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“I never used to think a time shall come when I shall admire a man younger than me.” I told Celestine.
“Then you have to accept it now.” Celestine told me.
Time passed, days passed and weeks passed.

I continued to train Ken towards being a more presentable man at least to my peers. I even bought him 4 nice Italian suits to be wearing. Even though my husband never agreed to increase his salary, I opted to be paying him mid-month with my own money.

The tricky bit was to get time with him in the evening more so whenever my husband was around. I told him to tell my husband that he has gotten a membership in some club that trains people on how to feed cows as to yield more milk and that he has to create time to be attending the meetings in the evening, twice per week. Not to make it too obvious, I ensured that at times he is away from home and I am home. So, at times, Ken would just go in the evening and I did not care where to while I would be at home with house girl or with my husband too.

Ken even adopted new hair styles, began to wear nicely, applied perfumes on himself and that made him look even more handsome. It really enhanced his confidence with himself too. His mannerism also drastically changed.
This made me conclude one thing, some of these lowly people on the society are not dumb, they just lack opportunities since you would never think Ken would get that smart and attractive. But I began to feel too old for Ken such that I also joined a gym to be working out to remain in shape or to at least improve my self-image. I would attend in the evening 3 days per week to dance Zumba or do some aerobics and cardio exercises.
“Nowadays you have really changed.” My husband commented one evening after noting that I was getting more into shape.

“Yes, I told you I joined the gym. Why won’t you join too?” I asked him.
“That is a waste of money, I am fit the way I am.” He said with some pride caressing his pot belly. I wished he knew how much I wished he would lose some weight. I felt disgusted.
“Can’t you see how much fat you have become?!” I asked him with annoyance in my voice.
He looked at me for some seconds.
“So, do you want me to look thin?” He asked.
“No. At least you become a little fit. My dear you are now around 110 kg. You are overweight. Do something. Being fat makes someone lazy, you can get diseases like blood pressure.” I told him.
“Hey, Grace! Gym is for idlers. You have too much free time to waste it in the gym. Within that 2 hours of being in the gym jumping up and down, someone somewhere will have made a lot of money. Besides, some people are small because of the nature of their work. Look at someone like Ken our shamba boy. His work is physical all day that is why he is smaller than me. But my work is a lot of sitting. How will I be lean with my nature of work?” He asked me.
“Douglas my dear, can’t you even see this has affected our sex life. We can no longer enjoy like before. Your weight is a hindrance. You have gotten too fat until your something is disappearing.” I told him. I knew that would offend him but I wanted to see if anything would trigger him to going to the gym at least. I was even ashamed of walking with him on the road.
He suddenly gave me an angry stare that made me feel some fear.
“Idiot! Don’t you also realize that your pussy has gotten bigger such that whenever I am inside I even wonder whether I am inside you. It is not my thing that is disappearing it is your hole getting larger.” He said.
I felt my blood suddenly boil. We have had our arguments but this was getting worse. I felt seriously offended. I remained silent for a while. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind but one that dominated was, could it be perhaps that Ken’s big penis has made my vagina bigger over time?
“All right, let us end this discussion.” I told my husband. He stood up and walked away outside.
I went to the kitchen where Mercy was and found her busy scrubbing the floor. I looked at her and noticed that she had gotten larger hips since she came to work with us. However, she never wore any provocative clothes and that made me feel secure with her. Also, her respect was big for everyone.
“Hello, Madam. How may I help you?” She stood up to ask me.
“Ah, nothing. Was just passing by. I can see the kitchen is shining, good work.” I told her.
“Thank you, Madam.” She said and continued with her work.
I walked outside. I found my husband looking at our cattle. I did not bother going to where he was.
Ken was busy cutting some grass into small pieces and packing them inside large sacks to be used later. I wished my husband was not around and I would go to talk to Ken who normally took time to appreciate my body. He always made me feel like a woman.
My husband’s trip to Nigeria came and he travelled on a Friday evening. I took him with my car up to airport and then went back home. When I got home, Ken was not around.

