Tuesday, 3 April 2018


I could see some ladies giggling there. Almost immediately, one of the restaurant patrons came and picked the pieces.
I could feel Ken was uncomfortable being there so I suggested we go to our room. We got inside and locked ourselves while Ken went and sat on the big king-sized bed.
“Is this where we shall be meeting?” Ken asked.
“Yes.” I told him.
There was a big flat screen TV which I switched on and flipped the channels until I got a channel with some music. There was also a large bathroom with transparent door.
“Ken, I want us to bathe together.” I suggested to him. He smiled and looked at me. I went to where he sat and slowly led him to stand up as I began to undress him. He followed my lead and we got undressed until we were both naked. His penis was still flaccid when we walked to the bathroom and began showering together.

“This place is so nice!” Ken said.
“Yes, we can enjoy ourselves here privately and safely.” I told him. I wish he knew that we paid each one of us some membership fee of Kshs 25,000 per month as what is termed as maintenance fee. I knew if I told him that, he would suggest we find a cheaper place and I give him the rest. But all the same, I was still thinking of how to make him adapt to that life fast to avoid further embarrassments.
I began to caress his penis which remained limp for quiet some time before it began to get hard slowly. He too began to caress my body taking time to smear some soap on me. I could feel my desire going up as we did that.

“Will we do inside here?” He asked me.
“Why not?” I asked him.
“We might slip and fall; the floor is slippery.” He meant the tiled bathroom floor.
“All right, let us go to the bed.” I told him and we rinsed ourselves, walked slowly to the bed where we continued kissing each other. Suddenly he disengaged his mouth from mine and began to kiss my neck. It really felt nice since he had never kissed my neck. Slowly he began to suck my breasts pulling my nipples with his lips. Then slowly he traced a line with his tongue along my abdomen making me have some wild passionate imaginations.
As if he was trying how it would go, he slowly traced his way with his tongue until the tip of his tongue rested on the tip of my clitoris sending spasms of pleasure all over my body until I found myself holding my breath, I really wished he would do more. He just licked the tip of my clitoris for some seconds before suddenly moving upwards to continue sucking my nipples.
The surroundings perhaps were so comfortable to inspire some adventure on him as he kept trying new things he had never done to me albeit a little awkwardly at times. I wanted to inspire him and so I told him to lie under me.
I began to suck his penis which got so hard. He was groaning softly as I also caressed his balls while teasing the tip of his penis with my tongue all the time. I was also feeling so lusty that evening. I could even feel like passion was flowing in my veins. I suddenly felt the urge to taste his cum and I continued to suck his hard penis with much more vigor.
He seemed to know he was about to ejaculate since he suddenly held my head about to yank me away from his penis but I pushed his hands away, held fast onto his penis and suddenly I felt some of his semen shoot into my tongue, I sucked harder and he went ahead and erupted so hard into my mouth until he trembled fiercely as to make the bed shake.
He suddenly looked at me and seemed disgusted. He completely never expected that. I smiled at him. I made as if to kiss him but he backed off fast away from me making me laugh.
But for whatever reasons, he pushed me under him and began to suck my clitoris with so much vigor making me completely lose control over myself. I began to moan so loudly while my legs just swayed from left to right at times folding his back. He sucked my clitoris for sometime and then slowly he ran his tongue over my labia minora while making his tongue so stiff making me feel ecstatic. He began to suck my labia majora while finger fucking me. Without warning his finger pushed my upper vaginal wall where the GSA was and I have never felt such pleasure all my life. I began to tremble, experienced rapid muscular spasms all over my body and I found myself screaming his name.
Without warning, a sudden gush of fluids escaped from deep under my body as I shook all over and totally lost control I found myself crying, writhing, my head rocking from left to right, throwing legs all over while I totally washed his face with my orgasmic explosion. He seemed so surprised such that he backed off and just knelt there watching me lose control.
“KEN! KEN! KEN, I am dying, I am finished, oooh Ken!” I found myself saying.
Without a warning, he suddenly lunged forward and before I knew what he was up to, his hard penis was so deep in my wet vagina as he furiously fucked me to pieces! He kept rocking himself inside me, holding me by my hips literally making my buttocks float over the bed as he rocked himself so hard upon me until I was trembling with my breasts rocking back and forth over my chest. He then suddenly flipped me over such that I faced away from him. He entered me from behind and fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked. All noise I could here were our moans as he moaned loudly, and our bodies slapping each other as he rocked me so hard with his hands pulling and pushing me against himself.
He could have fucked me for about 20 minutes but it felt like he had been inside me forever when he suddenly slapped my butt, squeezed me so hard with his hands and trembled so hard and I knew he was cumming inside me. This triggered my orgasm and I found myself sprawling my legs all over the bed as orgasmic waves rocked me like a reed in a thunderstorm.
I held the pillow under me and screamed my lungs out so hard for a few seconds. Then I suddenly saw darkness.
“Grace! Grace! Grace! You are scaring me, wake up!” That was Ken, who was shaking my shoulders hard.

