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10 SECRETS to getting noticed in your WORK PLACE

Dominic had been working as an Accountant in Environs Homeland Holdings, a real estate land and housing agency for 2 years and no one seemed to notice His presence in work place despite His diligence. Then all of a sudden, Dominic became the latest trending talk in His work place, everyone wanted to be with Him, talk to Him, consult Him even on non accounting issues, He started getting more invitations from his colleagues in their wedding committees, family get together, etc
His Immediate Boss also noticed Dominic and started entrusting Him with more sensitive and management related company issues. Even some departmental leads could at times go to Dominic for some consultation or two. The fact that everyone knew that Dominic was single, even the young ladies in His work place started yearning for Dominic’s attention, who suddenly became “hot” to them. But Dominic had discovered the secrets of being noticed in His work place as explained in this article. Read on…

This is one of the most important factors that can make you famous in your work place. Business English simply means you get acquitted by the formal ways of your organizations communication patterns and getting to know the terms whether simple or technical as used in your organization i.e. medical terms, technological terms, business terms etc.
You should also learn how to communicate clearly and in simple terms for everyone to be able to understand you whether in written form or oral. Learn the art of both verbal and non verbal communication with regard to the following factors about your colleagues: Age, gender, religion, position, marital status etc.
A Work Place.

Being an expert will make you shine like a star and no one will fail to notice you. Refine your knowledge and skills in your field of specialization. Be like a consultant and stay updated with your field of study. Whenever confronted by a work related issue, you will be able to tackle it with ease and the confidence in you will be radiating to the people near you. Your colleagues will start seeing you as someone reliable and resourceful, and that includes your employer.
This might mean doing some additional courses e.g. ICT courses, management courses or simply doing your own personal researches to make you more knowledgeable in your area of specialization.

Revamp your wardrobe. Start being smart and presentable and also try to be trendy in fashion. Though the workplace is not a fashion show, but at times wear something that attracts attention without deviating from professionalism. For ladies, there is no harm about wearing provocatively once in a while.
Ensure that your clothes are ever clean, well ironed and your shoes are also tidy. Did you know that cheap but presentable is more attractive than expensive but unpresentable goods?
Long sleeved shirts that are well ironed look more professional and could go a long way to enhancing your professional look.

Every time you meet a colleague, greet him/her with a warm smile, with a firm and sure handshake. Take time to walk around office or your work place greeting everyone with a warm smile as you exchange a word or two probably about personal life, humor, current affairs, sports etc
The more you talk to your colleagues, the more they get used to you and the more you get noticed in your work place.
Being updated in the social life e.g. in politics, football, religion etc will ensure that you have something meaningful to talk to with your colleagues.

Organizations normally hold meetings where they wish that everyone to share views. Let your views be known and ensure that they make sense and are well understood by everyone. In meetings, talk with clear but a firm tone. It is also good to be aware of your organizational politics.
The more active you are in general or specific meetings, the more noticed you will become and you will as a matter of fact start seeing your colleagues or even your bosses asking for your opinions.

Be someone who is reliable to your colleagues. Be willing to help whenever and wherever you are able to help e.g. in a computing task, to lift an item, etc.
Whenever you have some important information that you know can be of help to your colleague, e.g. a vacant house for someone searching for a house, sharing that information can go a long way to ensuring that your presence and importance is recognized in the work place. Learn the art of being reliable and useful to people.

This is to ensure that your name is known, for the right reasons of course. If your company runs a journal, a dynamic website, a magazine column etc, being a regular contributor can go a long way to ensuring that you get noticed by your colleagues and bosses.
You can also become a regular contributor of a magazine, technical journal, blog, etc that enhances your professionalism and establish you as an expert in your specialty.
Also if your organization allows, be innovative and have something in your name e.g. a new software or a system of operations.

Most organizations nowadays have public and social events like World AIDS day, end year party, farewell parties, etc. Ensure that you attend them unless it is not possible. Let your presence be felt by your colleagues.
Also learn how to behave in the parties, as much as it is a social event, maintain your professionalism and dignity by e.g. avoid getting drunk and doing other messy things.

Join an organization-wide committee. Interacting with the same workmates everyday won't increase your exposure; however, working on a committee with new people gives you an opportunity to make and solidify new contacts. It also gives you the opportunity to show your talent and skills to people who matter within the organization.
Take up a leadership position within a task force and volunteer to lead a project. Behave like a leader and you will move into a leadership position sooner than you imagined.

As much as we wish to treat all our colleagues equally, but it is normal to have those who we are more free to be with than others. Establish a proper network of reliable colleagues who you can trust and share with on a more personal level.
Use this network to:
  • Gain access to information.
  • Build visibility of your achievements.
  • Improve difficult relationships.
  • Attract opportunities where you can to shine.
  • Seek out ways to make yourself, your team and your boss look good.
I am placing a special emphasis on ICT for a reason. ICT has become the driving force behind all careers as everything and everyone embrace the use of technology in daily life. Becoming ICT literate will go a long way to ensuring that you shine above your colleagues. Imagine being a computer wizard who everyone comes running to whenever they are stuck ranging from your company secretary to your CEO?
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  1. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Many companies are expanding throughout Europe and beyond so it is better to learn business English for fluent conversation.

    1. Welcome friend, being a complete and innovative employee calls for acquiring good qualities as a worker and adopting proper work ethics.


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