Thursday, 20 September 2012


With this era of technology, people have been able to be what “they are not”. In facebook we have people who check in expensive places while in reality they are in Korogocho or mukuru kwa njenga slum.
 With the knowledge of photo editing, people on facebook, tagged, hi5, myspace, tweeter, 2go, okcupid  etc have the capability of appearing as very handsome or beautiful while in reality they look like zombies from planet unknown. With caricature software, it’s possible to make a woman or a man appear to be shapely while in reality they look like a rotten potato.
People also take photos in posh neighborhoods then claim to be in their residence but in reality they belong to a totally different place. People also borrow cars, clothes and other wares just to make them seem wealthy.
On facebook, people also write they have been in big schools e.g. USIU, work in wonderful places e.g. JKIA, doing great jobs e.g. ICT Manager, live in wonderful neighborhood e.g. Muthaiga, but in reality they are just lying.
Also the online sites that we have people through their status updates are capable of portraying a really false picture of who they are in reality. Just avoid judging people online unless you have met them offline.
What I am advising you as you read this is:-
1.       NEVER judge someone basing on what you see on an online site, the best way to know a person is through face to face meeting.
2.       When meeting a stranger, make sure you know Him/Her very well probably through phone communication, NEVER make an assumption that the person is good or bad.
3.       Give your contact details to someone bearing in mind you are fully responsible for any use or misuse of your number.
4.       Before meeting someone for the first time, ALWAYS insist on seeing a full size photo of the person you are about to meet.
5.       Meet in a public place where you can see everyone on sight. I do not need to explain this.
6.       ALWAYS carry enough money to take care of yourself, and it’s advisable to just let your best friend know where you are going and why. Make sure your phone is well loaded with air time and well charged.
7.       For the first day of meeting, it may be advisable to avoid going to private residential areas or boarding private vans. On this one, just trust your own guts. (Personally, I believe in myself in many ways and I do not fear being in a compromising situation with even strangers).
8.       If it does not feel all right and ok, it probably isn’t. TRUST in yourself.
9.       Add any other point that you feel has been left out as a comment.
Who is willing to share a personal experience of ever meeting someone from a social media? I have got both sweet and sour stories to tell. Have a nice day.

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