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The modern society is recently facing a lot of security challenges arising from situations you could in some way consider as arising from hatred that cannot be accounted for. It is true that the society cannot do without this but you can reduce its proximity to you by fighting it as an individual. At the end, individual efforts put together may change a lot of things in the area of individual and national security. Your must know that you should beware of friends that you are not sure are friends. There is this saying that, “if there is anything that you must fear most, that thing is man.”

Who is an enemy?
1. An enemy is one that hates you.
2. An enemy is one that does not care about your feelings.
3. An enemy is one that does not share in your belief.
4. An enemy is one that is happy when you cry. Sadist at the best.
5. An enemy is one who feels satisfied when he is succeeding and you are not.
6. An enemy is a person that pretends to be a friend (obviously the worst enemy).
These listed characteristics may all exist as one in an individual but you may not see them all at the same time. However if you can see one, believe that the others are hiding somewhere down there.

Why you should deal with your enemy
  1.  Your enemy can be used against you. Sometimes your enemy may only be a person used against you maybe for money, though he may claim not to have anything against you as a person.
  2.  Your enemy can pursue you to kill. People kill for different reasons; whatever be the reasons, if a person does not value your live, he is an enemy.
  3.  Your enemy will destroy all your opportunities to proceed and grow. Sometimes you don’t know that someone is behind your failure. You come close to success and suddenly something happens and you lost it all. Think deep, you may see a masked face around.
  4. Your enemy will cut short your life span. Living in fear at all times or living in frustration as a result of failure caused by your enemies can affect your life span.
  5. Your enemy will make your life difficult and sad. He can do this by taking something that is dear to you: your property, your loved one, anything.

How to deal with enemies
  1. Let your enemy have anything he wants if you have it to give, even if he or she does not ask for it.
  2. Do not trust anyone.
  3. The heart of man is unpredictable. A person may come to you disguised as a friend only to know your secrets and find a way to harm you and use your secrets against you. If you believe that you cannot tell the intentions of man, then you will not be open at all time to everyone, especially new friends.
  4. Treat everyone the same.
  5. This is necessary, Chinua Achebe says in one of his books that “All lizards lay prostrate, how can you tell which one suffers stomach ache?” The people around you smile the same, frown the same and relate the same. You may not be able to tell which one is against you. So, if you treat all people equally with goodness, they may not accuse you for treating them differently.
  6. Do not fear your enemies.
  7. Try not to live in fear because of your enemies. And do not duel on the harm or destruction your enemy does. In that way, you will not be bordered about his actions. When you do not worry about a thing, it ceases to be a problem to you and your mind is settled. In other words, I should say, ignore the existence of your enemies.
  8. Don’t make any enemy.
  9. Do unto others what you want them to do to you. When you go to war, you either kill someone or you are killed. If everyone will make effort not to make enemies, the world will be free of violence and every form of crime. If you don’t keep enemies, someone out there too will make effort not to keep enemies, so there will be none for you to have.
  10. Love your enemies and be kind to them. If you can identify those who hate you, show them love and willingness to help them. In no time, they will become your true friends.
  11. Dealing with your enemies requires that you get rid of them. You do this by getting them off your back; by making them your friends. Maybe you should see them as the reason why you live.
  12. Bahati Bukuku, a renowned gospel singer says in one of her songs that some people will strive to get closer to you in order to have a vantage point of destroying you. This is true. Also try to keep your enemies, the ones you know closer to you as much as possible so that you will be able to monitor them and avoid their assaults perfectly.

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