Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Beholding his erection made me feel sudden wave of desire sweep across my body but knowing the risk involved in trying anything at the moment, I knew I had to resist my urges.
“Ken, have a good day, will see you later.” I told him and turned to leave.
“I nearly got caught by my son!” I told Celestine once we settled for our usual chit chats.

“Children are very observant you have to be careful. In fact, I would advise you not to try anything when the children are around.” Celestine told me.

“But my husband is going to South Africa next week, my children are going back to boarding school and I will be alone with house girl and Ken.” I told Celestine. She smiled.
“You shall have a lot of time alone there. But won’t the maid be a problem perhaps? Is she the mouthy type? I know Coasterians for being mouthy!” Celestine said. I avoided answering that since I really never liked her tribal remarks.
“We shall see how it goes.” I told her.
There was a lot going on in our company with its expansions and recruitment of new employees such that I did not have much time to gossip that day but got busy until I did not realize that it was time to go home.

“Hey, it is almost 6 pm, you need to go and rest.” That was my boss telling me standing at the door.
“Wow, thank you. I did not realize it is this late.” I told him. He left immediately and went to his car. I did not take much time but also packed and left.
I got home and found Ken talking with the house girl as she washed some dishes outside the house with Ken seated on an upside-down bucket. They seemed to be talking but immediately they saw me they stopped their conversation making me curious to know what they were talking about. Not really wanting to seem like an intruder into their conversation, I just greeted them and passed by. Immediately I got at home, my children came running to me and each gave me a hug.
I kept asking myself whether it could be possible that Ken was seducing Mercy or they were just being friendly. I even wondered why I was feeling jealous of the two.
Time passed and fast and the time for my husband to leave for South Africa came. I was feeling anxious of being alone with Ken and housemaid as we had taken our children to their boarding school 2 days early.

My husband left his car at home as one of his friends offered to go with him up to Nairobi where they were to take a flight to Johannesburg. 
That evening, he called.

“I am about to get into an areophane and won’t be able to communicate until we arrive.” He told me.
That evening, I did not bother with Ken as I just went to sleep. I wanted to be sure my husband arrives to South Africa least he comes back and catches me red handed.
The challenge however was how to handle the house girl least she would see anything and come to say to my husband. So, the following day I came home early and called Ken.
“Ken, master is not around. But how will you come into my bedroom without our maid seeing us?” I asked him.
“We shall wait until she is asleep.” He told me.
“I hope she is a deep sleeper.” I told Ken smiling.
After supper, I volunteered to assist Mercy with some work even telling her she was free to go to sleep early if she felt tired. She was so grateful of my gesture even saying that not many people can offer to help their workers. She did some cleaning up, had her supper and went to sleep.
I left the backdoor unlocked hoping that Ken will come in silently as we had planned. My anxiety knew no bounds.
At around 11 pm, Ken signaled me with his phone that he was about to come. I told him it was ok via text. I waited for what seemed like forever with my heart beating. I even peeked through the door to just be sure it would be him coming and no one else and to alert him in case our maid woke up.
At around 11:30 pm, I heard some movements in table room and thought that must be Ken coming. I waited for a while but went to sit on my bed. I continued to wait. When Ken did not seem to come into my bedroom, I texted him and he replied that he was coming. I did not bother asking him where he was as I knew he was perhaps buying his time.
Slowly, my bedroom door turned and Ken came in. I immediately rose to hug him and locked the door behind him.
“What took you so long?” I asked him.
“I wanted to be sure I was alone in the house. I was just being careful.” Ken told me silently.
I was feeling so anxious such that I did not bother asking him much questions. I just went straight and tried to kiss him and this time, he did not resist. He kissed me back. I was happy to see he was willing to kiss me more and more. We continued kissing and romancing for sometime and slowly he pushed me on my bed.
He began to undress me slowly and silently as I also undressed him until we were both naked. I looked into his eyes and saw raw desire. He smiled and caressed my neck as we lay side to side. I reached for his groins to feel his hard penis and behold it was very hard and hot such that it made me shiver with sudden desire to have it deep inside me. He began to roll himself to come on top of me.
“Suck my breasts.” I whispered to him. He just did as I told him and began to suck my breasts sending spasms of pleasure all over my body. I moaned silently and softly as Ken sucked my boobs slowly as if with some caution.
I caressed his balls while jerking his hard penis softly from left to right. I slowly pushed him to be under me and I got on top of him. He held me firmly under my buttocks as if supporting me as I sat on his muscular thighs.
I took hold of his penis and began to caress my vulvas with it, then to my labia majora making the tip of the penis wet with my fluids. I gave myself gentle slaps down there with his hard penis making me feel like moaning loudly.
He suddenly pulled me towards himself and before I knew it, he was pushing his penis into my already wet pussy. I could not resist myself and I gave out a prolonged soft moan as his penis opened me up going deeper and deeper until I felt it touching my cervix deep inside me. It felt so sweet that night!
I began to rock my hips rising up and down as he supported me with his hands. I was feeling so frenzied that night and my desire knew no bounds all I wanted was to ride his penis hard until I get a nice orgasm. I held myself on his shoulders as he helped me ride his penis. Suddenly, he held me by my shoulders and pushed me so hard onto him. His penis hit my cervix so hard such that a sharp pain made me nearly scream.
“Gently, Ken, you are hurting me, be gentle!” I tried to plead with him but all the same he continued pulling and pushing me so hard with his powerful hands. He suddenly pushed me so hard onto his body until I felt like his pelvis was crushing my clitoris. I tried to gyrate my hips from left to right but by doing that he suddenly moaned loudly and I knew he was about to explode. But that also triggered me so hard such that I had to suddenly reach for my pillow and press my face against it so that my loud moaning would not be heard. I felt like screaming and felt so powerless. I began to tremble, shook so hard all over and before I knew it, a gush of fluids erupted from deep within me as goosebumps covered me all over. The last time I squirted, I could not recall but Ken made me squirt that night! It felt so sweet and nice. I held myself so hard onto his chest but he seemed surprised.
Soon after he ejaculated, he pushed me gently to his side and looked at me.
“Grace, have you urinated on the bed?” Ken asked. I just smiled.
“It is not urine. Sometimes when a woman feels more pleasure, some fluids comes out of her. Sometimes the fluids are so much you might think a woman has urinated.” I tried to explain to him but he did not seem convinced.
My vagina was feeling a bit sore but I wanted to fuck him once more so I began to play with his soft penis until it began to grow once more. I took a soft cloth and wiped myself a little so that his semen would stop oozing from my vagina. He just looked at me and smiled when he saw me wiping myself.
I suddenly took his penis into my mouth and felt the taste of my own vaginal fluids on his penis. I did it so fast so that he would not resist and before he knew it, he was already moaning silently enjoying it. His penis was long enough I could hold it with both hands on its shaft and some little shaft remained over my hands. I was caressing and sucking it at the same time doing a bend over to do it as he caressed my buttocks. It felt so nice with him caressing my butt.
I then slowly got myself over him and positioned myself to ride him. I pressed my labias with his penis as if not wanting it to go inside but he sat and began to pull myself onto him.
I was about to let him penetrate me when I suddenly felt like I heard some movements on table room. I suddenly froze.
Ken looked at me.
“Did you lock the door?” I asked him.
“Yes, but…” He said as if unsure.
“But what?” I asked him. My desire suddenly evaporated.
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry. 
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