“Where is Ken?” I asked Mercy.
“I don’t know, he just told me he is going to the shop.” Mercy told me.
I called Ken’s number but he was not picking. So, I just kept myself busy that evening.
I slept early that night since I was feeling a little stressed and tired.
During the night, I however felt some movements outside. I woke up to look outside through the window but would not see anyone. Fear engulfed me and I did not come out of my bedroom. Suddenly, I heard commotion outside.
“Stop right there or I will kill you.” That was Ken shouting at someone or something. I head steps like someone running. Ken was chasing someone outside the building.
I heard someone knock our gate hard, then, silence followed.
Ken then knocked on our main door and I went to open.
“What is going on?” I asked him.
“There was a man outside. I just came back and found him standing outside that window. “Ken pointed at the window where our house girl slept.
“Did you catch him?” I asked Ken.
“No, he ran away. He opened the gate so fast and ran away.” Ken said.
“Why didn’t our dogs chase after him?” I asked Ken. Suddenly, Ken looked puzzled. There was no sign of our dogs outside. Ken whistled to call our dogs but none responded. That was really strange.
“All right, you can go to sleep. Make sure the gate is locked.” I told Ken as I began to go back to the house.
However, I did not sleep well until the following morning.
“Did you hear someone at your window at night?” I asked Mercy.
“No, I am a heavy sleeper.” Mercy said.
“There was someone outside your window at night. Ken chased him away.” I told Mercy.
“Damn! Did he steal anything?” Mercy asked.
“No, he was just peeping, nothing else.” I told Mercy.
I ate my breakfast and went to work half day since it was on a Saturday.
I told Celestine of the man who broke into our compound at night.
“But at least you have dogs.” Celestine said.
“Imagine none of our dogs was around that night, so strange. They all came in the morning.” I told Celestine.
“Oh! When there is a female dog that wants males, all males go chasing after it. Not a wonder. You need to have a female dog in your compound.” Celestine told me. It made sense.
“Today, are you going to our club?” I asked Celestine.
“Yes, today is on a weekend. I need more time with my boy. What about you?” Celestine asked.
“Yes, I already told Ken and we will go. I will pick him up at around 3 pm as we head there.” I told Celestine.
3 pm came and as we had agreed, I picked Ken at the shopping center. I drove towards the direction of our club.

“I wish I knew how to drive, I would assist you.” Ken told me.
“I can teach you how to drive, it is not difficult.” I told Ken.
“I would like to know.” Ken said.
“All right, let us take that route without much cars and I will show you.” I told Ken as I took some earth road which didn’t have much cars.
I told Ken to take the wheel and follow my instructions. He was a good learner but I told him to be very slow so as we would not land in a ditch or cause some accident. The car was engaging smoothly since it had just been taken for servicing.
“Don’t you know I could also become your personal driver?” Ken asked jokingly.
I laughed.
“No, baba boy would suspect us too fast. But I can be giving you to drive me to the club.” I told him. He moved on slowly engaging a low gear so as to maintain some balance.
“it is not difficult to drive after all.” Ken said picking speed.
“Hey, not so fast. Stop accelerating. Wait until you are used to.” I told Ken who slowed down instantly. As he tried to engage another gear, the car suddenly stopped.
“Now what?” Ken asked.
“Let me take over from here.” I told Ken.
I took the wheel, disengaged the gear after restarting the car and we proceeded towards our club. We got to the club at around 4 pm and we went straight to the restaurant to have something to eat. There were various ladies with their guys too. I could see some new faces. There were some music playing and I could see some ladies going to the dance floor to dance with their partners. Some ladies were too fat to dance with the younger guys and sometimes would leave the dance floor to go and sit while leaving the guys to dance alone.
“Ken, can you dance?” I asked him.
He smiled at me. “I am not good at dancing but can try.” Ken said.
We got to the dance floor. Ken held me close and we began to sway to the rhythm of the songs. I was resting my head on his shoulders as we danced. We danced for about 20 minutes until I began to feel aroused and wanted Ken there and then.
I gently pulled Ken to go and sit down with me for a while before going on to our room.
While seated there, I noticed a certain lady keenly looking at me, for whatever reason. I did not pay much attention to her. She was in company of a tall, lanky young man.
Her face looked familiar but could not remember where I saw that face last. That did not bother me as after all, most ladies there were not in company of their husbands.
“That woman been looking at you since we came here.” Ken told me.
“Well, maybe she knows me, but I cannot remember her.” I told Ken.
>>To be continued>>

Narrated by Anthony Kerry.
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