Tuesday, 3 April 2018


“What was the deal all about?” I asked my husband once the visitors had left. Alicia had also left with the sacks that came with them, they all got loaded in her car.
“I was actually given those sacks in Nigeria. They were sealed with instruction not to open. So, I also don’t know what is in them but they keep telling me we can do business with them.” My husband told me.
“Aren’t you afraid they might be fishy deals? Be careful.” I told my husband.
“Ah, provided there is money, who cares.” He told me.
We continued meeting at our usual club in the name of going for Chamas and whenever I was not going, I would let Ken have his free time so that my husband would not suspect it.

“By the way, Ken, where do you spend your time when we are not together at the club?” I asked Ken one evening, just out of curiosity.
“I just go to watch a movie at Vietnam video show, they have nice DJ Afro movies.” Ken told me.

“I thought you have been doing some part time business.” I told him. He looked at me.
“Why?” he asked me.
“You of late been buying for yourself nice clothes, shoes, you even bought for yourself a mountain bike.” I told him.
“But you have been paying me mid-month, remember?” Ken said.
“Oh! Yea, I never thought that would really afford you all the items. Anyway, I was just curious. Nowadays young men sell even drugs to get money, don’t get into such deals.” I told him.
He laughed.
“No, I am honest.” Ken told me.
“Celestine, can I ask you something?” I asked Celestine, out of concern. She had been adding weight and she seemed moody most of the time.

