Tuesday, 19 May 2015

No romance without finance?? Ladies give men a break

We all know the line "No romance without finance". A line which dents many a man's ego.
Well, men know too well also that "No romance, without beauty and gorgeousness".
Men are accused left, right, center for killing romance in modern era by all women of all walks of life.

I dare say, blame it upon women for the death of romance. Here is why:-

  • How do you romance a woman who looks like a baby hippo, who has rolls of flesh hanging her waist like they are hung there to dry? How do you romance a woman whose flabby fleshy body is full of stretch marks such that when you roll over your hands on her, it feels like you are caressing a fattened pig ready for sale?
  • How on earth do you sweep off her feet, swing her in your arms and turn an entire 360 Degrees, and kiss her mid air as you she continues to enjoy the power of your hands and the feeling of romance in the air, literally, when she weighs more than 100 kgs, has a figure round enough like a drum, or worse, an upside down cylindrical cone which weighs nearly a tone???!
  • How do you kiss her forehead when the wigs on her hair is too old, ragged, and smells like a he goat that has been beaten by thunderstorm? How?
  • How do you romance, roll over and over in the grass, playing like two kittens in love, tossing each other here and there…when she is so fat she can hardly bend, her hands cannot even touch her own legs without risking farting from straining, how does a man risk being broken by a massive 200 kg woman in the name of romance?
  • How do you swing-dance with a woman who can hardly turn around due to her gigantic neck?
  • How do you romance a woman who despite being flabby, she hardly realizes it makes her sweat like yokozuna in a bout of wrestling, and smells enough to make a man puke bile??! How do you romance someone who thinks men are there to take care of her personal hygiene…worse these women no longer cook…they enjoy fast foods which are full of fats…and encourage poor health resulting in fat and smelly bodies!!
  • How do you romance a woman who hardly says thank you, and thinks everything a man does is her entitlement? Do you think men were created to make you happy and live to please you?? Romance should begin with you….not men.
  • Do you expect men to open doors for you, to pull chairs for you, to foot that romantic dinner for you…when you all shout, "What a man can do a woman can do better…" while saying "All men are dogs!" So open it better for yourself, pull that chair on your own, foot your damn bills !! And spare men (or dogs)  your shit!

Worse….Let me stop here before I puke!
Women, before you go blaming men for being un-romantic….ask yourself. Are you romantic enough to attract romance?
The type of romance many women want is over-rated. Look romantic to invite romance, or look like a Dracula, and expect nothing short of hell!
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