I must have passed out due to pleasure. I was feeling so weak but so relaxed.
“What is the time?” I asked him.
“It is 10 pm. We need to go home.” He told me.
“What?” I forced myself to sit on the bed.
“It is too late, let us go.” Ken told me.
We each took turns to bathe in the bathroom and dressed up ready to leave.
I made the bed neatly as Ken dressed up.
Soon after, we went to the bungalow’s restaurant and took some fruit juices and some cakes. There was no one else except the restaurant attendants.
Suddenly, we heard some commotion.
A rather furious young man came out screaming.
“Stupid whore! We agreed you are going to pay me tonight and all you are doing is telling me to keep sucking your cunt!” The young man said.
A middle-aged lady followed him.
“Stop shouting, you are shaming me, come back to the room we will agree.” The lady said.
However, the young man got even more furious and slapped the woman so hard such that she fell backwards. Ken wanted to intervene but I told him not to. Suddenly some very muscular guys came and lifted up the young man like a sack of potatoes and disappeared with him outside as he continued to spew more insults.
“Time to go.” I told Ken and we went to our car, reversed and within minutes we were out of there.
“Does that mean some ladies pay to be fucked?” Ken asked. I smiled.

“Yes.” I told him.
“But why?” He asked.
“Well, some women have money, even have great husbands like me but the only thing they are missing is great sex so they use their money to get what they are missing in their lives.” I explained to him.
Ken looked at me.
“I don’t think I can charge anyone to fuck her.” He said.
“Neither would I pay.” I told him. But I sure would have wanted to find ways to reward him for making me feel like a woman once more.
We got home at around 11:30 pm. No sooner had I gotten into my bedroom than I fell deep asleep until I was woken up the following morning by our dogs barking outside at around 4 am. I heard some foot steps outside but looking through the window I could not see anyone or anything except hear our dogs barking. I felt some fear. I picked my phone, tried to call Ken but his phone was off. But as long as the doors were locked, I felt a little secure.

“You must have had a great time, I left you there.” Celestine told me smiling.

“Sure. Celestine, you also have a young boy who services you?” I teasingly asked her.
“Oh! Yes. The old men have no energy, so I need a young man to make me feel like a school girl. Right now, my muscles are aching thanks to yesterday’s fucking session. My boy is 22, still in college.” Celestine told me.
“Damn! All right. Do you pay him?” I asked her.
“I just give him pocket money and that is all.” Celestine told me. I did not bother asking how much that was.
“But sure thing, young men rocks!” I told Celestine as I remembered my previous night until I passed out.
“The tragedy of life, my dear.
Young men have energy, have time, but have no money to pamper women.
Middle aged men have energy, have money, but have no time to be with women.
Old men have money, have time but have no energy to fuck women.
Finding the balance is what is driving us this insane chasing after young boys. What a life?” Celestine told me as if lamenting.
“But I think the worst is, most women due to sexual awareness, confidence with their bodies and having settled, our libido shoots upwards in our thirties. I don’t know why, but I feel hotter than I was when I was a younger woman.” I told Celestine. She looked at me and laughed.
“What is funny?” I asked her.
“Isn’t it about time the society accepted the fact that women admire younger men just as the same as men admire younger ladies?” Celestine said.
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry.
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