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Important People to Know and be in-touch in our WORK PLACES

Important People to Know and be in-touch in our WORK PLACES
Andrew’s phone rings on Monday morning and he reaches for it. At the other end is Jacqueline, a Company’s secretary who works at one of the regional centers of the company. “How do I switch on this new Epson Scanner and how is it operated? I have tried everything in the manual but do not seem to get things right.” Andrew being the company’s Information Technology Help Desk Personnel, this is an easy task for him.  “Make sure all the power cords are properly fixed, switch it on using the red button which is beneath the sticker marked EPSON INC, then……”. And we can be sure Andrew solved the secretary’s problem. Why am I giving you this scenario that is repeated almost every day in many work places in our society and in our careers? If you wish to know, then read on.

A modern work place. Maintaining proper relationships in work place is a good thing.

In a Company or an Organization, there are some key personnel whom I would advise you to have their phone numbers and maintain good relationship with them since they can bail you out with an advice that is so crucial to your work. According to my own experience, these personnel hold some key positions of importance not only to our companies but to our career lives. The list may vary according to your work and size of the company but all the same, they are important.

These are the people who keep the technology going in an organization. They are highly educated in computers and the related gadgets and it is their work to advice the company on the way forward in the ICT sector. Whenever a new gadget arrives in the market it is their duty to know how it works and the relevance of having it in the company ranging from hardware to software. Whenever Microsoft releases a new office suite, these guys are supposed to know how the company can benefit from it and how it is used. These guys never tires of reading and discovering in the ICT trend.
Whenever there is confusion in the market concerning ICT products and services, it is their duty to make things clear in their organization to avoid a scenario where the organization may be mislead by scrupulous marketers who are out to milk the organization money with nothing in return.  
Being in good terms with these guys can be of help to you and your career in general towards making you ICT literate (Refer to the article Why you should become ICT literate), and in return your career will benefit from the ICT trends in our modern society.

These are the financial advisers of the organization. Their work range from preparing budgets and financial forecasts for the organization to ensuring that we get paid in time after our one month hard work for the company.  They are the ones who will advice you on the relevance of some of the things we think that they  are only out to make our salaries less e.g. NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, Tax returns, SACCO deductions, etc depending on your company.
Whenever there is an issue involving you, your money and in relation to the company’s remuneration schemes, these are the guys to easily reach out so that our problem can be resolved before we think of moving to a higher level. Do you know, they can also sort you out on your personal financial problems if you have good relationship with them? E.g. advising you in an investment plan.

Normally these people are the eyes of the management on matters relating to the company e.g. maintaining employees’ records and files. They also correspond for the organization at times.
Whenever there is an issue with your details as an employee, these are the people who are in a better position to assist you before moving on to a higher authority. This may be your name as it appears in company records. Also whenever there is some message that is being passed from the management to the rest of the people, often times the secretaries are the one who types it with the computer and thus are in a better position to disseminate information to the other employees. These are the people who can help you to avoid getting into trouble with the management over misinformation on some facts involving your work as they also store job descriptions for the organization and related documentations.

Often they are in charge of moving goods, services and people from one location to another for the company. Imagine being stuck on your job due to lack of transport. Even though they work under authority, having a good relationship with the driver can save you time with your job if it involves moving from one place to another.
They can also deliver for you a message or a product that you intend to send to another far work station. Should you need something fetched for you from the various work stations that is far, calling the company driver(s) who may happen to be plying that route can save you time by having Him/her deliver the product for you if he/she has time. Who knows, they can also offer you a lift to various work stations?

Be it either store, medical, IT, etc it is good to be in touch with all departmental leads in your organization since they are the ones who can assist you on matters relating to the department or have someone who can sort you out with your problem relating to the department.  Be in good terms with all the leads, have their phone numbers and make good use of them. This will enhance your career and will make you a complete employee in all areas that you require.

This is the top most people within the organization. At the ultimate level, it is good to be in good terms with these people. Under extreme circumstances, they will sort you out where authority is really required. At times we are not in a position to command certain employees but with authority from above, we can easily get tasks at hand done.
We rely to them for decisions involving long term plans for our career in the organization. If there is something going wrong and we are at serious loggerheads with fellow employees, these are the ones who can solve the issues and bring everything to level, with authority too. This apply to their assistants e.g. assistant Manager.

This is the most important person in your work place, comrade. Have someone who you can share work related secrets, who can help you out in case none is willing or available to help you. This person is a confidant and both of you have something in common. You trust each other and know much about each other. This is the person to call and share your deepest work related fears, worries and will often times advice you on what to do. This person need not be in any influential position within the organization.

All in all, have a good relationship with as many people as possible in your work place. At times work related politics do divide us. That is normal. But do not let work politics get so much into your nerves as to hinder your performance in your job. Develop a mechanism to defend yourself when under attack from fellow colleagues in work related politics. Be in good terms with all colleagues (Refer to my article Getting and developing an Innovative mind on the point NICE).
Some people are also difficult to deal with (Refer to DIFFICULT PEOPLE IN WORK PLACES), so in your dealing with colleagues, just be sure you are dealing with them in the right manner as per who they are.
Have a nice day.


Anthony Kiarie Kihara 
Data Manager 
Mombasa Community Based Home Care

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