seasoned with tea masala. As soon as Sally poured the drinking chocolate on the cup, the whole room smelled like a one big cookie!
I picked a cookie and placed it inside my mouth taking time to feel how sweet it was and as I was about to take a sip of the chocolate drink, my office extension rang. On looking at it, the number in the extension was 001; my boss’ office extension number. Sally saw the number and quickly left the office without saying a word.
I picked the phone….
To be continued.

As narrated by Anthony Kerry. Dr. Love.
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