Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Living in Harmony

There are people who in this world do not believe in living in harmony. This is due to many differences that includes tribal, cultural, financial and much more. The story that is told in the poem below is to serve to teach us how to live in harmony with those who we believe are different from us and thus unworthy to live with us. It is very important to learn to live in harmony with everyone in the society.
Living in Harmony 
Mr. Dog, Mr. Cat and meek Mr. Mouse
Together they live in one small house
Their friendship is greater that the sun shine
And to them life on earth is just very fine
Much as they so much love their dear wives
They love helping each other in their lives
Mr. Dog’s wife is nursing three puppies
And recently she bought numerous nappies
For Mrs. Cat’s kittens she gave her ten
For Mrs. Mouse who gave birth so often
She gave her two score and eight
And teased her, “Stop sexing every night”
Mr. Mouse went into his account to withdraw some money
On his way home, he bought a barrel of honey
On reaching home, Mrs. Cat joyfully welcomed him
He asked,” is everybody really in the farm?”
Mrs. Cat answered, “Yes they are all planting rice”
Mr. Mouse commented, “Wow! That is very nice”
Then he subdivided his honey into three equal parts
For his family, for dogs’ and for the cats
One kitten once became very ill
And this caused much sorrow to all
Amongst themselves they passed the hat round
They really wanted miss kitten to be sound
They had her admitted in a private hospital
But her tropical fever got much fatal
She got much worse and she finally died
They all mourned and they bitterly cried.
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