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The Romantic Office Saga : Part one

I was used to working alone in the office, being an IT admin, mostly am buried in a computer doing one thing or another. My office is a lonely one, rarely do people come to it unless they are in problem with their computer or anything related.
So, one Friday evening, I remained in office past working hours to do my usual back up after everyone had left.
I heard a soft knock at the door and I casually said, “come in”, expecting our watchman or gate man to come and perhaps tell me something like, “I can see you are working late, when about to leave come and alert me am closing the gate to the premises”.
But to my surprise, it was not our watchman, but Sally our tea girl.

Sally, was our quiet tea girl, she rarely talked to anyone. She was jovial all the same and always wore a smile as if wanting to tell you something. She was dark colored too and most of her attire matched her color skin, brown, grey to anything in that variations. She also had a nice shape though slim, and medium height.
Sally came in and said, “sorry, I know you did not expect me,….” She spoke as if she lacked what to say, I simply told her, “oh! Come in, have a seat, have you brought me some tea this late?” I asked her jokingly to which she replied, “no, something better than tea”.
I got a bit startled by that statement until I looked at her. She looked at me and smiled, while taking a seat without me inviting her to sit down. Damn! She was wearing a medium figure hugging skirt. Her loosely fitting top was almost transparent revealing her boobs outline and her nipples were clearly visible as her bras were extra thin.
My head began spinning. What does Sally want?
I pretended to continue doing my backups but to be honest, I could hardly concentrate. My heart was beating until I thought Sally could hear it. My palms began to break into soft sweat.
“Can I see what you are doing?” she asked, and without waiting for an answer, she had already stood up and covered the distance between her and where I was seated. She stood there as if keenly watching what am doing.
“Aw! You IT people are so lucky, your work is so simple, just clicking buttons here and there and your salary is waiting”. I wish Sally knew that some IT procedures are worse and more difficult than planning the national budget! But I just said, “Oh! Really, but you make our life sweeter here by making nice snacks for us”.
Time seemed to pass hazily, I could not really tell what I was doing but I just found myself caressing Sally’s hands, she did not resist, little by little, I was caressing her upper hands, all the way to her ribs. Sally eased herself and sat on the same seat with me, her hot thighs were pressing mine sending some heat waves to my groins. Her hands were so tender.
I undid her blouse to reveal some sharp nipples pressing on her bras. Her eyes were red and sleepy and our breathing was rapid and in unison. As if being controlled by a remote, Sally was on top of me seated facing me. I just found myself caressing her now revealed thighs as she caressed my chest and chin.
My Johnnie was on fire clearly outlined in my trousers. I undid her skirts and to my surprise she had nothing underneath. My hands just moved to feel some warm hairy outline in between her soft thighs! Damn! She was already wet and so willing….
I pulled her closer to me…and…… she began breathing in and out furiously as if she is from a race. Her eyes were now so red and watery, her lips were red with desire, all along my lips were trembling in anticipation of a kiss I had not gotten in a long time.
She undid my shirt to reveal my bare chest as she also removed her bra to expose the most erect nipples I have seen in recent times, so erect as if they could literally pierce someone.
OH! She really was on fire! Our bare bodies now touched and the reaction on both of us was electrifying as well as so arousing.
We looked at each other briefly, as if our eyes were communicating, she edged closer and our lips touched. Soft smooth lips for real. Slowly by slowly our lips began to interlock into each other deeper and deeper until were rocked in a full blown French kiss. I could feel her tongue pulsating as it touched mine with some warmth that was both exciting and arousing.
She reached for my trouser zip and undid it with ease as if she had rehearsed the whole act. With one jerking motion and my erect johnnie was all out pointing to the ceiling like a flag pole after the day of independence. She touched it and gasped, her gasp made me feel I could just hold her and devour her right away, but I was also enjoying the moment and I choose to absorb it slowly.
She got hold of it, and pointed it to her now wet hairy underneath. It felt so warm with my johnnie and when it made contact, my blood boiled and my heart was now beating like it will literally crack my ribs and escape outside.
I held her by her soft bums and pulled her closer to me even more. She held my johnnie and began making sweeping motions on her now wet hairy underneath, even without looking at it I could tell she had shaved like a week or several days before. The hair was still short and could from time to time prick me. She moved it across her mounts, her petals, her entire hood as if she is drawing circles and zigzags on herself down there. Damn! It felt so sweet. Sally really knew her moves, I imagined, we all say it is only women who enjoy foreplay, little did I know even men can also really enjoy foreplay to this magnitude. I wanted her to go on and on….
Then she eased he bums, as if readying herself for something. I could tell by her look and sly smile that she meant it. She rose a bit, held my johnnie, made some tapping motions on it, rocked it gently back and forth with her two fingers, gave it a gentle squeeze as if trying to milk it. Then held it motionless and I could as well predict her next move; I also so wanted her next move, anticipating the pleasure and passion that will come with it.