“Yes, ask please.” She said.
“You have been adding weight of late, and you seem mood less. Why?” I asked her.
“Just a few domestic issues, don’t worry.” She said trying to evade my question.
“Can’t you trust me with your issues?” I asked her. She looked at me. She then looked at her watch.
“Well, I will tell you but in a more relaxed place, not here, we can go to a club or something.” Celestine suggested.
“Why not just go to our club, at least two of us we can have a talk there. There is privacy and the place is comfortable at least.” I suggested to Celestine.
“Just two of us, we won’t go with our boys.” Celestine said.
In the evening, we drove ourselves to our usual club.
“Oh! Welcome, nice to see you.” One of the ushers welcomed us.
“Thank you. Can we use that section or is it reserved?” Celestine asked pointing at one table secluded for two, which was in its own enclosure sort of and guaranteed some good privacy.
“Tell me now, my dear.” I urged Celestine.
Celestine went on to tell me how her husband been having a mistress who he had rented for a house in Ruiru, been paying for her all her bills, was educating her as she was doing her masters and now the man was literally staying at her place. The lady was around 30 years old as what Celestine told me, was a single mother of 1 child who her husband was also educating. But the worst part was, Celestine’s husband was not taking care of them anymore leaving everything upon Celestine who felt she was so overwhelmed with the duties of sustaining her family of 4 children all in boarding school, paying all their bills etc.
“Look, here is her photo, I took it from my husband’s phone.” Celestine showed me the lady. She was a slim, medium height brown lady with protruding hips. Comparing her and Celestine I nearly concluded why the man really opted for her. But that was driving Celestine into neglecting herself and her self-image so much.
“I want to hire some thugs who will eliminate her for good, failure to I will just kill my husband.” Celestine said. In my mind, I wondered, so Celestine was here busy cheating in her husband with some young men, but felt so offended when the husband cheated on her with a younger lady?
“Sweet heart, you don’t have to kill any of the two, trust me. If I must be honest with you, am sure your husband would also get mad if she ever found what we do here. I think it is about time you sat with your husband and solved the whole quagmire. What if he also knows what you do here? Think along that line.” I told Celestine. I thought it was too selfish of her to think if avenging herself yet she was equally guilty.
I even thought about it, what would I feel if I ever found my husband cheating on me? But I figured out that my husband pushed me into cheating in him since he could no longer satisfy my sexual urges. The whole thing looked so messy.
“But, when our husbands fail to give us orgasms where else do they expect we should get them?” Celestine asked.
I remained silent for a while.
“Would you ever have fucked your shamba boy if he was taking care of your physical needs?” Celestine asked me.
“Not at all, in fact if he ever gets better, I will perhaps stop fucking Ken.” I told Celestine. I was honest but thinking about it, I knew I was so hooked up to Ken like I was falling in love with him. I really trusted him.
We talked a lot more and Celestine called out some waiter to bring for us some wine, chicken and Ugali.
“I feel hungry already, I need to drown my anger.” Celestine said.
Wine was brought but I did not want to drink too much. I never drank more than enough whenever my husband was around for obvious reasons.
Celestine drowned one glass within 10 seconds!
“Easy, Celestine. Go slow. You are here to enjoy yourself not to kill yourself!” I told her. She just laughed and poured some more in her glass.
“But men are so stupid. Imagine all this and our husbands have never thought of it? They think we go to Chamas, they see us making progressive changes in our homes and think it is all about the money from Chamas. It is so easy to catch a cheating man, but never easy to catch a cheating woman.” Celestine said. I could tell she was already becoming drunk. She was really talking and laughing.
“Have you fucked your boy and your husband same day?” I asked Celestine.
“Oh! Yes, provided I wash my pussy properly after we fuck here, in the evening it is as fresh as new, he will come, suck it, lick it and fuck it nicely too.” Celestine said. That was rather crazy and shocking, I had never thought of fucking my husband same day with my lover.
“Personally, if I fuck my boy today, I shall fuck my husband 2 days from today. I feel guilty to fuck both same day. In fact, one time my husband tried to romance me after I fucked Ken, all my feelings were completely gone. He had to abandon it.” I told Celestine.
“I used to be like that at the beginning. Guilt would consume me until all my feelings would bow. In fact, as long as I would fuck someone else, I would not have feelings left for my husband. At one time I thought he would suspect me. He even made remarks suggesting that I might be getting it elsewhere that was why I was unable to fuck him. I just had to find ways to kill my guilt so as to give him whenever he wanted.” Celestine said and finished her 5th glass of wine while I was still at the second.
I thought within myself, with how big Ken was and how he really blew all my passion away during our secret moments, how on earth would I still have feelings for another dick? May be if it was smaller I would have some feelings left for another but Ken was like a dynamite, he would completely blow away my desire. The thought even began to arouse me.
“Celestine, I know what I am talking about. With Ken, I cannot go with another man once I am done with him. He is a stallion in bed.” I told Celestine who was downing her 7th glass of wine and really getting drunk, I was worried she would not be able to drive herself home.
“Ah! I know your boy is a stallion in bed.” Celestine said. It made me feel proud of him but the statement took some seconds to sink into my head and my pulse rate spiked suddenly. I looked at Celestine.
“You said you know? How do you know?” I asked Celestine. She looked at me and smiled.
“Oh! Don’t worry, I can tell by how you praise him. Forget about it.” She said.
“Waiter, add another bottle please!” Celestine said.
“Hey, are you going to drive yourself home?” I asked her.
“Yes, but if not able to, I have someone who I will call and will come and drive me back home.” Celestine said.
The wine was making me have some funny thoughts and I wished Ken would be there with me to give me some joy. I took my phone and dialed his number. His phone was off.
“I am calling Ken, but his phone is off, where could he be?” I muttered on my own.
“Come on, we said we are not going to have our boys here today.” Celestine said.
“Oh! Yes, I nearly forgot, forgive me.” I told her.
Looking at my watch it was already some minutes to 8 pm. I called Ken again to tell him not to forget to feed double portion of the new bull which my husband bought since the bull was too big and ate like an elephant.
“Let us dance for a while and go home.” I told Celestine.
We went to the dance floor but I could see Celestine was staggering a little. I pitied her. We began to dance solo at the dance floor, while some of the ladies were dancing with their guys. Despite Celestine being drunk she was really keeping pace with the music an indication that she still had her balance in control.
“You thought when am drunk I cannot stand? I can. In fact, I can still drive.” She said.
“Indeed, I can see, but don’t drink more please.” I urged her.
“I am pressed, need to go to relieve myself.” Celestine suddenly said and began walking towards washrooms. She took a considerable amount of time before coming back such that when she came back I asked her why she took that long.
“I was vomiting. But I am ok.” She said. She did not look ok.
“Celestine, we are going home. Let me go and relieve myself too so that we can go. And please if you cannot drive yourself, tell me, I would rather take you home.” I told Celestine.
“Don’t worry, I am a big girl. I can take care of myself!” Celestine said and laughed it off.
I walked towards washrooms slowly, got there and relieved myself. I looked at the big bungalow and realized there were so many sections of the house that I did not know. Like I saw a corridor with an arrow, “VIP SUITES”. I used to think ours were the best, executive suites.
I followed it since after all I knew it would go around and return to the bungalow restaurant. The place was so silent and really exquisite. I even thought the following time that is where I would bring Ken. While walking, I came across a brown very healthy cat which purred upon seeing me. I bent down to caress it a little. It caressed back against my leg as I stood up to continue walking. Just as I was about to go, one of the VIP SUITE’s door opened at a corner, a little rounded such that whoever was coming out would not see me easily. Out came Lillian Atieno, the owner of the bungalow. She looked ahead but did not seem to see me, perhaps she never expected anyone at all.
Then out came a young man wearing some casual brown jeans, a tight white T shirt and some nice army boots. I looked keenly at the man and for a moment I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating. My heart nearly came out through my mouth the moment I saw the man clearly!
The young man got genuinely shocked when he saw me.
“Robert! Is this you?!” I asked the young man. Lillian just stared at me also surprised.
Lillian looked at Robert.
“Who is she to you?” Lillian asked Robert.
“She is my aunt; her husband and my dad are brothers.” Robert explained candidly.
“So, what? Woman, mind your own business.” Lillian said, took Robert’s hand and walked away fast with him towards the main lounge of the bungalow.
I however knew I could not dare to say anything since I had signed some membership forms and one of them was, whatever happened behind those walls should strictly remain behind those walls. But that meant I should be careful, it was proving to be a small world and being busted was easier than I thought.

I arrived home a little past 9 pm. My husband had not yet arrived but I knew he would arrive a little before midnight.
“Have you seen Ken?” I asked Mercy.
“Yes, he was here not long time ago.” Mercy told me. As if Ken knew I was looking for him, he came.
“Ken, why did you switch off your phone?” I asked him. He looked at me for a few seconds.
“My phone got stolen. I was charging it at one Kinyozi and before I knew it was not there.” Ken told me.
“Oh! I am sorry, be careful next time it is so easy to lose a phone nowadays.” I told Ken.
I went to my bedroom where I had placed my handbag, fetched Kshs 12,000.
“Ken, get a new phone tomorrow.” I told him.
“All this for a phone?” Ken asked.
“Yes, buy a smart phone stop using these mulika mwizi, be stylish too.” I told him smiling.
“Thank you so much, God bless you.” Ken told me.
“If unable to set it up, bring it to me tomorrow I shall help you set it up.” I told Ken.
Since I was feeling tired and disoriented that day, I went to sleep early.
>>To be continued>>
Narrated by Anthony Kerry.

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