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The December holidays are here with us again and everyone in the society knows what that means. Whenever December arrives, there is much anticipation on my part about everything ranging from the best of moments to the worst. So many things happen, some with everlasting wonderful effect upon our lives while others with perpetual devastating effect. I do love as well as hate December holidays with passion. Why? I can hear you asking. Then read on.


Family Reunions

For most people, this is the only time we get to be re-united with our families.  People meet relatives they have not seen for quiet sometime or a long time. Many people organize family get-together at this season since they anticipate many people will be free and available. Also many people travel to “ocha, ushagoo, shagz” [upcountry] at this time and they meet their relatives whom they have not seen for a long time. At times we even meet some new born relatives who call us uncles/aunts and we do not know them yet!

We get to see our old folks who do not seem as they would like to move away from the village for their own reasons. During this time, we are thrilled by the idea of rediscovering the ties we had with those we are related before we forget them altogether [and probably end up marrying our step-sisters/brothers, cousins since we did not know them in good time!]

Friends’ Reunions

Friends are also not left out in the re-unions. When we go to the village (for those who really goes), we get to meet our childhood friends who are still living in the rural areas or probably travelling to the rural area too. Some were schoolmates, childhood friends, etc. Here we get to know of each other whereabouts, what happened to who, their fortunes and misfortunes in life, who has married who, who is still single and searching, etc. The joy is marked in our faces when we meet those who we really cherished during our childhoods and we parted due to life’s ups and downs. Who do you wish to meet this holiday?

Parties and Parties

During December holiday, there are so many parties marked by myriad occasions e.g. wedding, graduations since many people finish school at this time, initiation ceremonies for those cultures still practicing the rite of passage,[ Mburi ya Kiama], Kikuyu for a rite of passage from being a boy to a responsible man in the community, family get together party, etc. There is joy and music crowning the events. Others dance till they drop down with tiredness. We drink what we desire and we eat to our fill rare foods. We are free with the world and our surrounding and we mix with many people who we do not normally have around. We get to explore the heights and depths of our joy and to many this is the only time during the year when they are stress free. Make maximum use of your holiday.  King Solomon once said, “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. Ecclesiastes 10:19 (King James Version (1769)” Be happy during this holiday.

Relationships and Love

During this time, we get to meet new people. We make new friends who may end up being friends for life. Also we get to meet new members of the opposite sex who we may develop romantic feelings for; it is an opportunity to hook up with a lover who eventually may end up being your spouse. Also at this time we do buy so many gifts for the ones we love and this enhances the love even more. If you really wish to win someone’s heart, the best ways are through gifts. “A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. Proverbs 18:16 (King James Version (1769)”

For some, it is time to make up for the past. Those who had broken relationships and marriages due to the thrill of holidays may make up during this time and bury the hatchet.  Many people do indeed forgive at this time and forget the past. Grudges are forgotten between some people who may meet and drink a beer over the matter and let it be buried behind the curtain of passing time. Many people hate the idea of celebrating in a bad mood and that is why they choose to forgive others. Enhance your Love and relationships during this month.

Gifts from people

“A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. Proverbs 18:16”, Said King Solomon in his immense wisdom. This is a time of giving and receiving gifts. At times we do get gifts we never thought of from people we least expect. A gift endears you to the recipient and it is also a way of enhancing interpersonal relationships with these people. It may be as simple as a card or as complex as a car. It all depends with your income, capabilities and willingness. Just give someone a gift this holiday and enhance your relationship with him/her. It is for your own good.


During this time we get to travel to places we ever wanted. Many people visit destinations of their choice and affordability and enjoy the beautiful breathtaking sceneries of Mother Nature. People from up country visit coastal regions for the first time just to see Indian Ocean and swim. Others visit parks and game reserves, historical sites, cultural sites etc. We get to learn a lot during the times of travel and if we can afford to have a photo in this places the better for us. Swahili people say, “Kutembea kwingi ni kujua mengi”. Means to travel a lot is to know a lot. Need I say more?

Business boom

Click to Enlarge..........Wishing you happy Holidays
For those who are in the travel and tourism industry, this is a time to make good money. Also those selling items like Cameras, shoes, clothes, food stuffs etc they know that during this time business doubles. For those offering services like photography also know the joy of serving their customers during December Holiday.

Religion and worship

I would be so unfair not to mention the fact that during this time many people feel closer to God due to celebrating the Birthday of Jesus Christ on 25th December every year. Christmas carols are sung all over. Holy aura fills our churches and homes and also during this time some people dedicate their lives to Christ as a New Year resolution or due to feeling grateful to God for enabling them sail the year without major problems. Christians all over the world unite to celebrate the most popular day in Christendom and we temporarily forget our denominational differences.

