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The 8 MOST POPULAR LIES amongst Lovers

People in a love relationship always wish to be trusted by their lover that they are saying the truth, but there are some things that many prefer to lie about. I also know that there are some things when asked by your lover, you would rather lie rather than say the truth that will make your lover insecure, mistrust you, misunderstand you or worse, leave you and you know what that means.
Is there some information that we can safely withhold from our lovers for the sake of maintaining the relationship? What are the implications of saying the truth or lying? Are you ready to face and live with the consequences of the truth? When is the right time to reveal such information? This is up to you.
These are the most popular lies that many lovers tell to their lovers depending on the amount of trust that they share. It is worth noting that some people say the plain truth which may pass out as a lie or may help to solidify the trust in a relationship. Read on…

ONE: Number of Sexual partners before you!
This is the most popular lie ever told by lovers to lovers. When asked the number of sexual partners she/he had before you, chances are high that the answer is a lie. Many fear telling the truth since it will make them appear morally loose, as womanizers, cheap or for whatever reason. The number you give is either a round of to the nearest number acceptable to him/her or a big lie. Women are notorious in making it appear like you are just the second/third man or worse, they are virgins! [There is virginity soap remember] while men would love to brag having laid several women while in reality the number is smaller. Chances are high though that the woman will tell the truth than a man. 
Two Lovers.

TWO: “It was great!” {Sex}…. (WOMEN)
Blame it on men who do not know how to read a woman’s body language when making love but women are notorious in telling their men that they are satisfied with their performance while in reality it is pathetic and unsatisfactory! A woman will tell her man that his sexual performance is good just to “satisfy” his ego and maintain the relationship. The reality however is that many women wished that their man would be better. This is made worse by the fact that most men mostly concentrate on their own physical gratification in total disregard of a woman’s feelings.

THREE: Just a friend!
Both men and women are guilty on this. There is that friend who she/he is so close to, they have been seeing each other even before you came into his/her life. When they meet they pet-play each other, wink to each other, hug each other in your presence and….but they are “just friends”. Chances are high that they are more than friends; if you find yourself in this awkward situation, be your own CID and investigate, your discovery may nullify your suspicion of shock you to the bone!
Is there a strange person answering their phone? Sleeping on their couch? Spending late nights with your lover? They probably are a “friend”… but one who they also occasionally sleep with. People tell this lie because they want to get the most they possibly can out of all the opposite sex encounters. The “friend” is not good enough to be a partner… but they don’t want to end things completely in case things don’t work out with you. He/she is there for security reasons. Know what I mean?

FOUR: He is my uncle/Cousin etc
Ladies, are smarter than men on this, why lie? There is that uncle or cousin of hers that lives in “Lavington, Nyali etc” who she visits every weekend and sometimes has an excuse to visit him which you always believe. He is so supportive to her even financially. Some bold ladies will even introduce you to him to reassure you! Brother, not unless you are sure of the claim, chances are he is her sugar daddy or another lover! How well do you know her relatives? Ask yourself.
Same case applies to men who have those mysterious unties and cousins who are “so close!” to him and often enjoys his company occasionally. Well do you know that some people even engage in illicit sexual relationships with relatives?

FIVE: “Me and my Ex we are just friends”…
His / her ex is still great friends and they regularly visit each other and his /her ex has no problem of the fact that you are now with him or her. You also know his/her ex since they are also your friends. Are you in that situation? Just go ahead and conform your suspicion just to be sure they are just friends or they are still into each other and you are only enjoying a joy ride! In any case, such friendship is a danger signal to your relationship by all means. Ex’s are better left alone.

SIX: I will never cheat on you!
Many people lie on this one just to satisfy their lovers’ feelings and reassure her/him but does not necessarily mean they are saying the truth. White lies dominate relationships than plain truth. If he/she is always bragging of how she/he can never lie to you, chances are high that she/he is compensating on some dishonesty.
It is even worse if he once cheated on you and still reassuring you, “I will never do it again”.

SEVEN: I will never leave you…
I am sure even your current lover who happens not to be your first lover will go ahead and tell you this. But reality is different because how many have been told this phrase over and over again and are still single and searching? Statistics don’t lie, people do.
This also translates to the fact that many will hook up and tell you they will eventually marry you but once they mess with your life, they dump you. Men are notorious on this and ladies should take time to know: What are the real motives of that man who is seducing you?

EIGHT: “I am sorry, It won’t happen again”…
He/she cheats on you, trust me, she/he will tell you this one when you catch her/him red-handed. If you catch him/her and she/he tells you this one, you just have to trust, otherwise cheating is a behavioral pattern that rarely or never changes in someone’s character and to some the more they try to be faithful the worse it gets due to the sense of resisting the temptation.

Besides, on matters of sex, ladies do not just trust a man’s sexual prowess that he keeps on telling you before he actually get you, many men lie on this to capture your attention and get you into bed. Many ladies have always ended up being disappointed through this after discovering the promise of heaven was merely an exaggeration. Same case applies to women but women rarely brag on this, chances are always higher that a woman who is confident enough to tell you the truth about her sexual prowess before you date her she is saying the truth.
There are some gender specific lies not covered in this article. I however encourage you to be faithful to one lover for the sake of happiness and to avoid acquiring one the numerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases the worst currently being HIV/AIDS. Have a good day.
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