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8 types of MEN that WOMEN HATE most

 It may seem unacceptable, bu­t it is the untitled and untainted truth. These key points have been tested by time and experience.
There are those type of men who women hate most, you will discover that women do not necessarily despise a man due to his physical attributes like men do, but mostly out of character. This translates to the fact that a lady will love head over heels with you due to your character mostly, physical attributes will contribute less to make you a man enough! With physique as long as you are taking care of your body and can perform your conjugal rights well, the rest is joy and peace in a relationship.

(1) Women hate Men who talk too much!

Any attempt to talk too much arouses a woman's contempt towards a man. It is believed that women do the "talks" while men do the "works." Nevertheless, however garrulous you are, there's a woman for you.

(2) Stern-looking Men/Serious men!
Every woman wants her husband/man to be charming even though she fears the risk of losing him to another woman. She prefers the reasonable competition with other women; after all, of what use is a man when he isn't the "every woman's dream"?
Those characters you see in movies that are ever serious and seem to win all ladies by their seriousness is just as the movie themselves: Fiction.

(3) "Big-GRAMMAR" Men
Constant experience has shown that most women are not fans of Big WORDS. It even irritates them more when the so-called "Big-Grammar" men do not have money to back up their big grammars. Just be simple and yourself. It all boils to confidence and self-esteem.

(4) Short men
  This is a factor that is entirely beyond your control, how tall you are or not is just natural and genetic but it is not a social defect as far as you got your knowledge, wisdom, skills, attitu­de and above all money. A woman is readily attracted to your money inspite of your shortness, but be careful, this isn't TRUE LOVE.

(5) Honest boyfriends/ ­dishonest husbands
Take a deep breath, now read this: I’m sure most Ladies would object to this but it is the bitter truth. Most ladies are naturally attracted to guys who lie (Ask Rihanna). Your woman is likely to love you for lying to her, provided those lies are to save your relationship, she might be hurt in the process, but the moment you arranged some sustainable back-up lies before her, you might be surprised to hear her say: "Am so sorry, Darling". ­

Some lies are so sweet that they are like candy, ladies can't afford to do away with them when they come handy. For instance, you dare not tell your woman that you are squatting with a friend, the love she has for you dies a natural death. Why do you think "players" have more beautiful Ladies than true lovers? On the other hand, as a married man, you can always lie to your wife only when you are completely sure you are ready for a divorce. That will be certainly granted on the grounds of cheat. So, it shouldn't bother you since you are ready for a divorce. Keep on lying bro!

(6) Insolvent Men
The underlying concept here is the question of: "who foots the bills?" So, You become the boss when it comes to spending money. This is peculiar to average African women, They have the ability to find out how much you've got even without looking at your pocket. What readily comes to their minds is: we need money to finance a working or rejuvenate a dead relationship. Conversely, this ­ isn't the same for some women as they prefer to do the spending, but as a man, you will be made to kowtow to stupor. What are you thinking, my friend? Would you rather be at the mercies of your woman? The choice is yours to make.

(7) Nagging Men/ Women Punchers
I have decided to put these points side-by-side because both complement each other. A man is likely to nag and cry his eyes out when he sees himself as being helpless in his relationship. So­, brothers, please ­ be the men in your relationships, I ­ urge you all. Do not lose your sang froid, no matter what. When you and your woman cry like crybabies during difficult times,who then is the MAN? But for the "Mike Tysons", brother ­s don't have time to nag (Ladies beware),if you upset them, you get a punch on your face.

Again, no matter how wicked some "women punchers" may be, some women still prefer them that way. Reason being that most of them are insane, and need those punches to restore their sanities. You hear them say:" I like it when my man beats me, it is romantic", what a world of confusion? Dear brother Mike Tyson, please be sure to die for your woman because she sees you as bodyguard, If you dare to exhibit your punching skills on a man stronger than you in the club, be sure to die before 5 minutes.

(8) Stingy Men
Ladies frown at men who have these ill qualities. At first, they believe that maybe you are just testing their patience, but the moment they notice any foul play, you are in trouble. Stingy brothers are highly economical (that­'s for genuinely stingy brothers). Ladies have coined an adage for stingy brothers(men), it says thus: " one woman's stingy man is another woman's ATM". So, brothers, don ­'t let ladies kidnap you!


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