Tuesday, 3 April 2018


It did not take long to prepare my husband to leave as he was to leave very early to avoid being caught up in the traffic jam in the morning rush hour.
“Kiss me good bye.” I told my husband on his way out.
“Oh! I am in a hurry.” My husband told me as he stood on the door on his way out.
“All right, go well.” I told him.
He got outside, got into his car and rolled on his way towards the gate. Ken opened the gate for him and closed behind him.

I went to work that morning feeling a little confused not sure of what I really wanted. When I met Celestine in the morning, she was quick to notice that I was not quiet all right.
“My husband is becoming colder each day. He is so busy with his work he no longer cares about my feelings.” I told Celestine.

“That is what pushed me into having an affair. I was emotionally starved, I really wanted someone to talk to, to hold, to open up to, someone to comfort my feelings etc. I wish men would just understand that money is not everything in a relationship.” Celestine told me.
“I wish he had more time with me, or at least the little time he has with me he gives me all his attention. When he comes home, he just buries himself in his laptop, only talks to me when making a request. Even sex he only has it with me when he gets an erection and that leaves me wanting.” I told Celestine not sure if I was telling her too much.
Celestine looked at me for a whole. She seemed to be sizing up my hips for whatever reason. “A beautiful woman like you deserves some passion. Come on, let the old man look for money, you have someone to cater for that at least within your compound.” Celestine told me and winked. She seemed to approve of my desire for my shamba boy for the first time. It made my heart skip a beat.
The day progressed on well with little work to do save for the balancing of the cash books, producing a financial report and sending it to the boss, the rest of the time I spent it on Facebook chatting with some friends randomly catching up with some gossips here and there. I was in this popular Facebook group where women talked openly about their affairs and it seemed like it was the order of the day. Some stories were so juicy they seemed to fantasy or plain lies but they really made me curious until I began to comment on them just to see how the people will respond to them.
Most women did not seem bothered with the fact that they had affairs with their drivers, gym instructors, gym mates who they worked out with, watchmen and some even had more bizarre stores of having affairs with street boys! This seemed to give me courage with my desire for Ken who at least was not a street boy.
When evening came, I passed by the local shopping center to buy some few items and drove home slowly having some random thoughts. My husband had not called to tell me if he arrived to Mombasa safely but my phone which would give his location indicated that he was in Mombasa. I got home and found Ken cutting some grass for the cattle.
“Hi, Ken. “I greeted him as usual.
“Hi.” He replied.
“Do you mind coming in the evening?” I asked him immediately I parked my car. He looked at me as if weighing his answer before saying yes and continuing with his work.
When Ken came, it didn’t take me long to see that he was eager and had gained some confidence owing to the fact that I had spent some time with him in the house alone in the few previous days. He even wore more decently unlike how he used to wear. He was also livelier that evening.

Immediately after supper, I surprised him with a question, “Ken, have you ever had an HIV test?” I asked him.
“What for? I am clean.” He answered immediately with confidence.
“I want to test you.” I told him.
He looked at me surprised.
“Why? I fear that test.” He told me.
“I want to have you without a condom that is why I want to.” I told him. His face lit up and I could see some anxiety in his expression.
“All right, if you insist.” He told me.
It did not take long to test him since I had done it before I got married and I was so thrilled to see that he was HIV negative.
“Why don’t you accept to kiss me?” I asked him. I pointed to him a scene in the movie we were watching where a couple were kissing.
He looked at me for a while and said, “Isn’t it wrong to lick someone’s saliva?”
It occurred to me he might have never really kissed someone.
“Have you ever kissed a girl?” I asked Ken.
“Hmm, no. Not that where the lips get together but I have.” He told me. He sounded honest.
“Have you had sex before?” I asked him.
He laughed a little.” At my age, do you expect I had not had sex? I have.” He told me. Made me a little jealous of the girl he had it with. But at least it gave me hope he would know what to do with me.
“I want to kiss you.” I told him not sure how he would react. I felt a heat rush by just saying that.
He just looked at me smiling. I moved closer to him and began to get closer to his face with my face. He suddenly held me by my jawbone and pulled me towards him, planted an awkward kiss on my lips for a few seconds and released me immediately. I felt a sudden rush of desire all over my veins as I hoped he would do more but sensing that he was not comfortable with it, I just began to caress his chest just trying to make him feel comfortable with me. He also folded his arm around my waist as I lay on his broad chest caressing his hard abs and triceps. I was really enjoying the feeling of his hard muscles such that I did not realize he had began to unbutton my blouse.
Suddenly I felt his hand rest on my bra as he began to play with my boobs making me feel like a college girl who had just discovered that she has some feminine feeling hitherto she knew nothing of. The way Ken behaved with me made me feel like I was a school girl still exploring her bodily desires. It was a strange feeling which I could not remember feeling in a long time.
I began kissing his neck slowly and he responded by holding me even tighter. I then gently pushed him to lie on the long coach and I lay myself on top of his hard body lengthwise. It really melted me such that I let myself lay freely on top of him as he held me on his chest. He began caressing my bums under my skirt and slowly began to unzip it and within no time, I only had my underpants between my bums and his hands. I also began to undress him and this time he did not resist as the previous day and slowly by slowly I undressed him.
“Can we switch off the lights?” He asked.
“Are you afraid to be naked in front of me?” I asked him. He looked at me sheepishly like a young boy. I could see naivety and some innocence in his eyes. He was not as experienced sexually.
“Yes, I am a little afraid, you know…..” He cut short his sentence as he noticed my naked boobs facing him. I gasped as I beheld his surprised gaze like he really did not expect to see me like that. I had removed my own bra without his knowledge.
“All right, let me switch them off.” I told him and stood up to go and switch of the lights so as he would be comfortable with me, at least I knew it would make it a little better.
It is when I turned to face him just before I switched off the lights that I got to saw his erect organ directly facing me as he began to lower his trousers and what I saw made me suddenly hold my breath, made my whole-body shiver and made my legs suddenly feel weak.
>>To be continued>>

As narrated by Anthony Kerry, Story teller.

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  1. Hehe "what I saw made me suddenly hold my breath" ������ am loving Ken already.


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