Other religions also get caught up with the tide due to the magnitude of the day, even the Muslim and Hindu worlds also observe the day either directly or indirectly.

What other reasons do you have for loving December Holidays?



During this time many people tend to over spend and live beyond their means. A lot of money that could be used for other important activities goes to waste in the name of enjoying and by the end of December, many will be as broke as a church mouse. We drink a lot, we become gluttons, and we wear expensively and go to places where we normally do not go. We buy expensive gifts to please others. As we do all these remember some people in this world do not have anything to eat, have nothing to drink, have no homes and are destitute. Please remember such in your holiday. Help the poor and disabled in the society and this way God will bless you even more.


Why should you wait to show your love to me for a whole damn year by buying me a gift during this holiday? Why should you visit the unfortunate in the society during this time and pretend to care for them were they not people during the other months? Why do you suddenly fall in love with me during this time [and probably we are drunk], were I not beautiful/handsome during the other times? Also some at this time pretend to be so holy, go to churches often, praise God so many times, become artificially generous to many people and also “get saved”. It is called festivity syndrome.

Social Immorality

During this time, many people over indulge to an extent of getting loose. They let go their manners, engage in loose sexual activities. It is during this time many people break their virginity, get pregnant [wanted or unwanted]; get venereal diseases and HIV/AIDS. People engage in so many evil activities all in the name of enjoying their holiday that they later regret and feel sorry for them. Better safe than sorry.

During this time, many people are rapped or get sexually molested. Many others are mugged, beaten or even killed. Thugs take advantage of the fact that many are carefree during this time and do harm to them including stealing from them. It is during this time many people taste alcohol for their first time.


As many people are travelling, the Matatu operators in their bid to maximize profits tend to over speed and this endangers so many lives. Also those with personal vehicles are not spared either as they at times drive when drunk, in a hurry or simply are not well experienced on the road and since they are free, the go to practice on our roads (unfortunately, some for their last time). So many people die on our roads while travelling to and from their various destinations. Just observe safety on the road during this festive season. We still need you later on in life.

Perpetuating a Lie

The only instance in the bible where the 25th day of the twelfth month is mentioned is this, “And it came to pass in the seven and thirtieth year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, in the five and twentieth day of the month, that Evil–merodach king of Babylon in the first year of his reign lifted up the head of Jehoiachin king of Judah, and brought him forth out of prison, Jeremiah 52:31 (King James Version (1769) “ Nothing else is said about the day in the bible. So where did the idea that Jesus was born on 25th December come from?

First, let’s look at December 25. The first record of December 25 being Jesus’ birthday is found in the writings of Hyppolytus, who lived from 170-236 A.D. December 25 is also identified as Jesus’ birthday in the writings of John Chrysostom and Cyril of Jerusalem. There is good reason to be suspicious of December 25, however. The days immediately proceeding December 25 were the days on which the Romans celebrated Saturnalia, a festival for the Roman titan Saturn. Many believe that December 25 was chosen so that Christmas would replace Saturnalia. Some Christmas traditions do seem to be similar to aspects of the ancient Saturnalia celebration.
There is absolutely nothing in the Bible which indicates the day, or even time of year, that Jesus was born. Based on information given regarding the conception of John the Baptist (Luke 1), some Bible scholars believe the fall, September-October, would be a much more likely time for Jesus’ birth. Whatever the case, the key point is that the Bible does not say on what day Jesus was born. So, ultimately, December 25 is no more or less likely to be Jesus’ birthday as any other day of the year.

Second, in regards to Christmas traditions, it is absolutely true that Christmas trees, bells, candles, lights, holly, mistletoe, Santa Claus, reindeer, etc., etc., have nothing to do with what the Bible says about Jesus’ birth. Some of these traditions do have clear parallels in non-Christian religions and/or pagan origins. At the same time, none of these traditions are evil, sinful, or anti-Christian in and of themselves. If a person is bowing down to a Christmas tree and worshipping it, yes, obviously that is a sin. But, if a Christmas tree is simply a decoration, it is no more or less wrong than any other decoration. The determining factor in the rightness/wrongness of it is faith (Romans 14:23).

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The amount of evil things that happen during this festive season are so many even outweigh the good things and I cannot possibly cover all of them here but am left wondering, are we celebrating the birth of the Son of God or the son of Lucifer?

What other reasons do you have for hating December Holidays?

All in all am wishing you Happy and Wonderful Holidays.

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