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In life, we meet so many different types of people. I have faith that all the people we have ever met have a degree of behavioral influence upon us. Some even shape us in one way or another. When a child is growing up, the first person they get to know is their mother, then probably the father. Others just get to know their care taker in case the mother died during child birth.
Negative Energy in action. Some negative influence can bring the worst in us given opportunity.

But all along, as we meet those different types of people, there is a category of people which I would wish that after you meet them, just do your best to avoid them. The old saying is true that “Bad company corrupts morals”. There are those people who you meet in life that seem to ignite something in you. In our characters, there is a subconscious power that seems to lie dormant like an extinct volcano, but with proper ignition, it can blow with an overwhelming power. I call that power “Negative Energy”. Negative in the sense that it will make you hate people, cause destruction, stir strife among people, demean others, insult other people, cause fights, etc.

Negatively Charged People!!
There are those people who you meet and when you have a conversation, they leave you feeling angry by their content of what they always talk. I had this friend of mine who whenever he opened his mouth it was only to criticize people in his life and telling you how bad they are and how they have been unfair to him…etc. He would make you feel like those people are so bad you would not even wish to meet them and would go to an extent of making you “hate” them, regardless you have never met them!!
Some people also keep on talking ill of their employers, colleagues, friends, neighbors etc. They make it feel like those who surround them are not worthy being in around him. On the contrary, these people try to make it appear like they are the best in that mix and that is why he is able to see the so many imperfections in their lives. 

In Dating too!!
For those who are still dating, there are those guys or ladies who you date and discover some negative energy that existed in you dormant all along. It may be ignited out of a behavior in them, a word from them, something they do to you, or even simple conversations. These people tend to think and feel like you are wrong when you try to correct them but in the real sense it is them who have made you radiate that negative energy that you did not know you have. To such a question of how compatible the two of you are becomes paramount. You may wish to talk it out and resolve it. The other partner agrees to come to terms with your behavior and the two of you try to work out on a solution. Should there be no change towards the positive, it is time to end such a relationship and move on with your life.

In Career Life!!
Others are employers who every time makes you feel incompetent. They will overwhelm you with so many responsibilities until you reach a breaking point. This will in the end leave you feeling like you are not able to work under pressure hence not able to deliver. But come to think of it, you got hired in the first place. You applied for the post, got an interview and did better than the rest of those who you were interviewed together. So, in that case you remain the best, better than the rest. Instead of feeling incompetent, try talking to your boss and see what could be done in order for you to continue delivering. This may be segmenting the duties; distributing the work load in all the working days properly and make the boss have reasonable expectations upon your abilities regardless of the pressure. Probably even your boss is under pressure to deliver to customers and that is making him throw the pressure upon you. But should all fail, do not burn out your talents and abilities there, sometimes it’s a nice thing to quit or look for another job. Remember, strength is not measured on how you can hold on till death, but also on how you can elude death by letting go off those things that are killing us.

Social Networking 
Even in the social network arena, Facebook, Twitter, etc there are those friends who through their social status updates ignites negativity in us. Consider someone who keeps on updating ethnic related updates, feministic updates, hatred etc. To such, you can unsubscribe to their updates or block them entirely. Why should you have someone who spoils your moods daily as a friend?

Religious Influence
It is also true that some religions have a tendency to induce negativity in our lives. We start alienating friends, family members, social acquaintances etc in the name of leading a holy life. We may even begin to hate other people due to our newly acquired faith. In the end, religious fanatic behavior sets in and who knows, in the end there may be religious intolerance?

What more?
I have just cited a few of types of people or activities that can ignite negativity in your life. But it all depends on how you understand yourself best. So it’s also an individual decision and effort to know who and what to stay away from in order to avoid radiating negative energy in our lives. This may be some friends, relatives, religious leaders, work mates, or any other person in life. This does not mean that you hate them or you are going to hate them. You still love them; only that being with them is not the best for you.

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