Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Suddenly, my phone buzzed with a text; it was from my neighbor.
“Ken, we have to go home right away.” I told Ken who seemed surprised. But he did not question anything. I had told Mercy I would not be home up to around 9 pm.
We drove fast until we got close to my compound.
“Ken, I am packing my car a distance from home then I will tell you what to do.” I told Ken.
“Why not pack it at Karumaindo Garage? It is safer there.” Ken suggested. I heeded his suggestion.

We walked home and opened the gate silently. It was around 7 pm. There was some light from the kitchen but on going there, there was no one.
I unlocked the main door and walked into the dark house. I went silently up to Mercy’s bedroom’s door and stood there listening. I clearly heard a male voice inside who I could not tell who it was. Ken was at the table room. I stood there and waited.
I texted my neighbor.
“Are you saw a man enter my house?” I asked her over the text.
“I saw him, just enter into the house you will see I am not wrong.” She replied.
I suddenly banged the door and shouted, “Open this door right away or I break it.”
Immediately I said that, I heard some commotion inside, then silence followed.  My neighbor had told me that she suspected that my maid was sneaking in a man into my house at night and whenever I was not around so I wanted to be sure of it.
When it got apparent that no one would be opening that door, I called Ken to come and help me break the door.

“Madam, please forgive me, I will open the door.” Mercy said from inside the room. Slowly she opened the door and I got inside the room. I got the surprise of my life. The man inside was a young man, who was our neighbor sort of. His name was Ivan Njoroge.
 “Ivan! But why?” I asked him. He was too ashamed to look at me. Mercy sat on the bed with her hands on her face.
Ken did not bother coming in the room he just sat at the table room, for whatever reasons.
“How long have you been doing this?” I asked not to any of the two in particular.
 “So, you waited for me to go so that you can come behind my back to screw my house girl?” I asked the man who remained silent all along.
It was a funny sight all the same. I did not think Ivan, who was almost graduating with a BCOM would stoop that low to fuck a house girl, an illiterate house girl.
“Ivan, get out of my house right now!” I told the man who without hesitating stood up and headed towards the table room.
“Grace, that is the man I was chasing at night the other day.” Ken told me.
“Are you sure?” I asked him.
“I am so sure!” Ken told me. That could only mean one thing, the man been sneaking into our house at night to fuck Mercy.
“But isn’t that Ivan the son of Kang’ethe? I thought that night I did not see properly but today I just saw his face clearly.” Ken said.
“I am surprised. Why would he lower his dignity that much as to fuck a maid yet he is about to graduate at a prestigious university? He could get a better girl there, a girl his class.” I asked. Immediately I regretted asking that. I figured out for me too to fuck my shamba boy I was in similar situation but what was strange was how Ivan would be so daring as to come into our house at night to fuck our maid.
I began laughing.
“What is funny?” Ken asked.
“Forget it, let us eat some supper and watch some movies.” I told Ken.
“Mercy! Come out, serve us with some chocolate drink please and something to eat.” I told Mercy.
Mercy came out slowly, went to the kitchen. I followed her to the kitchen. She was not looking at me.
“Mercy, I will not hold this against you, but don’t sneak men into my house again. Am I clear?” I asked her.
“Yes, Madam. It won’t happen again.” Mercy told me. I went back to the sitting room.
I figured out no wonder our dogs never barked whenever Ivan came sneaking at night, after all, they knew him properly!
“Imagine it was Ivan sneaking into my house to screw our house girl. “I told Celestine when I met her the following day on Church.

“What? Couldn’t he take her to his place at least. What a shame! Anyway, he is still young and hot blood.” Celestine remarked.
“Anyway, she is a lady too, remember. At least she was not screwing my husband. Someone had told me she is fucking my husband and I thought it was him.” I told Celestine.
“But your husband travelled.” Celestine said.
“Yes, and he is coming in 2 days’ time.” I told Celestine.
“Make use of that time well.” Celestine told me and winked. I knew what she meant.
Later in the afternoon, it was drizzling and I just sat there watching a movie at home. Mercy had gone to the market to buy some items and Ken was outside doing his usual job. I texted him to come. He came and we sat there. He was smelling some chicken feed.
“I want it right now.” I told him. He looked at me surprised.
“What if…What if Mercy finds us?” He asked.
“She has gone to the market, she will be back in 2 hours since today is market day.” I told Ken.
“No, I think the best is to go to our usual place.” Ken protested but before he could say anything else, I was on top of him where he was seated. I caressed him while seated on him. I began to kiss him. He held me by my buttocks and pulled me hard towards him. I unzipped his trousers and brought out his semi erect penis which I caressed until it got very much erect.
I removed my underpants fast and threw it on the carpet before I positioned myself properly on top of him so that I would ride him. I was already wet with desire.
I held his penis and directed it onto my labia majora, caressed myself a little more with it, smeared it with my vaginal fluids and used it to stimulate my clitoris. Suddenly, I pushed it into my moist vagina and pushed myself hard onto him and with one swift move, all of it was inside me. I moaned with ecstasy. I began to move up and down as he helped me with his strong hands to ride him. I sat on him hard such that my clitoris was being pressed by his pubic bone and I could hear my orgasmic waves begin to sweep across my body and I knew an orgasm was imminent. I accelerated my tempo and rhythm on top of him to finish the quickie faster. Suddenly, I erupted so hard while on top of him until I lost my balance but luckily, he held me from falling down. I could see him trembling after a few seconds and he moaned; I knew he also ejaculated inside me.
That instant, I disengaged myself and some semen landed squarely on his trousers. He however smiled.
“Let me wipe it.” I told him. I took my handkerchief and used it to clean him.
Within minutes, we had resumed to our normalcy as if nothing happened.
I was going about my duties, folding our clothes in our bedroom when suddenly Mercy knocked in my bedroom. I knew it was her since I had mastered how she used to knock softly. I opened slowly.
“Madam, I found this under the coach. I think it is yours.” She told me. She was holding my underpants! I was shocked and equally ashamed.
“Thank you.” I told her, took it from her and she went away. I was left wondering whether that was enough for her to suspect anything.
My husband was to come back on Monday evening and he told me he would be coming with some business friends and one of his cousins so I should prepare some dinner for his friends and cousin. I knew I had to prepare them myself since I did not really trust Mercy would be a better cook. But Mercy was so kind as to offer to assist.

