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We continued discussing men in general while doing our various works in our personal laptops. Suddenly, something came into my mind.
“Celestine, have you ever been caught perhaps? By your husband…” I asked her.
She looked at me for a while.
“You won’t believe me. I have never been caught. You have to be smart.” She told me.
“So, how often did you use to…you know….” I asked not sure the words to use.
“Oh! I still do it. He even at times comes to visit when my husband is not around, we do it and he goes. Or I do visit him when his wife is not around and we do it and go. It is not a big deal. Sometimes I lie to my husband that I have gone to the market only to go at his place, get some and go home.” Celestine revealed to me, much to my surprise.

“Damn! And do you go and have sex the same day with your husband?” I asked her.
“Oh! Yes, at lest his dick is the same size with my husband’s so he hardly notices anything.” Celestine told me. This made me shudder knowing that Ken’s dick was way larger than my husband’s. Celestine looked at me as if reading my mind.

“Woe unto you if your secret lover’s thing is bigger than your husband’s, you will get caught. He will know that it has gotten bigger.” Celestine told me like a joke.
“But the vagina is meant to be elastic! How now?” I asked her. She looked at me and laughed.
“Come on! That elasticity will obviously change if you get something bigger, not unless……” Celestine paused.
“What?” I asked her. She smiled.
“There is this gel you can use, it is called Femicare. After having sex with a man who has a large penis, just go apply it after washing out his semen. Apply it continuously for three days and trust me, your vaginal muscles will absorb it, remain tight as usual and no one will even know you got screwed by a big thing.” Celestine told me.
“Are you sure of what you are telling me?” I asked her.
“Very much sure. Women been doing it for a long time and men are not wiser.” Celestine told me sounding a little mischievous.

“Celestine, you knew all this and you have never told me as a friend?” I asked her.
“But how would I have told you and perhaps you are not interested?” Celestine asked defending herself.
“Well, I hope mine won’t get bigger such that my husband will realize.” I told Celestine and she just laughed.
“Let me tell you, my dear, most men just do not care about the size of the pussy as long as it is sweet, it gives him pleasure until he releases, trust me, that is all there is. Only a few tell the differences most will never know whether you fucked a donkey or a man!” Celestine told me.
“Wow! All right.” I told her.
When evening came, I got home a little late, at around 7 pm since I had some items to buy at the market and when I got home, I found Ken relaxing close to the cow shed admiring the cows.
“They have really gotten fat, you must be feeding them nicely.” I teased him.
“Oh! Yes, I make sure everything I do is thorough. Look at that bull, it was small just a few months but by now it is the largest in the shed.” Ken told me with some pride of his hard work.
“Oh! Yes, I should negotiate with my hubby to increase your salary, you deserve a salary raise, you have been working really hard.” I told him. He looked at me and smiled.
“Thank you.” He said.
“Can we go in the house? It is cold out here and I need to keep warm.” I told him and he followed me.
“You look tired, Grace. Seems today you over worked.” Ken told me. Indeed, I was tired.
We got inside and I served both of us some coffee and we sat at the living room to enjoy our coffee. As we sat, my husband called and we talked for about 5 minutes and he told me he will be in Mombasa for about a week. As he was about to terminate the call I told him, “Please bring me a nice Dera when you come back. Those Swahili dresses, I want to feel like a Swahili woman.” He laughed and promised to bring me one.
I left Ken at the living room as I went to prepare supper. I made Ugali with some vegetables and beans.

