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Confidence is a major ingredient in life. Confidence can take you places, earn you greater accolades, and earn you utmost respect and much more.
Confident people have many lovers, followers and people easily associate with them. You will hardly fail in life if you are confident.
Below are 11 major ways to boost your confidence in the year 2014! Keep reading.

1) Discover what you want to do in your life.

Write these things down and make a pledge to work towards them. Make a plan of how you will achieve these goals. Aim to achieve at least two of your goals each year.

Now what do you have? AMBITION! And ambition is a great confidence builder.

2) Get a job.

Preferably a job that involves a lot of communication with other people so that you can develop your people-skills. Also, how are you going to be confident without some cash in your back pocket?

This ain't the movies so wake up and realize that most people who don't work are not confident people. They're not confident because they don't have money. It's as simple as that.

Aim high but start small. Even if you plan to be the CEO of a huge, faceless corporation one day, realize that you have to have some starting money to get that opportunity.

3) Work out.

Get fit, get healthy, and get a little bit of muscle on you! For a lady, trim your body shape well, tone your figure. Handsome men and beautiful ladies are more confident. The Reason? They know they are attractive, simple as that.

4) Affirmations.

Every day when you wake up and/or every day when you go to sleep strike a pose in front of the mirror and say something positive about yourself, even if it's not true. Say it like you mean it. Imagine that it's true.

If you keep this up for a few months, you will start to notice results: many of the things you have told yourself in the mirror will start to happen and you will develop a more positive attitude to life.

Some examples of affirmations are:

* I am a magnet for beautiful women. I am confident, calm and charismatic.

* I am a great man. I am strong. No one dares to challenge my authority and I command the respect of both my friends and enemies.

* I am great at kino and neg-hits. I realize that both of these are great weapons for attracting babes and I am not afraid to unleash their power.
*I am the most beautiful lady around, no one can compare to me. etc

5) Join a club.

There is no better way to make new friends and other connections. Whether it be football or soccer, darts or debating, the result will be that you will come out feeling more confident about yourself. Also join more online forums that are productive. Facebook is full of them. When you learn to interact with members your confidence will grow tremendously.

6) Want to be accepted by others? Well first you have to ACCEPT THEM. This means:

Read the power of a smile, my most popular article ever posted in my blog! Smiling will take you far in confidence.

b) INITIATING CONVERSATIONS WITH THEM. Don’t wait for people to come to you, go for them.


WARNING: Do not try to impress people. You will come off looking like... a guy who is desperately trying to impress people. Just remember to smile, initiate, and listen.

7) Go out and make eye contact with strangers and then smile at them.

Watch them smile back and realize that you have the potential to make anyone on earth smile. The power of a nice smile can never be under estimated by anyone.


There is no better way to avoid the pain of rejection than to get rejected.

Go out without a care in the world and try to get as many phone numbers as possible. If you seriously try you are guaranteed to get a good number of rejections, not necessarily because people don't like you or because they think you're ugly, but simply for the reason that they're having a bad day or they don't give their number to someone they just met.

Aim to get rejected. Set yourself a quota of rejections each week. E.g. 5 rejections in a week.

The good thing about this is that you will become indifferent to rejection; it will no longer bother you.

And you never know, you might even come out of it with a few numbers!

Then you can regroup and have a laugh about your rejections with your friends over a few beers.

9) Go out to have fun as often as you can.

If you've got a free night get your friends together and go out to have some fun and shake things up.

10) Talk to all those people who you see often but never really talk to.

And to all those people who you wish you had the courage to talk to.

All it takes is a "Hi, how are you doing?" A few questions and you've got yourself the beginnings of a conversation.

11) Be unpredictable.

Surprise yourself. Surprise your friends. If a challenge presents itself that you would normally shirk from, approach it head on. Challenge yourself with new styles of dressing, talking, smiling, etc and watch the people’s reactions.

Finally, throw out the rule book. There are no rules! Live your life as you would love to live it and stop letting your fears hold you back.

The key to confidence is in your mind. If you follow all of the above rules, your mind will develop confidence by itself.

Start today or don't start at all. Once you have read this article I want you to start being a confident person TODAY!

If you are reading this as you are about to go to sleep then go to sleep later. Get into some affirmations or start looking for a job, anything!

You may have come to the end of this article and thought "Hey, I already knew a lot of that stuff....bah I'm not even gonna try it... ALL THAT STUFF TAKES TOO LONG AND TOO MUCH EFFORT."

Well if that's your attitude I can tell you right now that is sheer laziness. You have to be willing to try!

You will start seeing results within a week of starting any of these things. If you do all of these things you will have no trouble at all seeing changes because people will probably start telling you that you are becoming more confident or positive.

Try them. They helped me too!!

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