“So, this is why you always remain until late hours in the office…” I heard a voice which clearly wasn’t Sally’s. I looked straight ahead into where I thought the voice had come from only to come face to face with my boss standing at the half-opened door keenly looking at us. Her face was emotionless. Sally remained motionless holding my shoulders as if supporting herself from falling. Tears were already rolling on her eyes. Her face was a mixture of hatred and fear. I felt as if someone has poured cold water on me.
Damn! Am I dreaming or what? I thought. “Please see me in my office first thing tomorrow morning…”
My boss said and left. Sally could not look up, she began crying. I was torn between feeling sorry for myself or comforting her. She could not afford to look into my eyes.
“I am so sorry, I brought you all this trouble, I should never have come here. “She said amid soft sobs that even melted my heart further. All along, she was leaning on my shoulders. Tears drops were hitting my chest like some soft rain drops in a drizzling day.
I thought hard, what will my boss tell me? Will she fire me for this? Will Sally get fired or both of us? Will the rest of our colleagues get to know? A chain of questions with no answers.
Anyway, the damage is already done, what more did I stand to lose? I thought. As if Sally was also reading my thoughts, she did not stand up or bother moving. She continued holding me tightly.
Then what she did next surprised me to the bone. She reached for her handbag, I thought she wanted to remove a handkerchief and wipe her tears, but I was so mistaken.
She pulled a packet of Condom! She held it momentarily as if sizing it, then she looked at me and smiled while some tear drops run downwards her soft cheeks. “What is done is already done, if our boss will fire us, at least not for nothing!”, she said with confidence of a legal secretary not timidity of your usual tea girl.
She reached down to my now erect johnnie, undid the Condom and slipped it all the way to its base taking time to stroke and caress it. Damn! Sally was doing it so nice!
Then she eased herself on top of me and within no time, she pushed the tip of my johnnie deep into her warm honey pot, eased herself slowly until she was seated on me squarely. As it went deeper and deeper, she let out a loud prolonged moan while her eyes remained shut. She muffled something like, “Oh! Lord, how I have missed this…” I wished she knew I was on a dry spell of more than a year.
She held on to my shoulders, positioned her legs on the office floor and began riding me slowly like some cow boy on slow motion. Each time she rose she heavily breathed in and each time she lowered her hips she let out a prolonged moan. She would bend to kiss me occasionally, deep French kisses as if she wanted to swallow me alive.
It got to a point I could no longer contain myself, with one strong sweeping motion I grabbed her by her rounded ass and placed her on the table, her ass rested on the table spreading out as her legs too, she held on to me as if her life depended on it, all along I did not remove my hot rod from inside her, I took her legs and raised them up completely off the ground so that her under Neath would be perfectly revealed, I momentarily too sometime to admire her love garden down there well shaved with some hair of about one week, her cl!t was so erect it was literally pointing outwards.
With one sure but slow move, I eased myself in front of her and pushed myself into her until she let out a very loud prolonged moan, she could no longer hold at me, she let go off my shoulders and pushed herself to lie on the table. My eyes were now closed due to pleasure. Damn! Sally was such a wonderful woman. As I began pushing and pulling, going deeper and shallower, Sally got wilder and began gyrating her hips on the table edge and throwing her legs in the air. She then made a quick move to hold onto my hands as if to control my now full throttle motions inside her.
BANG! A loud crashing sound brought us back to our senses. My job I pad lay on the ground, screen completely shattered some pieces about 3 feet away from it. Sally had literally knocked it sending it crashing on the hard-concrete floor!... her body convulsed into continuous spasms of movements, moans and groans, and her honey pot opened a flood gate of clear fountain of fluids which splashed me all over my groins and abdomen as her honey pot sucked my johnnie with strong spasms literally milking me into a shattering climax that made my knees weak and I lost my balance such that I had to hold on to the table to avoid falling down.
After all that, she looked at me and said softly, “I will pay for the I-pad, it is my mistake”. I sure hoped she would.
We held each other feeling so peaceful as if we owned the world. After that we silently got dressed up. She took the I-pad, placed it in her handbag, we locked the office and off we went. The boss had already left. We slipped past the gate and into the darkness where along the way, Sally held my hands walking besides me as if she was protecting herself with my hand from the menacing darkness.
My mind had so many wild thoughts at this time. What was Sally thinking? What will our boss do to us?
We reached a point where we were to part ways as each of us heads home, but Sally stepped in front of me and looked at me in the dimply lit street. Her eyes were shinny. Some soft gentle breeze was blowing and some of her hair strands were swinging back and forth swayed by the wind. I thought she wanted to kiss me by how she was looking at me but instead she closed the distance between us and held me so tight until my ribs felt some ache. Her nipples pressed hard on my chest and her hands pulled me tightly towards her bosom. I also held her by her waist and returned the hug.
I don’t remember for how long we stood like that but Sally was the first to speak and said, “Please I want to go with you” Her voice was a mixture of begging and commanding which made my heart skip a bit as if I did not hear her properly. “Are you sure you want to go with me?” I asked. I did not have any specific plans for the evening it really did not matter to me anyway. “Yes, I want more of you tonight”.
I pushed her gently for about a foot. I looked into her eyes and I could see the seriousness in her. She lifted up her hands and caressed my chin for some seconds, slowly tracing a line downwards through my neck and resting on my mid chest. Sally was really seductive! She knew her game.
