Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Year 2013 is here with us and RESOLUTIONS TOO!!

It is a brand new year and many people are making their New Year resolutions as it is normal with many people in the society.  This year also being the year for elections in Kenya, it is a very decisive year with a lot of political suspense and anticipation on our part as we hope to usher in a new government with our votes, not forgetting that some people simply chose to be politically neutral and do not care which party wins as long as life goes on as they desire.
But there is this element that many people sing as a New Year anthem, resolutions. This is the determination to achieve something in a period of time. So what are some of the resolutions that people are making and how achievable are they? Let us see.

I saw many people make this resolution and am still wondering what makes them the beginning of a new year will have a magical formula for breaking from nicotine addiction. I think it is just ridiculous to think if it but all the same, some people have the determination to stop smoking at the beginning of new year and somehow, it works for them while others they only stop for sometime before the addiction comes knocking back with twice the urge to smoke. But to those who wish to top smoking, go ahead and do it.

Again some people will have booze to their fill on 31st Dec then think some magic can be applied for them to stop it altogether just the following day! Truth is, it never works this way for so many people. Some alcoholic drinks are so addictive and have such a hold upon the senses such that breaking from them so suddenly will throw your “normal” life off balance, so it is good to go slow on this one. But for those with the will power, they will face the challenge and alcohol addiction will be history to them sooner or later.

This is among some if the resolutions many people make but the failure rate in this is so high it makes me wonder whether people know what it means to make a resolution. Some people are nymphomaniacs and serial womanizers and breaking from this vice requires very strong will power. It is always a nice thing to have an HIV test before taking that drastic step and you will be sure of your health in the future and trust me, knowing you are HIV-ve can have a real positive impact towards achieving this resolution.

This is saving some of our income for the future. Some people are generous spenders and extravagant and do not save anything from their income. But some people it is simply due to reasons beyond their control e.g. too many responsibilities. Saving is one of the most difficult things for most people especially the low income earners.  One of the best ways to save money is to join a SACCO, open another account where you may have fixed deposits, join a chama for ladies and gents who can, or any other strategy. Forming a saving habit requires a lot of discipline and dedication as it involves some self-denial but it is a good habit.

Trust me, true love is a rare jewel which many people desire to have, and should you get someone who loves you, reciprocate the love. Many people who have attained the legal age for marriage desire to get someone to marry and no wonder it is among the list of proprieties for some people in the new year. But as you desire for love, are you lovable? Do you have the qualities of a good husband or wife? What are you looking in a wife/husband? Are you realistic? Trust me, searching in the wrong places will earn you the wrong person and a heart break later. So if you are searching, search in the right places and if you are in a relationship, dedicate more time and effort to it and eventually you will get what you want. Refer to the ABC of Relationships.

Dedicating your life to a religious cause is one of the most difficult things to achieve on earth and it is not a wonder many people don’t dare make this decision for fear of failure. But with through the help of God (Jehovah/ Allah), this is achievable. This requires more than simple human effort as faith is fundamental for this resolution. Every journey has a beginning of one single step, so just take that bold step towards what you wish for and pray to Jehovah/Allah/Jah and am sure you will make it. Read your Bible/Quran for guidance and pray more for spiritual direction.
It is so unfortunate though as many people get saved in a spar of moment due to new year euphoria only to fail after a few days. Take time to make this decision as it have eternal consequences upon your life.

This may be buying a house, a car, a shamba, a computer or anything. Before you make this resolution try and analyze the benefits of acquiring this property. Do a cost-benefit analysis and determine its worthiness in your life to avoid the “white elephant” type of a property. Acquiring something new is a sign of progress and I highly encourage people to buy assets especially ones that can be liquidated incase if you need some quick cash or can serve as a guarantee for a fast loan.

Having an admirable body is a desire for many people even if they do not tell it openly. Women have always wished to have shapely bodies and men wish to be more masculine. This year resolution may be to join a gym or a physical fitness class, lose some weight, gain some muscle, reduce the pot belly, and many more. Eating well should accompany this resolution and adhering to a proper lifestyle is important to have and maintain physical fitness. The key is to cut down on what does not help you physically and eat healthy food. Do a lot of exercises. Being healthy should come first then the rest will just fall into place automatically. You can also budget for your fitness e.g. fitness magazines, gym club etc, if you want it, it is worthwhile investing some time and effort for it.

This has always been among my resolutions every year. I know it is also true for so many people out there. Trust me; this does not have to spend any of your hard earned cash. Internet is full of lots of information and you can be your own coach towards achieving a new skill. But for some skills e.g. driving you will need to join a driving school or get a friend who knows how to drive coach you, as per your agreement between the two of you. Acquiring new skill is very essential to keeping pace with the very dynamic career world and maintaining your marketability. Some of the skills you can get so easily are the ICT skills and they will enhance your career life a lot. My point is: Gain a new skill this year at all cost!

There are so many resolutions for the year and there is no way I can explore all of them in this post. Each one of you knows what resolution you have. My advices are:-

  • Stay focused with whatever resolutions you have made.
  • Mark your progress in your resolutions to reassure yourself that you are making progress.
  • Dedicate more time and effort in your resolutions and accord them the necessary resources.
  • Avoid procrastinating anything that entail your resolutions as it will throw you off track.
  • Avoid people who are out to discourage you, negative influence can have a negative impact on your resolutions.
  • Seek help from the right people who have the ability to assist you towards maintaining your resolutions e.g. a friend who has the skills that you wish to gain, a spiritual leader etc
  • Pray to God to give you the power and strength to go on with your resolutions.

Am wishing you a happy and prosperous new year

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