I looked at Ken seated confidently at the coach and since he was wearing just a T shirt, I began to admire his arms. His physique always melted my heart with desire and had a way of igniting passion from within me and I felt like I wanted him there and then.
So, I went and sat close to him. He seemed a little more confident with himself that day. We ate together just having some general talk before I began to ask more about his personal life.
“Why didn’t you finish up to form four?” I asked him.
“My parents were poor and after incurring a lot of school fee balances, I simply stopped.” He told me.
“Did you use to like learning?” I asked him.
“Hell no! I hated school. I used to fail in the subjects. I prefer something I am doing hands on. School work is not my thing.” He told me.
“So, what do you wish to do with your life?” I asked him. The question seemed to catch him by surprise.
“I have no specific plans. I want to get some money and perhaps get married later, have a child or two, and just live on.” He told me.
“Lucky is the girl who shall get married to you.” I told him. Not sure if that was the right thing to say.
“Not really, most ladies nowadays are learned and want a man above them. Besides, with my work, I do not have much money and most women want men with money. So, I think it will be difficult getting a lady who will love me.” Ken said and was smiling. In my mind, I figured out that if he gets a lady who knows what he was carrying in that trouser, perhaps the lady shall not care whether he has money or not. But I did not want to tell him that least he becomes too proud to suddenly but I really wanted to have it once more that day.
“Ken, there are ladies who do not care if you have money or not, as long as they get your love.” I told him as if encouraging him. He laughed a little.

There was a sudden gush of wind that blew the curtain at the door and I told Ken to lock the door.
“I think it is going to rain tonight, it is rather could outside.” Ken told me.
After having our supper, I sat close to him and began to caress him. Slowly by slowly, I unzipped his trousers and got his erect penis out. It really towered above his trousers and I enjoyed caressing it and it seemed even Ken was enjoying it. I could tell he had bathed since he had some soap scent on him. As I caressed his penis, he caressed my breasts until he undid the bra such that my breasts were bare in his hands.
I began to kiss his chest under his T shirt and slowly went lower, my aim was to suck his penis but as soon as I touched it with my tongue, he held my head and pushed me away gently. He looked at my eyes as if not sure of what I was doing.
“You will enjoy it.” I told him.
“But madam, isn’t it dirty to….” He stopped talking when he noticed at how I was looking at him. I figured out he probably had never had someone suck his penis. I began to caress it and slowly, I kissed him until I began to kiss its shaft. He began to groan with his deep voice silently really arousing me. I began to caress it with my tongue from its base to the tip taking time to run my tongue to the left, right, under his shaft up and down avoiding its glans.
I looked at his face and behold he was closing his eyes. I could tell he was feeling a lot of pleasure based on how he was breathing holding his breath from time to time, adjusting his hips so that his penis would look upward more and how he would caress my hair, my neck and my head as I was giving him the kisses.
Suddenly, I placed my lips on his glans. That must have been so overwhelming to him and it seemed to send a sudden thunderbolt of pleasure in him such that he suddenly moaned loudly and before I knew it, his penis was spilling his semen with so much force such that some of it squarely landed on my eyes as I backed off fast to avoid being soiled by them. Some hit hair too and the rest spilled all over his trousers as he got some spasms and trembled all over his body and kept rocking his head from left to right with his eyes tightly closed. His face had a grotesque expression that made me want to laugh but I knew if I laughed he might feel embarrassed so I just held myself from laughing. But it sure made a spectacle watching him totally lose control over himself by such a simple act.
“Oh! My, my, my…. I am dying!” He suddenly said before rolling over as if trying to hide his spilled seeds. I took a handkerchief I had with me and began to clean him up his spillage before he took it from me and wiped himself clean.
“I have never felt this way, sorry I have made you dirty, I …..” HE began talking to me but I touched his lips and told him, “Shhhh, it is ok.”
But I could see he was a little embarrassed due to his lack of self-control.
“Did it feel nice?” I asked him.
“Yes, it really felt nice!” he told me smiling.
I dared him. “Are you able to do that to me?” I asked him.
“Do what?” He asked with a flat tone looking into my eyes.
I felt my heart race.
“As in, do like what I have done to you…” I stopped talking when I noticed at how serious he was.
“NEVER! That hole where urine comes out through, where monthly blood comes out through, which is so close to where human waste comes out through…me take my mouth there??! Not under the sun. I cannot, pthooooooo!” He imitated the voice of disgust as if throwing up and I could tell for real that was something that he could not do at all, at least not that day.
“But we get cleaned up….” I was trying to explain to him when he looked at me and said, “That thing is never clean, even if washed with JIK it still would remain dirty…, that thing is like a sewage!” He was fucking serious!
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry.
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  1. Hahahahaha "that thing is never clean even if it's washed with jik it still would remain dirty" am Done with Ken hahaha.


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