Tuesday, 6 January 2015

7 WAYS people survive in work places

How do some people survive in work places?
This is a brand new year. Back to work. The law which implies survival for the fittest will continue being applied.
That is also true in our work places where competition to continue being employed is also high. We all know that there seems to be some people who outlive and outperform others in workplaces. But the greatest question is: How do people survive in workplaces and continue working there? Read on…

As much as we wish this should end, there are some people who continue working in certain workplaces since they win their employer’s favor, or some decision makers that ensure that they favorite employees retain their jobs as the time moves on. How someone goes about winning that favor is another thing altogether which might feature in the in this article.

There are those who will survive in workplaces because their tribe happens to be favored there. Tribalism shapes so many sectors in our modern society including workplaces. This is a no brainer, as much as some employers may never show it, a simple study into their organization will prove my point right.

Some employers prefer working with certain genders, or rather some careers or tasks favors certain genders. We may shout on mountain tops about gender equality, but I always ask myself how comes there are more men in construction sites than women?

Sounds gross, but some people manage getting and retaining their jobs due to offering sexual favors. Women can attest to this that some men have at one time or another wanted some sexual favors in order to secure them a job. Some people survive in corporate world through among other thing, engaging in sex.

This category of people is mischievous and cunning. They have mastered the art of appearing always busy doing something and nothing enough to convince their bosses that they are hardworking employees. They are ever too busy to even assist a fellow employee. They always make even simple tasks seem lengthy and difficult. Often such employees wish to always draw attention to everyone into recognizing their diligence.

These types of employees are industrious and often creative. They manage to secure and retain their position through sheer determination. Their work is mostly result oriented. Most in this category are not even after drawing attention towards themselves, but naturally what they accomplish stands out and earns them respect. Busy bodies and hardworking people rarely get along in workplaces.

There is this special category in life that just seems lucky. They are often appearing mediocrity with no impressions. But just as if by a stroke of luck, they always seem to make it in workplaces. Perhaps it is God’s favor upon them.

Some like corruption where one dishes out money to retain their jobs apply. But with corruption, someone with an upper hand with the above factors still will win over someone who does not.

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