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OFFICE ROMANCE: Be smart and informed (Part One)

*Imaginary Situation
Anthony has just been employed as the Systems Analyst at a local Travel and Tourism agency based in Mtwapa Township in Coast Province. Next to his office is the Company’s Help Desk Office where there is a score of young, beautiful customer care ladies who have such wonderful voices that could cast a spell upon any sane man who knows what it means for a lady to have such a melodious voice. Anthony soon gets attracted to the most charming lady among them called Annabel. The innocent office affair between the two catches momentum until the two becomes the latest grapevine in the office.

What Anthony did not know, to Annabel this was just her way of welcoming new male colleagues in the work place. She does the chasing and no one escapes her enchanting charms. And once the thrill of chasing is over, she will dump you as if nothing happened and move on to the next new hot male employee. Well, this is just an imaginary scenario of what might be happening in our modern office environments. It is called, Office Romance, which I am going to discuss in this article.

Office Romance can at times be so hot and intense that it can not only ruin our career, it can also have a devastating effect towards our reputation in a certain work place. Some people even choose to resign rather than live with the shame. 

Reasons why OFFICE ROMANCE develops so easily


It is worthy to remember that most of our time in this life is spent in work places. During this time we may get romantically attracted to our fellow employees. It is human nature to get attracted especially to those who we meet often and spend quality time together. Coincidentally, we may be placed to work with members of the opposite sex in same department and happen to be working alone! This is a perfect recipe for romantic attraction; it is human nature to get attracted. 


Just as in normal dating scene, office is not spared the thrill of chasing after a new catch. The modern work places due to socio-technological advancement, offers a perfect place to spot someone who is new to us due to aspects like: hardworking, smartness of brain and dressing, material wealth, charisma etc. People come to work dressed smartly, with classy phones, some people display their charms though unknowingly through public speaking, simple social interactions in work places etc and with these we are bound to get attracted to them especially if they are new to us.


For some, power is an aphrodisiac .The competitive nature of the modern work place may also push someone into having a romantic episode in the work place. A lady may get attracted to her boss who is the departmental head due to appearance of dominance and ability to control situations. Some leaders also use the opportunity to seduce their juniors who easily fall prey of their wits due to power, influence, fear of losing their job, pride of being associated with a powerful personality, etc

Middle and high level managers do indeed attract ladies from their financial power and security they exude due to their “big” salaries.


In work places, married people do not seem very married due to the close nature of office interactions and hence some married people do take this as an opportunity to engage in some office romance. For some people having a relationship with someone married is the better option as there are no many commitments involved. The adventurous nature of human being can make someone have a romantic affair with a colleague. 


Some people are in a stale marriage and relationships, and the only way to experience a readily available romantic affair is with a colleague. Work place romance tends to be so attractive to people who are in stale relationships and it seems as a fast escape from reality.


Work places are not spared of these types who are serial lovers. They aren’t happy unless they make regular conquests.  For them, the most rewarding part of a relationship is the thrill of the chase with victory at the end.  So they become very good at chasing.  These specialists at romance know how to flirt, flatter, charm, and entice, which makes them quite appealing.  Especially to those who don’t know their reputation.   


It is a common and a normal thing for companies nowadays to have dinner parties, vacations, sleep-over seminars etc. This opportunity to relax together offers a perfect opportunity for work-related romance to flourish. It is even worse where alcohol is involved. Close work relationships can easily get personal and romantic when an opportunity presents itself.


Someone who has been jilted recently can easily develop a work related relationship since the people he/she sees everyday are colleagues. A person who has been dumped recently will find it easily to fall into the temptation of filling the gap quickly and work places provides a plethora of possible and eligible partners. 

…..To be continued

How to Date professionally in an office environment
►Handling and dealing with Office romance through work policy

  • As an employer
  • As an Employee

►Advantages and Disadvantages of Office Romance to:-

  • Employee
  • Employer

All this in the article OFFICE ROMANCE: Be smart and informed (Part two)

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