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When evening came I prepared some nice chapatis and beef stew. The anxiety in me was sky high as I anticipated for an evening of passion with my Shamba boy who seemed so promising. I even made sure to wear provocatively so that my curves would be so evident to try to see if I would win over Ken with physical appeal.
I was seated on the coach watching some nice bongo movies when I heard a soft knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat.

“Come in!” I said instinctively and held my breath to see who would come in. I did not even turn as I just wanted it to be a surprise to my psychology.
“Honey, I am home!” A voice so familiar to my memory talked sending chills down my spine as I turned to see who it was.

To my shock, it was my husband who had come home abruptly and announced unlike the days before. I however stood up and went to give him a hug.
“Welcome home, darling.” I told my husband but my heart sank with the knowledge that had it passed a few minutes I probably would have been caught red handed.
“I am sorry I did not call you to tell you I am coming. It was so abrupt and we are on our way to Mombasa for another business meeting to meet some Asian partners who supply us with the merchandise. In fact, I just passed by, I will not even sleep home tonight. I would have gone to Mombasa directly but did not think it is right to just pass over without seeing you.” My husband told me.
“Oh! That is nice. Then let me serve you supper right away.” I told him.
I served him the food fast and we ate together while watching a movie. As we were eating and talking, there was someone calling him on his phone telling him not to be late. However, Ken did not come for supper as it was possible he did not want to come while my husband was there.
It was already dark, at around 9 pm when my husband left. I would have wished he slept over to take care of my horniness but did not as he was up chasing deals. I did not know whether to feel happy for that, or to just tell him how much I missed to be with him.
As soon as he left, I called Ken over his phone.
“Why didn’t you join us for supper?” I asked Ken once he got inside the house.
He smiled and said, “I did not want to come when the master was here.” He said. That is how he used to call my husband.
“He has travelled to Mombasa, probably will be back in 3 days’ time.” I told Ken.
Ken laughed a little.
“Sometimes people go home unexpected, so it is risky. Besides, Master has keys for the main gate and main door. Aren’t you afraid you might get caught?” Ken asked and the manner he spoke I knew he was up to some of what I expected.
“He cannot come without telling me.” I lied to Ken but for the first time I knew my husband can come without telling me and that was really unsettling to me. I even began to think what would happen if my husband caught me red handed having sex with our shamba boy. But I evaluated my feelings and knew I had reached a point of no return.
I served Ken his food and we ate talking about nothing in particular. At around 11 pm, I gathered the courage and went to sit on the coach next to him. He just looked at me and smiled. The house was warm due to the heater that was on.
“It is not cold in here.” Ken noted.
“Yes, you can even remove your sweater and you will be comfortable.” I told Ken who instinctively removed his sweater and inside he was wearing a tight brown T shirt. Immediately he removed it, I began to caress his arms. He turned to face me. He was bold that evening and it was working to my advantage.
I leaned forward and tried to kiss him but he backed off.
“Don’t you want to kiss me?” I asked him.
“Madam, how can I drink someone else’ saliva?” He asked.
“No! it is just kissing.” I told him.
He however placed his hand on my left boob and that made me feel suddenly so aroused. We continued to caress and I reached for his trouser and began to unzip it. But Ken stopped me when I tried to reach for his pajama he stopped me. He did not want me to touch his penis.
“Ken, I just want you to fuck me, please.” I told him gathering all the courage to tell him raw and direct. He looked at me as if surprised but did not react. He however reached for my tight-fitting skirt and unzipped it. He removed it and threw it to the floor. He then reached for my underpants and removed it slowly without really looking at my eyes. His movements were a little mechanical and I wished we would romance some more. I figured out he could be inexperienced or just naïve or both.
He then pulled me to lie on the long coach that we were on and he slowly lowered himself on top of me without taking off his clothes.
“Won’t you remove the rest of my clothes or won’t you remove your clothes?” I asked him.
“We can still do it like this.” Ken said smiling faintly. He sure was not romantic at all. I even tried to touch his penis but he backed off a little not allowing me to even feel it at all leave alone to see it. He however wiggled himself a little bit on top of me and I knew he was removing his penis in preparation to penetrate me when suddenly my phone rang. He looked at me as if not sure if I will indeed want to pick it.
On looking at the screen, it was my husband calling.
I tensed as I picked it while Ken sat down with his legs crossed not wanting me to see his penis.
“Hello.” I answered the phone. It was almost midnight.
“Hello, our journey has been postponed, I was thinking of sleeping over to the hotel but since I am not far, I feel I can still drive home. I thought you would be asleep but I wanted to tell you I am on my way.” My husband said.
“It is ok, I am still watching a move, just come you shall go tomorrow.” I told him. He hung up and I knew he was indeed on his way home.
“My husband is coming.” I told Ken. The shock on his eyes you would have thought I had told him he is right at the door coming in.
He stood up fast and turned the other way to whisk his penis inside his trouser. He did not give me a chance to even see it. He then wore his sweater fast and wanted to go out through the back door.
“You can still go through the front door.” I told him.
“No, let me go through the kitchen door.” He told me and walked fast towards the back door.
I escorted him on his way out and he disappeared behind the house on his way to his sleeping servant quarters.
After he was gone, I thought for a while and imagined how risky whatever I was trying to do. I surely would have been caught twice in one day! I even thought I would just abandon the whole mission all together.
When my husband finally came, he told me he was tired and just wanted to go to sleep. We went to bed together but I was still so horny from fantasizing about Ken. I tried to romance my husband to see if he would at least make love to me but no sooner had he settled on bed than he went to sleep immediately leaving me feeling like my body was about to explode anytime with intense desire. I even harbored thoughts of sneaking to Ken’s place and get a good fuck and return to bed when my husband was sleeping but thought that was even riskier.

I had no choice than to put my hand in between my thighs, press my clitoris hard and go to sleep hoping that once sleep overtook me, I would cool down.
Ken lay on top of me on the coach and the house was dim. Without wasting time, he removed his hard penis and as fast as he could manage, he pushed it so hard inside me making me feel like he was tearing my vagina apart. He kept pushing it until I could not take it anymore and began to back of slowly.
“Ken, you are hurting me.” I told him but he just kept going. He held me by my shoulders and pushed himself so deep into my vagina deeper than anyone had ever reached inside me. I felt like all my body was consummated by his massive penis. He began fucking me so hard giving me no chance to even lift my hips to adjust myself and be a little comfortable with his rhythm. He kept going like he was turbo charged for about 3 minutes and suddenly he formed a grotesque facial expression and I knew he was about to ejaculate inside me.
“Ken, withdraw please don’t cum inside me!” I tried begging him but he did not even listen to me as he suddenly trembled so hard on top of me and I knew he had spilled everything inside me. Suddenly he withdrew and I could feel some semen spilling outside my vagina towards my anus.
In that short period, I felt like my vagina had been torn as if I was a virgin once more. I could not move for some time and I lay there motionless as Ken tucked his penis fast such that I did not even see it but I could tell his penis was bigger than the one I was used to. Suddenly, Ken moved me by my shoulders.
“Wake up!” He told me.
I suddenly woke up and found that I was having a dream. It was my husband telling me to wake up to prepare him to go to Mombasa. I felt a little ashamed that I could dream of another man with my husband lying just next to me.

I dragged myself out of bed at around 5 am and went to the kitchen to prepare some drinking chocolate for him.
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry.

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