Friday, 21 September 2012


Love and Money
Waswahili husema, “Mkono mtupu haulambwi”, that is, “An empty hand cannot be licked.” And of course this means money.

People have this very popular consoling saying that money cannot buy love. But I think otherwise and I stand to be corrected. Romance to begin with has so many ways of exploiting someone financially and romantic love cannot flourish without some amount of money to make it survive. There are so many ways of expressing love to your beloved person and I will just list a few.
  1. Taking your lover to a dinner in a silent place where you can enjoy being together.
  2. Taking your lover by the sea shore and just sit there admiring the smooth flap of water caressing your bare feet.
  3. Going to a park and enjoy some of the breath taking scenes which we never get in our daily lives.
  4. Going for a boat ride just to enjoy the romantic view of the ocean as it seems to hug the sky.
  5. Travelling to a destination which none of you has ever gone.
  6. Going to Masai Mara to enjoy the view of wild beasts migrating.
  7. Visiting historical sites to enjoy the rich heritage of our world in general thus reminding you where civilization came from.
  8. Buying your lover that item that you know it will be a surprise to just see it e.g. A bouquet of flowers with Her name inscribed in it. 
Well, to those highly adventurous, there are some for you e.g. Sky diving, rock climbing, game hunting, deep sea diving etc.
To those who you love like your relatives and friends, there are always those things which depend on money that will express love. Imagine the following scenarios:-

  1. A friend is in a financial fix and there is no way out for His situation.
  2. Travelling to the shags to visit your relative or friend during holiday.
  3. Etc
Also imagine that your spouse is sick and you have to take Him/her to hospital and, well? There is no Money but there is love. You are married or co-habiting, and you have to eat, pay bills monthly, travel to various places of work daily, call each other regularly to just say, “I love you.”. How on earth can you do all this without money? We cannot eat love, we cannot sleep on love, but on a bead bought by money, we cannot pay bills with love but with money.
If a girl is in a dilemma of who loves me most, then one of the guys courting her, Guy A, happens to have money to sort her bills, bus fares, air time top ups, can afford to take her on outings, and whenever she is in a financial fix the guy can sort that. Guy B tells her how much he loves her and she know too that guy B loves her but does not have the financial capability of meeting her needs. Among the two guys who stands at a better chance of winning her over? Well you guessed right.
A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. Ecclesiastes 10:19 These are words from a wise man of Biblical times. No matter what we do in this world, we have to have some money to see us through.
There are so many things that add to our comfort in this life that involve money e.g.
  1.        Good house for providing you with shelter
  2.        Food to keep us alive
  3.       Clothes that protect us from different environmental effects, e.g. cold
  4.       Nice car for travelling
  5.        Good phone for communication purposes

The problem with our modern world is the fact that people magnify the love of money to an extent that true love gets dwarfed. Some ladies have the tendency of hanging on in a relationship due to the money factor in it; some friend will also be your friends as long as you have money. Many ladies overstretch the idea of money and love. Consider this personal example; there is lady who I was taking on an outing. I happened to be caught in a traffic jam and she got a bit furious and told me she will get in a hotel and have a drink then I will foot the bill. I told her it is ok. When I arrived there, I was surprised to know that a cup of tea costs Kshs 125…the rest I would rather not talk about. But when I footed the bill, the girl retorted,” You are such a lovely guy; I could not imagine you will foot that”. Well, Love and money playing simultaneous roles at the same time.  But all the same the blame on love of money can also be placed upon men, if not then the sugar mommy word would not be in our modern dictionary.
 Such friends, believe me, once the money is gone, they are gone too. The best way to know your real friends is by those who will stick with you even when you are financially down.
But in the mean time, let us live with the bitter fact that without money, there are so many things that we will not enjoy in this life.

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