We began talking jokingly.
“So, Mercy, are you in love with Ivan?” I asked her.
“He told me he will marry me.” Mercy said. I sensed confidence in her voice.
“But be careful not to get pregnant. Most of these young men will make you pregnant and disappear once you tell them.” I told her.
“I am careful.” She told me. She was sounding so mature than I had thought.
“So, you want to be married to a Kikuyu man?” I asked her.
“Yes. My friends used to tell me bad things about Kikuyu men. Like…” She paused.
“Like what? Tell me Mercy, we are talking woman to woman. Don’t be afraid of telling me.” I persuaded her. She smiled.
“But, Madam, don’t think bad of me.” She told me.
“I promise.” I told her, I smiled to put her at ease.
“My friends used to tell me that Kikuyu men have small dicks and are weak in bed. But I am finding that to be a lie. Ivan is big and strong, he made me cry of pain the first day we did it.” Mercy told me candidly and openly, with the trust of a little girl.
“Was it your first time? Was he your first boyfriend?” I asked her.
“No, he is my, hmmm let me count…hmmm…he is my 36th boyfriend.” Mercy said. I nearly exclaimed out loudly in shock. So, this girl has fucked a total of 36 men! Was she even sure of what she was talking about?!
“How old are you?” I asked Mercy.
“I am 21 years old.” Mercy replied. I did not want to arouse suspicion in her as to think I was genuinely surprised.  
“Do you use condom whenever you have sex?” I asked her.
“I don’t know how to use them. I thought the men are the ones supposed to use them.” Mercy said. She was so na├»ve about it.
Wasn’t she afraid if getting HIV or something! This was crazy!
After preparing supper we arranged everything in the dining room. My husband was near with his visitors.

At around 8 pm, Sunday evening, my husband arrived. He was accompanied by 5 men and I thought one of them could be his cousin he was talking about. After introductions it was apparent none was his cousin.
“I thought you said you were coming with one of your cousins too. Where is he?” I asked Douglas.
“She is on the way coming. She got held up somewhere but soon she will be here. I have come with some items, where is Ken to assist me to offload them?” My husband asked.
Mercy called Ken and together they went to offload some items from one of the cars.
“What are they?” I asked my husband after seeing how sealed they were.
“Don’t worry, just some business items. I shall take them tomorrow to their destination.” My husband told me. He did not want me to know, obviously. But based on how Ken was lifting them, they were not quite heavy.
We sat at the table room talking when suddenly my husband announced to the men, “Oh! She is here. She can make a good business partner remember, so play your cards nicely.”
So, my husband stood up to go to welcome the lady, who was his cousin.
I was at the kitchen when my husband came back to the house. I could hear them talking excitedly.
I went to the table room to be with the visitor but immediately I saw the said lady who my husband was saying was her cousin, I closed my eyes, opened them to be sure I was seeing right.
“My dear, meet my cousin. Don’t you remember her? She was at our wedding. Don’t you remember her? My cousin from Australia? And right here is her husband.” My husband told me.
The lady was none other than the lady who was keenly looking at me at our secret club in Kabete!
“Oh! Nice to meet you!” I told her after greeting her. Her name, as she reminded me, was Alicia Nyokabi.
“Nice to meet you too!” She said excitedly. I looked at her husband’s face just to be sure if he was the man who I saw with at the club but he wasn’t the one.
After some minutes, my husband told us to excuse them as they had some business they wanted to discuss. So, me and Alicia’s husband went to the main living room and left the rest at the dining table. Before the business meeting commenced, Alicia excused herself. She motioned me to follow her outside.
After we got outside she looked at me in the eyes and smiled. “Please, I beseech you in the name of Gikuyu and Mumbi, do not tell Jackson where you saw me and with who. If he ever gets to know, he will kill me. Remember he is a KDF officer!” Alicia told me. I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Sure, you also saw me, but we can keep it between us.” I reassured her. At least I was sure of her.
Alicia handed me her business card and we walked back into the house.
“I wanted her to show me cows, she has some nice cows, great farmer. I should borrow some tips from her.” Alicia told Jackson. Jackson smiled and told her, “It is ok, but who will stay with them? You have a lot of work.”
“I will hire a shamba boy.” Alicia said, looked at me and smiled, and proceeded to the table where they had their meeting.
I remained with Jackson on the table room who began to tell me of his exploits as a KDF officer in various missions outside Kenya.
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry.
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