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I nearly chocked with food while holding m breath. I felt suddenly hot and I knew this has to be a bad dream.
“Let me tell you in your ears.” The little boy said and crossed to where their father was seated. He went to his daddy’s ears and whispered something. Immediately he did so, my husband looked straight into my eyes and I knew I was finished. But he did not say anything but told the boy, “All right, go and sit down.”
Ken hurriedly ate his food and left. I also pretended to help the house girl with her work of cleaning up when suddenly my husband told me to follow him to bedroom saying he had a word with me. I was tempted not to follow him.
I followed him silently.
“Why do you look so tensed, have you done anything wrong?” My husband asked me, but I was surprised he was smiling while asking me so.
Before I could even answer he, said, “I have been telling you to teach Josephine manners, do you know what Jade told me? He caught the little girl hiding behind the store with a small banana trying to insert it inside her vagina. Can you imagine that? This is not the first time she is trying to do so. Remember she is 13, she is getting into puberty. Very soon her hormones will go haywire and she might get spoiled. Find time to talk to her. I cannot talk woman issues to a small girl like her you are the best to talk to her. Do that before it is too late. What might happen if she gets to experiment with boys?” My husband was obviously angry but suppressing anger.

In as much as I was relieved that it had nothing to do with me, but I could not fail to see the fact that the little girl was growing up to be like me; a young woman with fiery sexual desires. I knew I had to talk to her before it was too late. In fact, it shocked me that she was trying to masturbate herself with a banana what if she ended up hurting herself?
“All right, my dear. I will find time.” I said with my voice shaking with fear and relief.

“You better find time to! I can only talk issues with a boy not a girl. Do you imagine me discussing sex with a young girl? You are failing as a mother!” My husband said angrily. I felt insulted knowing that he totally failed as a sex mate long time ago.
“Forgive me, my husband. I will get time to talk to the young girl. Remember she is growing and probably experimenting with her delicate body.” I said. My husband looked at me keenly before saying, “Find time to talk to her before she experiments with young boys! Besides, remember we cannot trust any man near her with her behaviors, including Ken! So, watch out for her moves.”
The mention of the word Ken made me shiver. Not just because I had an affair with him, but I just could not imagine a man like him trying anything fishy with my little girl. But I knew I had to really talk with my daughter before it was too late.
To try to sooth and cool my husband, I went and sat close to him and began to caress him. It was not so appetizing caressing him due to his body fat but all I wanted was to cool him down. He turned and also began to kiss me. We continued kissing and suddenly he pushed me on the bed. He got on top of me but I was feeling his immense weight upon me such that I pushed him so as to roll over and we lie side by side.
Slowly, we got undressed with lights still on until we both were naked. On his chest you would think there were breasts. His penis was barely visible under his big belly, it looked tiny like that of a young boy. I held it and began to caress it until it began to get erect but to my dismay it could not get properly erect. But by that time, I was already so wet as my husband was stimulating my clitoris while sucking my breasts arousing me. It made me happy to know I still admired my husband.
Slowly he rolled on top of me and pushed himself into me. I moaned due to pleasure as I was so aroused. Slowly he pushed his penis into me and began to pump sending some spasms of pleasure all over me. Suddenly, he groaned and let himself to freely lie on top of me nearly crushing me with his weight. He trembled and before I knew, he had already withdrawn from me; he had literally ejaculated within seconds of penetrating me.
I felt so disappointed but did not tell him. I did not want to arouse his anger anymore.
He looked at me, kissed me and rolled over without saying good night. I lay there thinking of so many things but before I knew, my husband was fast asleep and snoring. I felt like he had just made me dirty. I went to bathroom and washed my private parts, wiped and went back to bedroom. I wore my night dress and wrapped myself with a lesso, then went to the table room where I found my children watching a soap opera.
When I got there, Jade was smiling but there was anxiety on Josephine’s face. I wanted to talk to the little girl there and then since it was almost 10 pm.
“Josephine, please follow me to the kitchen.” I told her. She followed me meekly like a sheep going to slaughter.
“Mercy, excuse us, I want to have a word with her.” I told the house girl who slowly went to table room closing the kitchen door behind us.
I did not know where to begin.
“Josephine, I want you to realize that you are now a big girl, and there are some things I want to tell you, about yourself.” I told her. She was so attentive as if she did nothing wrong during the day. She sat there with her legs crossed.
What followed was a one on one conversation, like woman to woman and I must admit, my daughter was so comfortable talking to me, she really trusted me. I knew if I approached the topic harshly, she might sulk. She even went ahead and told me she used to feel some strange feelings in her body that she really did not understand and they are the ones that led her to want to insert things in her vagina. I told her that was masturbation. I told her it was not right to do that since she might hurt herself but instead told her to always confide with me whenever she had something strange about herself or feelings she could not understand.
“Have you ever allowed a boy to touch you down there?” I asked her finally.
“No, I am afraid. I fear boys.” She told me.
“If any boy attempts to touch you there, resist. Do not allow it. Or if anyone tries to touch your chest or down there, resist and if they try to force you, scream and run. All right?” I told her.
“All right.” She said.
“Do you have something to tell me?” I asked her. She looked at me for sometime as if finding words to tell me.
“Mum, I used to hug uncle Ken. Is it ok to continue or should I stop hugging him?” She asked.
It suddenly dawned on me that I had somehow contradicted myself. I had made my children view all our workers as if they were one of us but my children knew so well they were not our relatives. I was in a dilemma on how to answer that question.
“It is just enough to greet him and respect him, not necessary to hug.” I told her. I even told her she can hug fellow ladies but not men. Though she was a little confused on why not to hug men anymore. But I knew with her developing feminine feelings she must have been undergoing major changes in her existence. Cases were there of Shamba boys who would end up raping children in where they were working and I could not take chances.
After talking a little more, I told my daughter it was time to go to sleep. She stood up, came to where I was standing and gave me a hug. I felt like the greatest mum in this world for having shared such sensitive information to my daughter to an extent she now trusted me. I as I hugged her, I was keen to notice that her small breasts were taking shape, and she had grown big almost my height but still slim. I could also see her hips were getting bigger and more feminine. I even thought she was going to have larger hips than mine when she grew up.
The following morning, my husband left earlier than usual since he told me he had a busy day. Before I left, I went to where Ken was standing and I could see how anxious he was. I smiled to put him at ease.

“Nothing of what you think, phew!” I told him.
“What do you mean? Did the little boy see us? Did he tell his father?” Ken asked. He even put the panga he was holding down.
“No, something else. Jade caught Josephine trying to insert a banana in her pussy.” I told Ken.
“Wow! How now? Did she hurt herself?” Ken asked.
“No, but we resolved that. Don’t worry. I nearly thought we got caught!” I told Ken. He smiled.
“But, we have to be careful, if we get caught I am going to run away from here for good. Besides, would not want to break your family. I cannot run with you.” Ken told me. I did not know what he meant with he cannot run away with me but I did not bother asking. I could see Ken looking at my hips. I had worn a red mini skirt that day and a white blouse, and a black coat.
I teased him.
“What are you looking at?” I asked him.
“You are smart.” He told me, picked his panga and turned to leave.
“Thank you.” I told him. I wish he knew how hot I was feeling that morning owing to the fact that I did not get an orgasm the previous night. I looked at his tight trousers and saw some bulge. I called him.
“Ken, turn around, I want to look at you.” I told him. He obeyed and turned but instead he smiled.
To my surprise, he had an erection that was pushing his trouser!
>>To be continued>>
Narrated by Anthony Kerry
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