Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Why I love Kenya as MY COUNTRY!

I am proud as a Kenyan. Why? Kenya is a third world country that happens to be one of the most wonderful and magical tourist destinations in the world. Kenya exudes such an awesome attraction to the rest of the world and it is not a wonder that there are so many tourist destinations in Kenya that are known all over the world, besides Kenya attracting numerous foreign investors. Kenya also enjoys a rapidly growing economy compared to her neighboring countries and has become such a good trading partner to the neighboring countries besides offering land-based delivery services to the land locked countries e.g. Uganda.

I love Kenya as my country, and I believe that with proper management and good governance of this nation, Kenya is able to become one of the richest countries in the world, if not in Africa. What makes Kenya wonderful?

ONE: Wonderful Wildlife and Tourism

Kenya has such a wonderful wildlife and tourism heritage that attracts tourists from far countries on earth and also encourages internal tourism. The Big five namely Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Hippopotamus can only be found in Africa and also in Kenya. The climate in Kenya ranging from the hot and humid coastal belt, hot and dry expansive plains, to the cold and wet mountain tops offers a wide variety of fauna and flora which offers magical attraction to Kenya.
A Lion. This is the King of The Jungle, also a member of the Big Five.

Kenya borders Indian Ocean that offers attractive sandy beaches and coral reefs. Those who enjoy mountain climbing, game seeing, hiking, deep sea diving etc can find all these, only in Kenya.

TWO: Rich in Culture
The cultural diversity in Kenya marked by its numerous communities is also something to behold. The Maasai with their rural life and “kraal” rich homesteads, the Kikuyu with their traditional songs, same as the Mijikendas, [don’t miss the witch hunting when you go there!], the Kamba people with their rich craft and wood carvings, etc all add to a rich diverse Kenyan culture.
A Maasai Kraal, common in Maasai Land.
Cultural sites also exist like the Kayas in Coast province where you can have a one-on-one experience into the rich present and historical culture of Mijikenda tribes. Do not forget to buy the book “Facing Mt. Kenya” written by the founder president of Kenya Mzee Jomo Kenyatta which majors on Kikuyu culture. Other literatures about cultural diversity in Kenya also exist. Kenya has a long and complex history, from pre-historic to present day culture. It is worth knowing the Kenyan cultures.

THREE: Rich in Natural Resources

Kenya is a major producer of horticultural products, agricultural products, limestone, soda ash, salt, gemstones, fluorspar, zinc, diatomite, gypsum, wildlife, hydropower, and recently Petroleum. Kenya does trade with other countries on Natural resources and this enhances her Gross Domestic Product very much.

Kenya is geologically rich in various ways and this is evident in places like: Olkaria Geothermal Project, Hot springs, Titanium rich soils of some areas like kwale County, Soda Ash in Magadi and Gongoni area in Malindi etc, 

FOUR: Breathe Taking Natural Scenes

The Great Rift Valley and its numerous view points, Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro, Thompson and Fourteen Falls Waterfalls, sandy beaches, Yatta Plateau, Athi Kapiti Plains, Nairobi National Park and its proximity to the city, The crying stones of Kakamega, not forgetting the perennial migrations of animals like Wildebeests in Amboseli National Park, etc are all among the most awesome natural scenes and occurrences one can ever behold in Kenya. 
Me at Subukia Rift Valley View Point.

There are no words that can explain the thrill of experiencing the scenes in their natural settings; you just have to visit the places.
Hell's Gate in Rift Valley. This place can make your adrenaline run wild, it is scary to the bone.

FIVE: Historical Sites Galore

Kenya is extremely rich in history. Tribal histories, pre-historic sites like Hyrax Hills, Olorgesailie and Kariandusi, not forgetting the Mijikenda Kayas (Traditional Villages) all offer varieties of historic sites worth visiting. It is worth checking with the travel and touring companies for local guides when visiting the places in order to get the maximum benefits for visiting the sites.

Some things will not make sense to a visitor unless there is a tour guide who is conversant with the historical importance of the places and elements of interest to explain them to you.

SIX: Diversity of Tribes and Dialects

Kenya has numerous distinct tribes scattered across it with different dialects, cultures and beliefs. This also offers a visitor with a rich experience of meeting the tribes in their natural and original settings in their traditional villages. The folklore, songs and dances, rites like initiation rites, traditional marriages and many other practices can make a memorable visit to the locals. Kenyans are globally known for being hospitable but for security reasons, it is good to be accompanied by an experienced guide or wildlife personnel whenever visiting some of these remote locations.

One thing I will never forget is at one time I got to experience a famous witch hunter in his work of rooting and exorcising witches from a village in coast province. Though the rite was scary since it had manifestations of supernatural powers, it was worth it; I will never forget!

SEVEN: Academic Geniuses

Kenya is one of the countries that has produced a few of the top most academic giants of our modern times in all field ranging from technology (M-Pesa is a unique service of its own kind in the world, a Kenyan scooped a top award in mobile application development for Nokia platform, etc), literature works like Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Francis Imbuga, Nobel laureate like Wangari Maathai among others. These are indicators that Kenya is academically rich and has very intelligent people.

The fact that Kenya has a few of top most universities in Africa e.g. Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta university is enough to show the world that Kenya is a land of academic giants. Kenya hopes to have a major global technological city namely Konza City that shall be a technological hub with accolades equal to those of China and Japan. Kenya is rich in academics.

EIGHT: Pride of Africa

Kenya Airways bears the golden phrase “Pride of Africa”, and there is a reason why. This is an airline of its kind in the world that offers exquisite services which you cannot get in any other major airline in Africa in particular and world in general. Travelling to Kenya with Kenya Airways offers you world class services that will leave you wanting more of it. From reception in the airport, to the boarding of the aircraft which has Economy, Business and Gold class travel services, the soft spoken humble homely and hospitable air hostesses and stewards, top class pilots and ground crew etc, are all meant to make travelers feel as comfortable as possible and make their journey perpetually memorable. Where else can you get the pride of being in Africa if not in Kenya?

I am proud to be Kenyan, a country in Africa that has very many reasons why being a citizen is something you can never regret. What other reasons do you have for being in love with Kenya?

After all, we did not choose to be born in Kenya, did we?

For more about Kenya remember to visit the site Magical Kenya.

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