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I did not want to over imagine as I walked slowly towards table room but Ken remained in the bedroom. The door was still locked. I switched on the lights, there was no sign of anyone in the house, which really puzzled me.
I looked at all door and they were still locked. I went to my bedroom door and motioned Ken to come out. He was already fully dressed. He tiptoed slowly and walked out as I locked the door behind him and went to sleep having made sure that every door was locked.
Ken agreed to kiss me, he was so nice at it. I caressed his hard-erect penis while admiring it. He also sucked my nipples too sending my desire to sky high. He then placed his penis on my labia majora and began to press sending spasms of pleasure all over my body. I pushed myself onto his hard muscles with my warm body. Slowly, I mounted Ken and began to pump up and down. He pushed himself so deep into my hot wet vagina making me hold my breath. He began to play with the tip of my clitoris making me feel like I would explode with pleasure. My eyes were closed as my senses felt the pleasure of a lifetime when suddenly my bedroom door opened and right at the entrance stood my husband still holding his safari briefcase!

I suddenly woke up to realize it was a dream, I was dreaming having been caught red handed by my husband. But the dream really troubled me as in the previous evening I had thought perhaps my husband had not travelled but had come back abruptly without warning me. I even looked at the door just to be sure I was alone in the bedroom. Looking at my watch it was around 5 am, I did not go back to sleep.

I could hear some movements in the kitchen but I knew it was my house girl preparing breakfast for us. I went to the kitchen and found her busy at work. When she saw me, she smiled and greeted me, “Shikamoo”, a greeting by the Coastal people which depicts respect the elders.
“Marahabaa.” I replied feeling awkward. She was so lively that morning and was working with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
“You seem so fresh this morning.” I told her.
“Yes, I slept soundly at night and woke up feeling fresh.” She replied as she continued with her work.
I prepared myself and went to work.
“Grace, it is dangerous fucking your lover in your house. You might get caught. Find another place.” Celestine advices me after I told her about the previous night scare.

“Then how will I be getting time to fuck him?” I asked her.
“Don’t worry. Trust me. I will show you in the evening, just cooperate.” Celestine told me and winked. I knew her as a schemer even at our work place.
Come that evening, Celestine told me to follow her with her car as we drove fast towards Kabete in Kiambu. We came to a gated compound where we were ushered in by a strikingly handsome young man who seemed of Indian origin.
We came to the living room. I was just following Celestine with so much trust like a little child. Inside we met 3 more ladies, 4 young men who I could clearly tell were in their twenties. They were smartly dressed.
“So, what is this place?” I asked Celestine after a few introductions.
“Grace, we women have to be wise. When we want to fuck with our secret lovers. We come with them here. We made arrangements and rented this bungalow. So when we come we come in the name of a business meeting or chama meeting in the evening or weekends but in reality we are coming with our young men. All you have to do is join us as a member, we shall give you the protocols. Then you will introduce Ken to this place. Teach him some manners so as he becomes refined, we do not want naïve men here. Teach him to dress nicely, how to be a gentleman not a bush boy that he is, then when you want to have him, he will be coming here, your work is to come and meet him here, get one executive room, have all the pleasure that you want and go home feeling like a winner. Your husband will never suspect anything.” Celestine told me. I was awed by that arrangement and the sheer effort put by women to cheat on their husbands and never be caught.
After sometime we were joined by a middle-aged lady by the name Lillian Atieno.
“Good afternoon.” She greeted me with a smile on her face. She was tall, with big broad hips that shook as she moved, chocolate colored and pretty face.
“Good afternoon.” I replied back.
She looked at Celestine.
“So, this is our new member?” Lillian asked Celestine who replied, “yes.”
My heart was beating as I was so anxious of whatever reasons took me there.
We later held what was being referred to as a business meeting but after sometime, Celestine excused us saying that we wished to go and come back later. I was however briefed on everything that was relevant to know.
The challenge however remained how to convince Ken to be going there and above that, to teach her some mannerism that befitted going there. I could see the young men we met there were so refined, eating with forks and knives only, and behaved like real gentlemen. They wore nice business suits to convince anyone that whatever was going on there was a business meeting. I was even told some had real businesses going on while some were in campus. Celestine thought it would be a good idea to brief Ken and what was expected of him.