“I want you raw, not with rubber”. I said thinking that will put her off. But to my surprise she replied, “Can I suggest something for you my dear?” The word my dear hit me a raw nerve and made me gasp. “What? Ok, suggest”. Sally replied, “I had carried two HIV test kits with me, I want us to do some HIV test then we can proceed for the night”. One thing was sure, Sally was so bold. I just could not believe how such a simple tea girl seemed so informed, bold and forthright unlike most women. Since I did not want to seem as a coward, I said, “its ok”. I said and held her hand firmly and started walking with her towards the direction of where I stayed. “No, wait, I live closer to here, let us pass by my place. I want to freshen up then we can now go to your place”.
I swear, this was going so fast but I did not care anymore. Sally had such seductive moves I doubt any man would resist.
She jumped in front of me fast, laughed a bit throwing herself onto my chest before holding my chin and planting a quick kiss on my lips.
“Ok, Sally me dear, lead the way to your place…” I said. We began walking towards her place holding each others hands, stepping as if we were two teens in young love. I really loved the feeling. Sally was so playful as she walked, she would at times swing her hips and deliberately twist herself to hit my hipbone too…. I noticed despite her feminine frame her hips were so strong she could easily knock me off balance if am not steady enough.
True to her words, her place was not far, we walked for about 10 minutes and arrived sooner than I expected. She opened her door to usher me into a very neat clean bead seater.
Immediately I sat on the coach, she went straight to the gas cooker, made some quick chocolate drink for both of us and some snacks she told me she had bought in the morning. She then came to seat close to me, close enough our hips were touching. We just talked randomly as if all we wanted was the moment to pass faster to a better time between us.
After we were done drinking the chocolate drink, she went to her briefcase and pulled out something well sealed. “This is where I had placed our test kits”, she said with a rather flat tone. She came with them to where we were seated and asked me, “Do you know how to do the tests?” I told her no, and for sure I did not know.
She took charge and did it as if she had done it before, but I did not care my health was paramount than if she had other men who she tested. We anxiously waited for the test results and both of us were HIV negative. “After all, beautiful ladies like you do not have HIV” I told her smiling to which she smiled back, took the kits and disposed them in a dustbin close by.
Just as she sat down someone knocked at the door and she seemed surprised. Who could be visiting her at this time? I wondered. She went and opened the door casually. She told whoever stood at the door, “come in”, and in entered a tall lean dark man wearing some baggy T shirt and jeans. My mind raced. I have heard of men whose teeth have been knocked off upon finding themselves in another man’s territory and that was the last thing I would have wanted.
“This is Jose, our care taker in this plot he loves coming in the Friday evenings to check on us and pick his weekly dues from keeping our compound and plot clean”, Jose extended his hand and gave me a firm handshake, “Hi brother”. He was a towering dude clearly taller than me, but knowing he had nothing to do with Sally beyond being a plot care taker gave me some comfort.
Fast forward, Sally freshened and we headed to my place. I opened my door and welcomed her to my house, held her by her waist and led her to seat on the coach as I headed to the bedroom to place some files I was carrying. “Let me cook some supper for us”, Sally volunteered while standing up and heading for the kitchen. She was so confident as if she knew my place better than me. I followed her to the kitchen and helped her with a few things.  She prepared some meat stew as I volunteered to prepare the Ugali and carrying the food to the table. I also prepared some “natural viagra” (mixing lemon and melon, and grinding them together) since I really wanted a passionate night.
We playfully ate together, at times picking some meat and feeding each other, laughing at the fun we were making at each other. We finished eating so fast since I was hungry though and I headed for the bathroom as Sally went to do the dishes.
As I was finishing bathing, Sally knocked at the bathroom door. I opened and she stepped in wearing a shiny pink bathrobe. Before I even thought of what to say, she unwrapped her bathrobe and gosh! She had nothing inside. Her nipples were pointing straight at me as she stood in front of me facing me. “Surprised?” she asked and I said, “Yes, sweet surprise” I told her pulling her closer to me to hug my naked wet body.
We began some role play: bathing each other in unison. I took some soap, smeared her all over her body taking time to caress her with the smoothness of the soap all over her body as she did the same to me. Our breathing began to fasten and her pupils were dilating. We rocked each other’s body in a soft embrace sliding into each other’s bodies facilitated by the smoothness of the soap all over our hot bodies. Caressing her bums with smooth hands felt so nice and she arched her back as if to let her buttocks protrude more. She caressed my chest smoothly too downwards all the way to my abdomen until she reached my now hard johnnie and caressed it with smooth wet soapy hands which made my knees go completely weak I nearly lost my footing. Damn! That was so overwhelming and passionate, she noticed and stopped, looked at me and said, “Sorry, I do not want you to end it here…” she told me and pushed me under the shower where we rinsed our soapy bodies taking turns to pat each other and caress each other. She would stand under the shower and let water hit her breasts with her eyes closed, making them seem like horizontal fountains. An arousing sight to behold. I could see Sally was also curvaceous than she usually seemed in her usual simple attire….
>>To be continued>>

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