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10 INNOVATIVE ways of using ICT to add THRILL to your LOVE LIFE

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not only useful in the career realm of the modern world but also in the romance life. Being romantic calls for creativity, availability of time and space, opportunity, together with the right people and the right attitude towards life in general and love in particular. But using ICT to enhance your love life also requires money, and willingness to spend it. But what is that you cannot do for the one that you love and cherish most?
Being an ICT worker, blogger, Information Technology evangelist, and willing to share with the world freely what I know, I decided to share a list of 10 time tested and INNOVATIVE ways with which you can use ICT Literacy to enhance your love life. Read on…

The mobile phone is by far the most popular ICT gadget today ranging from simple phones costing a few thousands to Android and Symbian phones costing hundreds of thousands. The issue here is being creative with the one you have.
Call your lover and say something nice and sweet, almost like a whisper to make her want to listen. Call her/him just to say, “I love you, I miss you, wishing you a good day, sweet dreams etc”
Make it a habit of sending sweet text messages. If your phone can send a Multi Media Message, send a message with a love song, a nice picture like a flower etc. You can also send her/him a voice mail. This will make him/her curious to know the content of the message.
For the more advanced phones, have an attractive wallpaper of him/her and some pictures of her/him on your phone. {Be Creative}. 
Also consider when saving her/his number, save it such that when she is calling, her/his picture pops up, or you hear a unique ringtone apart from the one you hear when the rest of the world calls. You can record her voice and use it as her ringtone.

Photographs are good for preserving memories in a graphic way. Take photos together. Have an album dedicated for your photos alone with a well designed Taylor made cover. Have your photos written with a nice love message on it before it is printed or graphically enhanced to portray romance. If you are good at photo editing, the better but if not, why not hire some services from someone who can e.g. a graphic designer? 
A romantic Photo of a couple in love.

You may also have a web album like Picasa all dedicated for your love photos which you can always view wherever you wish. Picasa web album is free and can store up to a million photographs and more!
If you can, get a camera which you will always use to capture those special moments when you are together e.g. outings, occasions, birth days, valentine day out, etc some phones also have nice cameras, make use of them.
Here, it might be photography taken to a higher level or more. Imagine having a calendar designed with a picture of the two of you {or your family}?
A Calender of a couple.

Yes. You can have love cards printed with your pictures, T-shirts, calendars, wall picture etc. Here not unless you know some graphics, you can hire some services of a professional, all in order to add some thrill in your love life.

Doing exciting activities with your lover can be very wonderful. There are many computer games which are freely available or at a cheap cost which you can play during your free time. Imagine competing on a car race, horse race, chess, cards, shooting game, word puzzle, etc with him/her? The act of sitting close to each other while competing on a virtual race is really hot!

Another exciting thing is to learn some computer lessons together. The idea of doing it together will not only make you want to know more in order to impress him/her, but will also draw you closer knowing that the two of you are achieving a milestone in life together.
You can take a different ICT course e.g. MS Word, as your lover takes MS Excel, then later teach each other. Also explore the computer together; the fact that you will be seated near to each other is enough to enhance your intimacy. When she/he makes some progress, appreciate his/her effort and encourage him/her.

The normal E-mail offers many cool features for communication and when used creatively, it can add thrill to your love life. You can edit colors, font type, font style, font size etc all to convey certain emotions.
There are also many emoticons, some small graphical features that convey certain feelings e.g. ♣, ♥, ☻, ♠ etc and when used creatively, it will obviously make her/him feel it!
You may also embed some music, picture etc or attach some photos which are also meant to convey certain feelings.
Modern email systems are also capable of sending free SMS and MMS, make maximum use of them.

You can record a video of your happy moments and preserve them. You may also record a romantic conversation for the fun of it and replay it, hearing yourself tell him/her, “I love you” and seeing yourself running with him, fighting with pillows, or better holding and kissing him, can make your blood boil for him/her! Try it.
You can also make a blog for preserving your happy moments in writing and photographs. There are so many blogs which are online dedicated for preserving happy romantic moments. Why not you? Some people even have a website for it and a YouTube channel for hosting their videos.

Also try buying him/her an electronic gift e.g. that phone she has always admired and wanted, a lap top for her birthday present, a digital camera,  etc.
There are also some trendy electronic items shaped like ♥ {Love} e.g. Flash drives, phones etc. You can surprise him/her with such a gift which will not only serve as an electronic gadget but will symbolize what it is shaped after, love. 
A Flash Disk with a Love Shape.

For ladies who love dolls, why not buy her a doll that has some red flashes with the word “love”?
Gifts are known to enhance love for the giver.

Imagine this:
“Sweetie, I really admire your brain and the way you grasp everything, you are smarter than a smart phone”,
” Honey, they always say, Nokia, connecting people, but even without Nokia, am connected to you forever”,
“Honey, sit on my laps, am gonna make you my laptop tonight and am gonna press every button in you until the flow of sweetness is transmitted to me via your…”
Electronic symbolism
Push your creativity a little bit higher.

Having something like sharing photos of yourselves, tagging yourselves on each other’s photos, sending a customized romantic photo of her on her timeline, poking her, changing your status to read, “in a relationship/married to {………..}, etc all can really enhance the trust for the two of you knowing that you do not have reservations for showing to the whole world that you love her/him.
This also has a magical way of enhancing the trust between the two of you. Social networks are full of their own dramas which, unfortunately, serve relationships negatively. It is up to you to know what is right for yourselves.

What about:-
Using Google search engine to look for love quotes and poems, romantic tips from relationship experts, subscribing to SMS services that regularly send love quotes, love tips, etc

What more ways can you think of?

Have a Romantic day ahead.

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