Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We have always admired to be beautiful or handsome. Personally I know am handsome, and despite being a man I can tell handsome men, and some being more handsome than me and can also tell an ugly man. The same, I can tell a beautiful lady and an ugly lady.

As much as people may not like to admit it, beautiful people and handsome people are attractive and due to that they easily get noticed. They have a better chance of climbing the corporate ladder due to the attraction they induce toward themselves. A beautiful lady who is also well dressed also stands at a better position of winning an interview than an average looking lady.
The war of being attractive though seems to be more intense among ladies than among men. The real power of a woman in this modern world is her beauty and that is the bitter truth.
For a man, Money does. This is a topic for another day.
Handsome men on the other hand also have more confidence in themselves since they know that they have the ability to attract attention by their mere looks, before they even start talking.
Being beautiful, however calls for a sacrifice.  To maintain those wonderful curves entails work out in the gym for at least twice per week, or being physically active in order to maintain a good physical outlook. Also a lady must budget for her upkeep probably as in the following areas:-
  1. Hair must be well done
  2. Nails must be polished and well trimmed
  3. A host of beauty products like creams, deodorants, sprays etc
  4. Proper diet
  5. Attractive clothes
  6. Attractive shoes etc
With ladies the war of being beautiful seems a bit tougher than the one for men.
Whereas a man will have a hair cut for about a minimum of Kshs 50 and a maximum of Kshs 1000, depending on where he gets his cut, a lady may cough as much as Kshs 12000 for hair alone. For a man to maintain a good look though, gym is very much necessary and that calls for sacrificing a little of your time, money for the gym, diet intake to cater for the energy needed to hit the gym, money for good clothing e.g. clothes, shoes, etc. Deodorants, sprays, creams are also becoming more and more popular with men.
So as much as we would wish to be beautiful and handsome, it has to be an occupation in itself to be like that. I know of ladies who even run into debts for having budgets which are way above their means for maintain beauty alone.
But come to think of it. Being beautiful and handsome has a pay off as follows:-

  1. You get easily noticed by the opposite sex hence you stand at a better chance of getting a date than an average looking person.
  2. When you are at an interview, you have a higher chance of getting hired since your physical outlook is a noticeable attraction to the potential employer at first glance. Well some psychologists even say that beautiful and handsome people are more intelligent.
  3. When you are bargaining for anything, your physical presence can do much for you more so if it intimidates the other party. I know of girls who really use their beauty to get what they want, without even getting sexual in any way. Same for men, handsome muscular men easily convinces a group of people than a frail looking man. Bitter truth. Huh!!
  4. For careers which involves actual contacts with customers, beautiful and handsome people tend to sell more than those who are average looking since even before they speak of the products they are offering, their physical presence is enough to attract people to them. Among others.

Granted, being beautiful or handsome can take you places. But as much as that is, being intelligent really counts more than that but imagine someone who is endowed with physical attractiveness, is intelligent, has charisma and is a good public speaker e.g. Barrack Obama the President of USA. Oh! Yes the man is handsome!

  1. Make it a point of being healthy by eating well balanced food and drinking enough water and avoiding harmful intakes like alcohol over-consumption, smoking etc
  2. Maintain a nice physical outlook by being physically attractive or working out in the gym.
  3. Invest on proper and attractive clothes and shoes, decent wears as well as casual wears. Be creative in what you wear.
  4. Mask bodily odors through sprays, deodorants, creams etc
  5. Men, avoid pot-bellies, they are no longer fashionable in the third world.
  6. Women, avoid getting fat, it is no longer fashionable to get fat.
  7. Etc

The bitter truth may as well be, the less physically attractive you are, the less influential you may be despite being as talented as you may be. But to be a complete human, beauty alone is just a drop in the ocean.

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