After I got home, I told Ken I wanted to discuss something with him.
“I want us to discuss some work with you.” I told him.
“Madam, I told you that I need to replace the wheelbarrow, I need a new rake this one is worn out, also I needed some more groves…” Ken was telling me everything related to the shamba work but I cut him short.
“I know all that, I want us to discuss more.” I told him. He looked at me and said, “Ok.”
We sat at the table room together at around 8 pm. The house girl was at the kitchen doing some work. I wanted to go straight to the point.
“Ken, it is about me and you, not even your work. I want to be able to have you and get you without the risk of being caught. So, I have gotten a place where we can be meeting. However, it is under conditions.” I briefed him.
“Aaah, we can be hiring a lodge, Karumaindo Bar has some nice lodges which goes for Kshs 200 per day, we can….” He was saying. I cut him short too.
“Not in lodgings, a nice place. I wanted to take you there tomorrow. But…” I stopped talking to see how attentive he was.
“But what?” He asked.
“The place demands that you wear some nice suits, look like a business person, refine some manners…” He cut me short.
“What do you mean manners?” Ken asked.
“I mean, like being able to eat with forks, like wazungus, speak English, etc.” I said. At that point, Ken smiled.
“Grace, I barely know how to speak in Kiswahili, how do you expect me to speak in English?” Ken asked me sounding amused.
I briefed him some more and he agreed to go with me as long as I do not embarrass him for his lack of common knowledge on some middle-class lifestyle. He however was so willing to do anything that would not endanger him and so he welcomed that idea.
I told him the suit he shall wear as he had one suit which he never wore. I was eager to introduce him to the club.
The following day, Ken finished his work early and came to join me at the shopping center wearing his suit. The suit seemed like it was smaller than him. He had large arms that fitted perfectly in the coat. His bulging biceps made him look like he was a wrestler wearing a business suit. I nearly laughed looking at him. He looked ridiculous.

We drove behind Celestine until we arrived to our destination. Once we arrived there, we got to the main sitting room where we sat there talking to some other women. It however made me feel uneasy noticing how the other ladies were looking at Ken, I even wondered whether he looked out of place or plain ridiculous.
Everyone else was speaking in impeccable English, including the young men. Everyone was so friendly.
“Hello, they call me Franklin, short form Frank. I am an accountant in EKNA SACCO which is in Kiambu. How about you please?” One of the young men was trying to ask Ken. Ken just stared back without saying anything. He looked at me then looked back at the man.
“Ken.” He simply said and remained silent.
“Ken, nice to meet you. What do you do for a living?” The young man pressed on. I felt sudden anxiety not knowing what Ken will say.
“Farm manager.” Ken said swiftly with a smile. I breathed a sign of relief knowing he could have said something more embarrassing. Ken looked at me and smiled, but I could tell he was not comfortable at all.
“Honey, may I meet you in private please.” One lady called Frank, Frank told Ken, “Nice to meet you.” And walked away.
After some minutes, Lillian came and told me to follow her.
“This are the rooms that we use for our other business. Feel free to pick any with your mate. Always leave the room tidy even though we have young girls who take care of that. Feel free to order anything from our bar or café, including foods.” Lillian told me cordially.
“Thank you.” I responded.
“Can I ask you a question?” Lillian asked and added, “And please don’t feel offended.”
“Ask please.” I told her surveying the large room that we were in.
“What profession is your boy?” Lillian asked.
I felt a little embarrassed by the question, but I did not feel the urge to lie.
“He, is my shamba boy.” I told her. She smiled at me.
“Shamba boys are known for their energy, but he has a lot to learn here. I noticed he is not as learned but that is none of my business. Enjoy yourself.” Lillian told me. She was so friendly. I came to learn she was the one in charge of the bungalow.
Lillian took me around the facility too. It was really a women’s affair place. Later she left me to go and join Ken at the living room. I found Ken talking with one of the other young men in low tone in Kikuyu. The man excused himself and left me and Ken together alone in the coach. The other ladies including had also left with their young men including Celestine. It was apparent that Celestine also had a younger man too on top of her other guy.
“My dear, follow me.” I told Ken who followed me to the dinning room. A young lady served us with some roasted chicken, vegetable salad, ugali and some passion juice.
“You are welcome.” The young lady told us and left.
Ken was about to pick the chicken with his hands when I told him he should use the fork and knife.
“How?” He asked.
“Here, this is how you eat with fork and knife.” I showed him some example. I took a fork, held the chicken meat and used the knife to cut a piece which I put in my mouth.
Ken held his fork too, dug deeply into his piece of chicken meat, thigh to be specific. He then began cut with the knife but pushed the knife too hard such that the smooth plate suddenly slid under his knife with so much force such that it moved swiftly across the table and landed on the tiled floor so hard such that it shattered into pieces.
The other ladies and their guys who were seated at various spots of the expansive dining area suddenly turned and looked towards the direction of where me and Ken were seated. I have never felt that embarrassed all my life all I wished is I would be able to just vanish in midair.
>>To be continued>>
Narrated by Anthony Kerry.

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