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That night I had an erotic dream such that when I woke up, I was completely wet and my entire body was pulsating with raw desire to have Ken in between my thighs making me feel ashamed of my own desires. I knew it was pure desire and nothing more even though it made me confused like I was falling in love once more like a teenage girl getting a crush with a handsome boy. The feeling made me feel like I was a teenage and aroused in me desires I had long thought were gone.

Even though Ken used to take a thermos of tea to his staff quarters, that morning he did not come for the tea at around 6 am. I was preparing to go to work around 7 am when he came and knocked.
“Oh! Good morning, Ken.” I greeted him casually.
“Good morning, Madam.” He answered with his deep voice that made my heart race.
“You did not come for your tea.” I told him.
“I woke up late and had to rush to the milk collection center.” He told me. I handed him his thermos. That morning he was wearing a thick sweater but had folded it in his arms and I could see his arms.

I gave him instructions on some work I wanted him to do before leaving for work.
I was working at a local branch of our Mavuno SACCO as an accountant.
I arrived at work at around 8:30 am, some minutes late. I was glad the boss had not yet arrived but I met my friend Celestine who had already arrived.
“Good morning, Grace. Wow! Today you look wonderful!” Celestine told me. I had worn a tight fitting brown mini dress. For some reason, I wanted to see if it will score some feelings to Ken and wanted to see if he will ogle at me more. My petite body seemed curvy under that little dress.
“Aw! Thank you!” I told Celestine.
“You seem like you have a date today…” Celestine complemented me further making me feel shy a bit.
“I wish I had, my husband is away, he is in Uganda.” I told Celestine.
“Then you have just worn like this to feel good or are you trying to score someone?” She asked jokingly.
“Come to my office, I can tell you more.” I told Celestine who followed me excitedly as if expecting some good news or juicy gossips.
“Ehe, tell me, what is new in your world?” Celestine asked me. I was so free with Celestine I did not waste time telling her what it was.
“My dear, it is my shamba boy. That young man is driving me crazy. Every time I am thinking about how I can get him. It is more than a month with my body burning with desire to have him. The boy is so handsome, masculine with nice physique makes me feel like he can really handle a woman nicely, but I just have no idea how to let him know. It is driving me crazy.” I told Celestine.
She remained silent for a while.
“Please don’t judge me, I am going through a lot and the lest I expect is for you to judge me…” I was telling Celestine when she cut me short.
“Oh! No, don’t worry I am a woman, been married for 15 years. I understand you.” She reassured me.

Awkward silence followed.
“So, what is your advice to me?” I asked Celestine.
“Would you wish me to tell you?” She asked sounding like a teacher. It scared me a little.
“Yes, tell me anything.” I told her.
She took in a deep breath.
“Grace, I am an older woman compared to you. I have been in such a situation. I admired my husband’s friend until I decided to get him. My husband was lousy in bed and did not care when I suggested for him to improve. So, I went ahead and seduced his best friend. But my case was different, the friend was within our social level so not much difficult. But, Grace, Shamba boy???! Aren’t you worried what that someone might know? Besides, he is too low for your class why can’t you get a man of your class?” Celestine asked me.
I pulled my chair to sit facing Celestine.
“My dear, you cannot understand. Not like I want a full-blown affair, no. I just want to have sex with him, nothing more.” I told her.
“But, imagine undressing for a younger man who is way below your class…” Celestine asked.
I thought for a while and started thinking perhaps I was fooling myself so much. But, I asked myself, isn’t he a man like the other men? What makes him a lesser man, just working in the Shamba? It did not make sense.
“Celestine, all I want is that young man. Perhaps after getting him for one day my desires shall be quenched. I just want to hold him, to kiss his lips, to feel myself in his strong arms, perhaps for him to lift me with his strong arms.” I told Celestine.
She laughed a little. “Oh! Yes, at least he will indeed lift you easily, you are petite unlike me who needs to join the gym soon and shed some kilos.” Celestine, who was a woman with a huge bust told me.
“But you look nice with your figure!” I told Celestine, trying to change the topic.
“Really? Thank you! But weighing almost 100 kg is not cool. There are so many things I cannot enjoy like my man can no longer lift me in his arms no matter how much he tries. I miss the romance where he would swing me around like a movie star.” Celestine told me. But that reminded me that was what I was also missing. My husband had gotten so fat and lazy he would not hold me anymore in the air hence making me desire for that young man.
“My husband has gotten so fat his banana is buried, he can no longer fuck me properly whenever he is on top of me his huge pot belly makes me tired, he sweats on top of me a lot like we are doing wrestling, it is disgusting.” I told Celestine. She laughed.
“Come on! You can tell him to go to the gym and work out.” Celestine told me.
“My man has a huge ego you would never tell him anything.” I told Celestine.
“But then you think the young man will compensate for that? I mean, what if you get caught? What if he falls in love with you? What if you also fall in love with him? Think about this a lot. Most guys whose jobs are physical are so energetic, he will burn out the passion in you but remember you are a woman, when someone ignites the passionate fires in you, you will end up falling in love, no doubt about it. My affair nearly tore my marriage apart. Be careful.” Celestine told me.
I laughed.
“All I want is sex, nothing more.” I told Celestine who laughed at me so hard making me wonder whether I said something funny.
“You know, you have never had an affair. I can really tell. Let me tell you, we women pretend like sex does not matter, but trust me, once you get fantastic sex from a man, you will go crazy for him. You will always think about him. You will begin to resent your husband and might end up falling in love with your other man. Unlike men whose affairs are always so physical, women end up being emotional and wrecks everything.” Celestine told me. She made me think of the possibilities of me falling in love with Ken.
“By the way, are you talking of the young man who came with you to the shops sometimes back to help you with packing some items in your car?” Celestine suddenly asked.
“Yes, that is him.” I told Celestine. She smiled and remained silent for a while.
“Why did you ask?” I asked Celestine.
“Damn! All right if it is him. I liked his energy. That one will tear you apart he seems really energetic.” Celestine said with a wink on her face.
“Come on! Did you admire him? Be honest…” I teased Celestine.
“Hmm, he is a Shamba boy…” Celestine said with a snide.
“Can’t we see him as a man not just a shamba boy?” I asked Celestine.
“See what am telling you? You are now becoming defensive with him.” Celestine told me and laughed.
“Not really, but I don’t like defining men with their job. He has a dick for heaven’s sake that is what makes him a man anyway…” I told Celestine with a smile on my face. She laughed.
“Anyway, sorry for that. But I think you had better gotten a man who ever if you are aver caught, there won’t be too much of a shame. But imagine people getting to know you are screwing your Shamba boy? Think about that.” Celestine told me.
“What was he, the man who you had an affair with?” I asked Celestine.
“He was a lecturer, in fact he was my lecturer when I was in college. So, we just got to hook up later when I got to know he was my husband’s friend.” Celestine told me.
“Was he good in bed?” I asked Celestine. That question seemed to catch her off guard.
“Well……not as good as I had expected. In fact, he was average, more or less like my own husband. The good thing is, he was caring, loving, he was connecting well with my emotions and feelings. Whenever we had a problem with my husband I would go to his place, cry on his shoulders, he would listen to everything I said and made me feel so appreciated. That is what made me fall for him, not sex per se.” Celestine told me.
“No wonder you don’t understand when I tell you am admiring my Shamba boy. Your affair was more emotional, for me my thing is just physical nothing more. I don’t need to have him sorting my emotional problems but physical problems.”
>>>To be continued>>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry.
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