Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Modern Women, What more can we expect?

With the modern society and the much that it demands, I can make a clear conclusion that  women are becoming more and more competitive in the society than men as many women are getting bolder, smarter, stronger, more intelligent, more empowered and.......as many men are getting left out. Women in our society has somewhat became like soldiers in a battlefront fighting for supremacy and dominance and that is enough to throw the many men in our society off balance. Just the other day while commuting to my work place, I just took the time to note that most personal cars I met along the way had female drivers who seemed too composed and focused, confident behind the wheel. Indeed women are driving the society top speed and very soon, the dominant gene may be our female counterparts.

Amongst the most notable parts that women have really undergone a real change unlike the past are:-

A Beautiful woman
ONE: Career Life
Women are nowadays scaling the heights of careers once thought to be male dominated. We have companies that are being headed by women as MDs, CEOs, GMs etc. Departmental heads with a woman on top is no longer new in our modern settings.
There are lots of jobs that were thought reserved as male domain e.g. Engineering, Driving PSVs, Security Officers etc but it is no longer anything unusual to see that women have embraced there too. The fact that women have been dominated by men for centuries makes modern women work with a lot of vigor and energy to be of much relevance in the modern career life. Just try and observe the number of ladies furthering their studies compared to men?

TWO: Bread Winners
I read in a newspaper that by the age of 45 years 60% of women in Kenya end up being single mothers due to various reasons. That should tell you one thing: They end up being the bread winners for their families. Moreover, gone are the days when married women would sit and wait for the man to bring food home but nowadays women too work equally hard to supplement their husbands effort to bring up a family. I also know of situations where the man in the house earns less or nothing while the woman is the sole provider for the family. 

THREE: Sexual Awareness
This by far attracted my interest when I read an article in a newspaper about how many men are nowadays turning to sex enhancement drugs that left the writer asking, "Have the women gotten sexually stronger than men, have they become too demanding or...."
Truth is, gone are the days when sexual domination was reserved to men. Female have risen above taboos and beliefs and have come to know that it is their right to get what they deserve sexually not as dictated by men. We have reached a point where women are more specific regarding sexual preferences and will not stoop too low as to get what is not satisfactory to them. Due to this awareness, men have been challenged to strive towards being the ideal of the modern sexually empowered women thus leaving them open to social scrutiny with regards to matters as intimate as sex. Just try to eavesdrop at women talking alone at e.g. a Saloon, you will perhaps get to know that women will soon be sexually stronger and more demanding than men if men don't do anything to enhance themselves.

FOUR: Social life
Often I do catch a group of ladies on a typical Friday evening in a bar, winding their day off and welcoming the weekend in their own style. Where in the past such gathering were common with men, nowadays women have embraced the same. Social drinking and hanging out, Nyama Chomas, Clubbing etc is no longer new with women in our society.
The intricate social groupings that is demonstrated by modern women shows the fact that their social skills have evolved into a state where it is as competitive as it is amongst men, or even more. Men are known to be good at showing off to their peers for dominance, but ladies are catching up pretty fast. Perhaps the Alpha male will be complemented by an Alpha Female very soon.

As much as women get more empowered, it is becoming evident that some women are going to the extreme of trying to convince the society that men are not necessary. The push for having anonymous sperm donors for women who wants to get a child without a present man, the push for stem cell technology for generating another offspring, advocacy for lesbianism type of marriages etc just shows how this has developed into a full scale movement. 

Where are our women headed to? I don't know but I can guess.

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